Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It's a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

RSS Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 2 changelog (part 21)

Contra 009 Final Patch 2 changelog (part 21) Fixed errors, Balance changes, Challenge mode changes, AI changes, Maps, etc.

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Contra 009 FINAL PATCH 2 Changelog:

Fixed errors:

- More conflicting hotkeys and text fixed.
- BTR-50 Engineers had a weird button above Stop button when multi-selected. Fixed.
- Red Arrow x4 Group had incorrect cost and build time. Fixed.
- China Boss planes had no afterburner particle effects. Fixed.
- Dragon Tank, Immolator and plane particle effects got stuck in the air. Fixed.
- Harbinger and Vorta had no ejecting pilots yet a human scream was heard. Fixed.
- Karkadann turret move sound looped forever. Fixed.
- USA Missile Defender's missiles flied horizontally when firing from high altitude. Fixed.
- MG Troop Crawler had some incorrect model drawing conditions when attacking aircraft. Fixed.
- Demo Luna gained first veterancy super quick because of an error. Fixed.
- ICBM explosion did not leave a scorch mark. Fixed.
- Toxin Terrorist was weaker than other Terrorists and left green toxin puddle instead of blue. Fixed.
- Annihilator solar panels decreased its power consumption by less than 50%. Fixed.
- Demo Zippers did less damage than intended. Fixed.
- Demo Ratel hulk had incorrect settings. Fixed.
- Some hulks were belonging to wrong sides. Fixed.
- Tech Radar could be attacked by anti-radar missiles. Fixed.
- Dominator, Tomahawk Launcher and Pave Low missiles sometimes died by land mines and flashbangs. Fixed.
- Tech Field Tactics Center's powers conflicted with some general's powers, thus making them unusable. Fixed.
- Widow, heroic Humvees and heroic Centurions could not be disabled by ECM weapons. Fixed.
- Super weapons, Ion Power Plant, Laser Power Plant upgraded with Laser Fence, USA Boss Command Center and China Boss Command Center could not be disabled by improved ECM weapons and EMP missiles. Fixed.
- Cyber Droids, Cyber Dog, Spiders and Angels had errors in armor sets. Fixed.
- Demo Zippers sometimes circled around enemy aircraft and could not ram into them. Fixed.
- Alshain, Insectoid Drones and some other units with lifetime did not play death FX sometimes. Fixed.
- Demo Ratel's explosion appeared at the cannon's muzzle. Fixed.
- GLA Boss Radar Van revealed itself when near enemies. Fixed.
- China Boss Flamethrower used Ranger voice when ordered to capture a building. Fixed.
- Seraph Gate Guardian drones had a lot of health, but were not invulnerable. Fixed.
- Yan Wang's missiles could attack aircraft if retargeting. Fixed.
- Combat Puma and Helix could not be ordered to attack aircraft when they had anti-air infantry inside. Fixed.
- GLA received incorrect cash from bounty when destroying US drones. Fixed.
- Salvage Drop initiation sound did not play from its location. Fixed.
- Robo Raptor had no "Guard Air" button. Fixed.
- Jammer Station and Cyber Strategy Center had no "Stop" buttons. Added.
- Cyber Zodiac (point defense) drone was displayed with Battle drone model on death. Fixed.
- A radar dish debris flew off of Suan Ni when destroyed. Fixed.
- Rig Launchers did not get depiloted by Assassins when really damaged. Fixed.
- AI Rig Launcher recovered as normal Rig Launcher from recycle crates. Fixed.
- Demo Emergency Repair appeared on the right side of the screen instead of in the powers menu. Fixed.
- Cyber Supply Drop Zone money drop pods did not spawn sometimes. Fixed.
- Security Turrets could be demoralized and GPS scrambled. Fixed.
- Stealth Elbrus Storm had 12.5% more build time than other Elbrus Storms. Fixed.
- Newly built Artillery and Grenade Troop Crawlers did not have armor plates after Artillery Training. Fixed.
- Demo Traps detonated when there was a hazardous field in proximity (often when hit by toxin or nuclear shells). Fixed.
- Defense Cores took damage from upgraded GLA Assassins and could be unmanned by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Terminator had low mass which made him fly very high in the air when hit by shockwave weapons. Fixed.
- Vortas had $60 supply collection boost with Supply Lines instead of $30. Fixed.
- Water on dynamic water maps damaged aircraft. Fixed.
- Some units had no voice when ordered to attack aircraft. Fixed.
- Safe silicon fields (after Neutralizers upgrade) stayed longer than intended. Fixed.
- Acids could be neutralized by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Battleships could be decrewed. Fixed.
- China Boss Phalanx Drone was vulnerable to poisons and radiation. Fixed.
- BTR-50 Engineer could not be recycled. Fixed.
- Karakourt fired wrong weapon at nearby enemy if already given attack orders on another unit type. Fixed.
- Demo Black Market had 25% more health than the other Black Markets. Fixed.
- Biker shadows were too dark. Fixed.
- Desert Cruiser had less resistance to some weapon types after salvaged armor upgrades. Fixed.
- Tank general's ECM tank used troop crawler locomotor. Fixed.
- Zhu Rong's magma field could be "cleaned" by any weapon. Fixed.
- Holographic Black Lotus had no icon, thus could be told apart from the real one. Fixed.
- Centurion weapon projectile had a weird trajectory when attacking tall structures. Fixed.
- Lancer droid could be depiloted by an AI-controlled Jarmen Kell. Fixed.
- Force-firing with defense cores made them deploy at the target position. Fixed.
- Neutron Bomb decal was smaller than the actual radius of the blast. Fixed.
- Worker Biker said "Can I have some shoes?". Fixed.
- Air Force Power Plant had 25% less health than other power plants. Fixed.
- Warrior (Stealth Rebel) cost $50 less and built 0.5 s faster after Camouflage upgrade. Fixed.
- The "get in" cursor appears on full Troop Crawlers, Listening Outposts and Demo Ratels while wounded infantry is selected. Fixed.
- Helix pilots ejected from incorrect spots. Fixed.
- Units moved around anti-tank obstacles when attempting to shoot through them. Fixed.
- Planes often got stuck mid-air when landing on Levitation Pads. Fixed.
- Afterburner effects were visible when a landed Chimera was really damaged. Fixed.
- Widow Spider Mines blocked units. Fixed.
- Red Arrow and Stinger Soldier could attack mines and traps. Fixed.
- Crates from Salvage Plant could not be picked if they were not on flat terrain. Fixed.
- J-10 and MiGs sometimes stopped above target and did not attack. Fixed.
- Cyborg Commando was invulnerable to suicide Zippers and AA Lasers GP. Fixed.
- Armored Train Wagons and USA Boss Battleship acquired targets out of range which sometimes made them blind to nearby enemies. Fixed.
- Ravens used AA missiles vs. ground targets. Fixed.
- Harbinger and Bixi had too large geometry which made them take damage from some anti-ground weapons. Fixed.
- Infantry general's Propaganda Troop Crawler did not get in range when ordered to attack targets. Fixed.
- Fake Rocket Buggy lost ammo upgraded model after veterancy training. Fixed.
- Sneak Attack general's power was unavailable when player used rank addons. Fixed.
- When Jammer Field wears off, the announcer says "A warrior has fallen". Fixed.
- Jammer Field could be removed by neutron weapons. Fixed.
- Military wall rubble state didn't work. Fixed.
- When player was low on power, Zodiac (PDL) drones powered off, but ones built after power loss had power. Fixed by removing power requirement.
- When Camouflage upgrade was purchased, Warriors trained from Command Truck after a fake Command Truck was made would train Warriors without camouflage. Fixed.

- Some anti-air structures and units caused mismatch when firing at air units standing very close. Fixed.
- Lightning Storm from Weather Manipulation Device caused mismatch when lightnings landed on water. Fixed.
- Game crashed when ECM Trooper disabled the unit he was shooting from. Fixed.
- Game crashed when at least two types of units and a beacon were selected, had formation assigned and were ordered to move. Fixed.

Challenge mode:

- Hard difficulty: Reduced AI rate of fire bonus by 10% and increased player health by 10%.
- All Challenges: Infantry general's Snipers did not count as stealth units, thus AI did not react with stealth detection. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: EMP Towers cleaned poisons and acids. Fixed.
- USA Boss Challenge: Changes to attack teams.
- USA Boss Challenge: Water color is more realistic.
- China Boss Challenge: Sequoia tree in player's base was moved away in order not to block supply drop crates.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Save crash fixed.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Performance fixes.
- GLA Boss Challenge: His Command Centers no longer produce power, thus increasing build time of units and buildings.
- GLA Boss Challenge: Added a ramp shortcut leading to the Stealth base.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Player view was zoomed in at the end of intro. Fixed.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added Spider Nests on various places.
- Cybernetic Challenge: Added additional speech for Ironhand.
- Super Weapons Challenge: The map has dynamic water. After set time, the water dries out which opens new paths.
- Flame Challenge: Added additional speech for Bao.
- Nuke Challenge: Nuclear Storm countdown never started. Fixed. It starts when player reaches rank 5.
- Infantry Challenge: Infantry horde moved across water. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Player view was rotated at the end of intro. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: One of the Palace teams did not garrison Palace. Fixed.
- Demolition Challenge: Terrain below water was painted blue which looked ugly. Fixed.
- Assault Challenge: New speech for Huchum, new scripts, visual improvements.

Skirmish AI:

- Flame AI did not construct Supply Center sometimes. Fixed.
- Super Weapons AI did not construct War Factory sometimes. Fixed.
- Toxin AI stopped constructing buildings after Barracks on some 1 vs 1 maps. Fixed.
- GLA AI did not construct Palace sometimes which made them become passive. Fixed.
- AI gained experience rapidly for longer than intended when they were falling behind in rank. Fixed.
- Carpet Bomb and Shockwave Bomb GPs called by AI appeared above target areas. Fixed.


- Brand new shellmap (by Adriane and Newgate).
- Tags after some map names made more specific.
- Minimap did not update correctly on Dynamic Water maps. Fixed.
- Tournament A had outdated supply and tech icons on preview. Fixed. Replaced Reinforcement Pads with Heavy Reinforcement Pads.
- Twilight Flame ramps between left and right players near the center were too steep which made units there act stupid. Fixed.
- Deleted middle Oil Derricks and widened middle ramps on Three Ways.
- Replaced Tech Field Bunkers with Civilian Bunkers on Nova Beach and Turmoil maps.
- Lagoon and Lagoon Day: Supply Piles on the right side moved the right so Chinooks are safe from anti-aircraft attacking from the middle.
- Oil Derricks start with max health and have barrels around them removed on Lagoon, Lagoon Day and Local Disturbance.
- Local Disturbance: Removed two supply areas from the map and the barrels next to the middle tower as well as increased its initial health from 75% to 100%.
- Removed the 4 middle bunkers on Tournament Continent.
- Blizzard Badlands was too bright. Fixed.
- Danger Close now has dynamic water.
- Oak Valley map removed.
- Critical Corners map removed.
- Removed the string which announces that Oil Refinery has been captured on Lion Heart.
- Inserted a balanced version of Flash Fire.
- Cold Territory: Gas Storage Tanks made destructible. Oil Derricks have 75% health instead of 35%.
- Barren Badlands and Blizzard Badlands: Fixed steep hills preventing units from attacking. There is more space for better USA Supply Center placement on the lower ground near the secondary Supply Docks so that Chinooks don't start collecting from the primary Supply Dock.
- Victory Valley: Fixed badly placed water reflection and reworked middle area.
- Dust Devil: Replaced civilian buildings with hills.
- There were too many trees on Red Rock, Mountain Fox and Death Valley, hence most of them were removed. As a result, the object count on the maps was trimmed by half.
- Red Rock: Fixed slow loading time and bad water texture color.
- Bitter Winter: One of the bottom player's Wood Towers had bad terrain, preventing infantry from going in and out of that tower.
- Flash Effect: One of the water reflection objects was displaced. Fixed.
- Natural Threats: Fixed bad terrain and imbalanced Oil Derrick position for top player.
- Supply Crisis: Rebalanced supply distance and added roads around player starting positions.
- Tournament Island: Added small ramps between players.
- Fortress: Fixed paradrop decals displayed incorrectly and fast game speed.
- Riverside Valley: Rebalanced bottom right player's secondary supply dock. It was too exposed.
- Homeland Alliance: Removed the Repair Bay because it was closer to the bottom team and rebalanced player positions.
- Area J1: Top left area made more spacious, extra base entrance added, other small terrain changes and supply pile changes.
- [NMC] Plant Waste: Gas Storage Facility and Oil Refinery civilian buildings were unreachable, but garrisonable. Fixed.
- Wasteland Warlords rebalanced by Jundiyy.
- Revamped maps: Airport Trouble, Hazardous Environment, Crimson Tides, Rundown District, Rundown Arena, Hostile Dawn, Lone Eagle, Tournament B, Tournament Urban.
- Introducing new map type. [MD] = { Map Domination } = More exploration, less camping, introducing capturing of neutral super weapons. Perfect for free-for-all. The player who captures the super weapon first gets a chance to blow up his worst rival on the map in the matter of only 3.5 minutes. The timer starts once the super weapon gets captured. It can be reclaimed by anyone by capture, but cannot be destroyed. If a player fires the super weapon successfully, the timer resets with a much larger countdown.
- New maps: Desert Storm (1v1), Eagle Eye (1v1), Onza Map (1v1), Winter Arena (1v1), Scaraa (1v1), DeDuSu (1v1), Sand Scorpion (1v1), Micro Map: Mortar Buggy on Death Canyon (1v1), Micro Map: Rocket Buggy on Forgotten Ruins (1v1), Tigers Lair (1v2), Tournament Lagoon (2v2), Tournament Coastline (2v2), Southern Falcon (2v2), Aincrad Naval Base (2v2), Aries Woodland (2v2), Armed Neighbours (2v2), Armed Neighbours MD (2v2), Everglade Island MD (1v1v1v1v1), Country Swing (2v2), Deathcap Conclave (2v2), Ocean Riptides (1v1v1v1/2v2), Tournament Island Christmas Special (2v2), Defcon6 MD (3v3), Rundown District MD (3v3), Siege Island (4v4), Siege Island Small (4v4), Downhill Onslaught (2v2v2v2) Death Zone (1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1).

Map objects:

- New tech structure: Heavy Reinforcement Pad. Drops heavy units and a $500 supply crate.
- New civilian tank traps.
- New props: Christmas Candy canes.
- New trees: Christmas tree and palm trees covered in snow.
- New supplies: Christmas version of Supply Dock and Supply Piles: crates being Christmas presents.
- New object: Santa.
- Snowman prop: Replaced topple sound with a more appropriate one. Fixed texture issues.
- Torch prop: Enabled snow condition and made new night condition.

Balance changes:

- Cyber Nemesis N2 removed.
- Booby Trap cooldown decreased.
- Combat Puma automatic grenade launcher damage and damage radius reduced.
- Warrior health increased, weapon range decreased.
- Flamethrower range increased, rate of fire decreased.
- Toxin Luna experience required to level up decreased 2 times since only direct impact damage grants experience.
- Wasps do not have scatter radius now (they do not miss). They target ground enemies accurately.
- Air Force Avenger requires rank 3, but doesn't require Strategy Center.
- Comanche missiles deal 15% more damage but have 200% more reload time.
- Laser Avenger no longer loses rate of fire while moving. PDL removed.
- USA Dozer has slightly lower movement speed than Chinese Dozer. Equalized.
- China Power Plant build time reduced from 20 s to 16 s for all generals, equalizing it with USA Power Plants.
- GLA Mobile Supply Stash cost and build time increased ($1000 -> $1200), (10 s -> 12 s).
- ECM Tanks can deflect missiles while using disabler again, but disabler gets unlocked with Improved ECM Technology upgrade.
- Terrorists have 20% less resistance vs. small arms.
- Scorpions and Heavy Construction Dozer have more resistance vs. flame, radiation and poison.
- Cyber Droids grant more experience when destroyed.
- Infantry Dragon Tank health reduced by 20%.
- Toxin Tractor armor vs. infantry missiles increased.
- To prevent early rush, China Bunkers require War Factory and Infantry Power Plants cannot be garrisoned. Power Plant cost reduced from $1200 to $1000 and made capturable.
- Super Weapon Avenger cost and build time decreased ($1100 -> $900), (10 s -> 9 s). Weapon damage decreased by 10%.
- Air Force Avenger now has the same stats and looks the same as Super Weapon Avenger.
- Assault general can now build Terrorists and Terrorist Bikers.
- Cyber Droids have 10% more resistance vs. gattling and flame weapons and 20% less resistance to anti-tank weapons.
- Tech Artillery Platform has 20% less health.
- Zhu Rong and Yan Wang health reduced by 15%.
- Zhu Rong damage reduced. Reload time increased by 1.5 s.
- Zhu Rong magma field lifetime and damage radius reduced, but damage increased. The combination of changes make it weaker.
- F-6 fighter cost reduced to $1000. Experience value reduced as well.
- Damage bonus from Thermite Shells upgrade decreased from 25% to 20%.
- Demo Scorpion speed after Turbodiesel upgrade increased by 2%.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter no longer gains immunity to radiation after the upgrade. He gains resistance like other infantry instead.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter requires Nuclear Ammo upgrade again, but the player can train the regular one even after the upgrade.
- Tunnel Network cost reduced ($500 -> $400) for all GLA generals.
- Combat Puma and Helix turn rate decreased by 15% (they turn around slower).
- Guardian and Trackhound Droid turret turn rate increased by 30%.
- Zhu Rong, Omega Cannon and Karkadann have more armor against aurora damage type. It was too low.
- ATGM weapon range reduced by 8%, Sturm-S by 11%.
- Angels, Spiders and Phobos take 3 slots in transport instead of 2.
- Tech Artillery Platform, Oil Derrick, Radar, Reinforcement Pad and Repair Pad (not Repair Bay) grant 50% less experience when destroyed.
- AT and MG Troop Crawler cost increased to $900 (was $800). Artillery Troop Crawler cost increased to $1100 (was $1000).
- TOW Missile build time increased by 5 seconds.
- Remiel weapon range decreased by 10%.
- Cyborg Commando weapon range decreased by 10%.
- Terminator delay between shots increased by 1 second.
- Advanced Energy Capacitors upgrade cost and build time increased ($1500 -> $2500), (45 s -> 80 s).
- Centurion consumes 2 power (was 3). Upgraded Centurion consumes +2 additional power (was +1). Delay between shots increased by 0.3 s.
- Stealth Radar Van no longer has the anti-radar rocket and no longer gains experience.
- Dominator damage radius decreased.
- Terrorist and Terrorist Biker damage radius decreased. Terrorist Biker experience value increased.
- Demo Battle Bus health decreased by 20%, matching it with Assault Battle Bus. Cost and build time increased.
- Assault Battle Bus passenger slots decreased from 8 to 6, matching them with Demo Battle Bus.
- A-10 Thunderbolt deals less damage with the vulcan cannon, but more with the missiles. Overall damage slightly reduced.
- China Sniper deals less damage, but shoots more often and has slightly more range. Cost and build time decreased ($700 -> $600), (7 s -> 6 s).
- Laser Crusader range increased, health decreased, Composite Armor bonus increased, small changes to locomotor.
- Laser Paladin weapon changed (pros and cons), build time increased (14 s -> 18 s), health increased, Composite Armor bonus slightly increased, small changes to locomotor.
- Microwave Composite Armor bonus increased.
- Stealth general has Technical instead of Gun Buggy. Gun Buggy with fireports available at rank 3.
- Temple and all Elbrus Storms' health increased by 25% so that ICBMs or Elbrus Storms don't destroy them (AKA stunlock).
- Sniper Cannon deals more damage to infantry. Pre-attack delay reduced from 1 s to 0.5 s. Cost and build time increased ($1200 -> $1400), (12 s -> 14 s). Auto Loader upgrade no longer affects them.
- Hazael damage increased by 8.5%, added secondary damage radius, detection range decreased by 37.5%.
- Ratel II damage increased by 15%.
- Laser Thor Carbon Lasers rate of fire decreased by 50%.
- Thor 20mm cannon damage increased by 20%, delay between shots decreased by 6.6%.
- Chimera damage decreased by 25%.
- MG Troop Crawler anti-air range increased by 20%.
- AT Troop Crawler damage decreased by 25%.
- Spider and Dominator health decreased by 14%.
- Marauder initial damage increased by 4%, and by 20% for each salvage.
- RPG Biker cost increased ($400 -> $500).
- Biker armor is less resistant vs. jet missiles.
- Medic Droids removed from Cyber Paradrop.
- Alshain cost increased ($100 -> $200), build time increased (2 s -> 2.5 s).
- Vortex Tank anti-ground weapon damage decreased, rate of fire increased, so that it no longer kills infantry with one shot.
- Concentrates (Poison Longivity) upgrade build time and cost decreased (90 s -> 60 s), ($3000 -> $2000).
- Chemical Pump and Chemical Pump Group are cheaper and built faster (same as Demo Traps).
- Demo Turbodiesel upgrade moved to Palace.
- Demo Quad Cannon AA mine drop on death removed.
- Demo Battle Bus cluster mine drop ability removed.
- Demo BTR-50 Engineer can now deploy Demo Traps, cluster and AA mines in addition to AT mines.
- Super units have slightly less resistance to jet missiles and slightly more resistance to bombers.
- Bobcat cost and build time decreased ($950 -> $650), (9.5 s -> 7 s).
- Mortar Buggy cost and build time decreased ($800 -> $600), (8 s -> 6 s).
- Rocket Buggy removed from Assault general.
- Defense Cores have more armor resistance to gattling and flame type weapons.
- Dark Star plane now detects infantry as well.
- Humvee, Cyborg Commando and Terminator are less resistant to Vortex Tank.
- Battle Mechanic drone now costs $300 but repairs 50% less health per second.
- Humvee health increased by 8%, TOW damage increased by 15%, turret turn rate increased by 50%, movement speed decreased by 15%. Experience value increased by 40%.
- Flame and Nuke MiGs and MiG-31 interceptors do not require Propaganda Center anymore. White Dragon requires Propaganda Center.
- Bunkers removed from Infantry and Flame Helixes. All Helixes are available at rank 3 without Propaganda Center requirement.
- Nuke MiG-31 interceptor cost and build time decreased ($2000 -> $1800), (20 s, 18 s), equalizing stats with Flame MiG-31.
- Infantry J-10 cost increased by $400 ($1100 -> $1500), equalizing it with Tank J-10.
- Tank J-10 build time reduced by 2.5 s (20 s -> 17.5 s), equalizing it with Infantry J-10. Experience value reduced too.
- Super units have 10% less resistance to explosions. This makes Efreet more useful vs. super units.
- Nuclear Tank Hunter and Irradiator leave smaller radiation pools.
- Infantry Troop Crawlers are 12% more resistant to poisons and 10% more resistant to flame, but 10% less resistant to rockets and tank shells.
- Nuke Battlemaster build time decreased (8.5 s -> 8 s).
- Flame Battlemaster build time decreased (8 s -> 7.5 s).
- Infantry inside Flame and Nuke Troop Crawlers no longer die with the vehicle. They survive with 50% health.
- Infantry general's Hackers cost the same amount and have the same experience value as other Hackers now.
- All Hackers hack money faster. Cash delay inside Internet Center 2.1 s -> 1.9 s, outside 2.4 s -> 2.1 s.
- Decreased EMP effect radius on Tech Field Tactics Center death.
- Strategic Bombing (Air Force super weapon) countdown reduced from 8 minutes to 6 minutes.
- Elbrus Storm and Temple super weapons' countdown reduced from 7 minutes to 6 minutes.
- Spider Tank weapon range decreased by 3%.
- Crab health decreased by 16.6%.
- Cost and build time of Spider Tank, Crab and Dominator increased.
- Lancer damage increased by 15%.
- SEAL weapon range increased by 7%.
- Spartan plane cost and build time increased ($2000 -> $3500), (20 s, 35 s). Health reduced by 33%.
- Guardian Droid cannon damage increased by 25%.
- Guardian, Trackhound, Repair and Lancer Droid cost increased ($550 -> $600).
- TOW Missile upgrade build time increased (40 s -> 45 s).
- PELE Ammunition and AP Bullets upgrades build time decreased (60 s -> 45 s).
- Isotope Stability cost and build time increased ($1500 -> $2000), (40 s -> 60 s).
- Cyber Dog cost increased ($550 -> $700). Lifetime added (45 s).
- Banshee health reduced by 40%. It's now equal to Manticore and Earth Shaker.
- Anti-radar missile launcher health increased so that PDL do not easily zap them anymore.
- ATGM Operator and Sturm-S missiles are no longer immune to ECM and PDL, but they have more health.
- Assassins move 50% faster.
- Nationalism is no longer purchased by default for Infantry general. Available in Barracks.
- Troop Crawlers grant less experience, but infantry inside survives destruction with 50% of their current health. This makes the granted experience much more fair.
- Infantry general's Propaganda Troop Crawler is now available at rank 1.
- Shandian is available at rank 1, but comes empty and has less health. Infantry survives destruction with 50% of their current health.
- Shandian cannot traverse water anymore.
- Cyber Dozer cannot traverse cliffs anymore.
- Sparrowhawk experience value reduced by half.
- Irradiator weapon range increased by 13%.
- Red Guard, Minigunners and Flamethrowers move 20% slower, equalizing them with other factions' infantry.
- Flamethrower, Demo Rebel and Toxin Rebel no longer clear garrisoned buildings.
- Coyote speed increased by 14%. This allows them to chase anti-aircraft units.
- Karkadann build time decreased.
- Flak Gun speed increased.
- Cash Hack removed from Infantry general.
- Decreased cost ($3000 -> $2000) and build time (90 s -> 60 s) of Emergency Repair upgrades for Tank general (at Propaganda Center).
- Firestorm reverted back to higher damage.
- Emperor flamethrower addon weapon range increased by 28%.
- Widow railgun damage radius increased, missile damage radius decreased.
- Combat Puma experience value increased.
- Aurora supersonic effect (invulnerability) lasts 0.5 seconds less.
- AA Lasers GP does not harm landed aircraft anymore.
- Hijacker and Saboteur cost and build time decreased ($600 -> $400), (6 s -> 3.5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Hijacker Biker cost and build time decreased ($600 -> $500), (8 s -> 5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Saboteur Biker build time decreased (7 s -> 5 s). Experience value decreased too.
- Laser Fence damage increased and range slightly increased.
- ATGM Operator experience required to rank up increased by 45%.
- Flame and Tank Bunker health increased by 40%, Infantry Bunker: by 20%.
- Patriot and Thor missile projectile health increased so that they are more resistant to PDL and SLID.
- Reduced amount of units dropped by Tank general's Tank Paradrop GP.
- China Supply Trucks have more explosive resistance. Two terrorists are needed to kill one truck.
- Demolisher health increased by 77%.
- Bomb Truck health decreased by 43%.
- Scolopendra cost reduced ($1300 -> $1000).
- Super Weapons general Composite Armor does not affect buildings anymore. Only Centurion and Saturn benefit from it.
- Laser, Cyber and Super Weapons' Airfields are built 10 seconds slower, equalizing build time with Levitation Pads.
- Raven is available at rank 1, but anti-aircraft missiles require Missile AI upgrade.
- Drone Uplink Chip is available at Barracks at rank 1.
- Exoskeletons upgrade is available at Strategy Center at rank 3.
- Advanced Demo Trap secondary damage reduced.
- All tanks have more flame resistance.
- China Field Engineer has less flame resistance.
- Comanches no longer have permanent stealth after Stealth Covering upgrade. Instead, temporary stealth ability must be activated.
- Super units are no longer affected by GPS Scrambler.
- The player no longer receives experience from Black Lotus Cash Hack and Magnetic Field abilities.
- Combat Puma seats reduced to 4.
- King Raptor cost, build time and experience value reduced ($1200 -> $1000), (16 s -> 11 s), (grants 25% less experience when destroyed).
- King Raptor has double the amount of missiles but they deal twice less damage. This allows the player to concentrate missiles at multiple targets.
- King Raptor frog missile retargeting count reduced two times (4 retargets -> 2 retargets). Damage dealt with and without Frog Missiles is equal.
- Demo Luna primary damage reduced by 20%.
- Demo and Chemical Luna range reduced by 6%.
- Missile AI upgrade cost reduced ($2000 -> $1500). Missile Cyborgs benefit from them again.
- Reduced reload of Desert Cruiser's (GLA Boss unit) mortar and missiles.
- Auto-heal removed from Infantry general's Black Lotus.
- Centurion health reduced by 22%.
- Katyusha cost and build time reduced ($1500 -> $1400), (15 s -> 14 s). Delay between shots reduced by 33%.
- Other minor changes...

General's powers:

- Special power countdowns changed. Cyber drop pods: 7:00 -> 5:00; Sniper Ambush: 5:45 -> 4:30; Tank Paradrop: 4:30 -> 5:45; Kill Radars: 2:00 -> 1:30; Jammer: 3:30 -> 5:00; Tank Trap Deployment: 4:00 -> 2:00.
- Demoralization general's power does not require targeting enemy unit directly anymore.
- GPS Scrambler cloak radius increased by 50% for Stealth general, countdown decreased by 20 seconds.
- Kill Radars general's power has 50% more damage radius.
- Demo Trap Deployment and Cluster Mines deployment are available in one level, which means the player can drop a maximum of one trap of type at once.
- Flame general's Fuel Drop now has 3 levels.
- Volume Detonation Bomb now ignites fuel.
- Cyber Stinger Drop drops 4 drones instead of 6.
- Cyber general Nano Swarm does not activate instantly. Small drop pods deliver them instead.
- The following GLA general's powers are now delivered by a small GLA cargo plane called Corvus: Demo Trap Deployment, AT Mine Deployment, AA Mine Deployment, Cluster Mine Deployment, Toxin Pollution, Acid Pollution and Sneak Attack. The reason for this change is to allow the enemy player to react to instant drops.
- USA Super Weapon general's Defense Drop general's power now drops defense core drones instead of defenses.
- Nano Swarm changed. Level 1 grants greatest healing and greatest damage bonus to units. Level 2 grants normal healing, normal damage bonus and small damage. Level 3 grants great damage, but damage only.
- Saboteur Ambush general's power removed. Introducing new power: Temporary Blackout. Disables buildings in area for 15 seconds.
- Mine Clearing GP (available from the start for Air Force and Super Weapons) removed.
- Zipper Call general's power removed.
- Fake Units general's power removed.
- Data Upload general's power removed.
- Air Pollution general's power removed.
- Flame Paradrop general's power removed.

Other changes:

- Harbingers removed. Cyber Supply Center comes with 2 Vortas by default. Optimal number of collectors is 3.
- GLA Temple super weapon is now capturable, but not garrisonable.
- All Reinforcement Pad and money transfer cargo planes are now unattackable.
- Infantry can now enter captured Tech Hospital for healing.
- Terrorist "Make Car Bomb" ability removed.
- Snipers had minimum and maximum delay between shots, i.e. random reload time. Randomness removed, average time used.
- Cyber Security Drone replaced with Security Turret.
- Supply Center Security Turret moved to the center of the structure.
- Bomb Truck removed from Stealth general.
- Stealth Elbrus Launcher turned from launcher with limitless range to conventional artillery, similar to Lunas.
- Scorpion rocket projectile trajectory changed. It doesn't fly too high in the air anymore.
- Terrorist and Hijacker Bikers have new locomotor settings, making them more consistent in attacking moving units while keeping the acceleration and braking of other bikers.
- Terrorist Biker can now detonate even while facing the target with his left or right side.
- Cyber Drop Pod no longer brings damage to owner player and allies on ground impact and no longer blocks movement of units.
- The player can now build another GLA general's Palace if he already has his own built.
- Reduced demo trap proximity range by 13% which ensures that Cyber Droids will die to a single Demo Trap.
- SEALs drop spreaded out now.
- Artillery does not automatically attack traps anymore.
- Salvage crates no longer add veterancy to units. Super units can now collect them again.
- Toxin Rebel Biker is now affected by training GP.
- Dozers are not immune to land mines anymore.
- Demo Ratel does not explode when destroyed, but only when manually suicided.
- Removed Command Truck area cleanup ability.
- Removed "ignore infantry" fire mode from Scorpion II. It had an unfair impact on engagements with mixed armies.
- Removed weapon switch from Medic Droid. It was not necessary and made the unit ignore hazardous fields when weapon was selected, and ignore enemies when cleaner was selected.
- Tech Field Tactics' Spy Ping removed.
- Infantry cannot shoot from inside of Listening Outposts anymore.
- Propaganda tower removed from Infantry Listening Outpost.
- F-6 Jet projectile has less damage radius but is now immune to ECM.
- Dirty Bomb upgrade removed.
- Civilian vehicles can no longer crush infantry.
- Tree aflame duration reduced from 25 s to 5 s.
- Walls and obstacles no longer have immunity to some weapon types. They can be damaged by any weapon now.
- Broken Wall Piece objects now have more health and obstruct movement. They are selectable and repairable. The wall arch, however, is passable.
- Thermobaric Mines removed.
- Laser Crusader, Microwave and Libra do not turn off when player is low on power. Paladin and Omega Cannon are the only units in his arsenal that do.
- Yan Wang has a hold fire option and reloads automatically if he has one missile in clip.
- Removed visual recoil of Assault Quad Cannon.
- Assault Artillery Barrage shells now change depending on Toxin Shells and Anthrax Beta.
- MTHEL and Antares added to USA Boss general.
- USA Boss Airborne Laser (ABL) plane works properly now. It can acquire targets.
- Select All Combat Units hotkey (Q) no longer selects scout units, engineers without weapons, GLA Cluster Mines and Dark Star.
- Centurion now has a rotating turret.
- Rig Launcher cannot enter tunnels anymore.

- GPS Scrambler for Stealth general requires Arms Dealer to be built first.
- Booby Trap for Demo general requires Arms Dealer to be built first.
- Assault Scorpion smoke ability requires upgrade. Researched at Arms Dealer.
- GLA bikers require Bike Workshop upgrade to become buildable. Researched at Arms Dealer.
- Patriot Missile Systems' target assist requires Missile AI upgrade. Researched at Strategy Center.
- Flame general's Dragon Tank firewall and Howitzer firestorm require Flame Combustion upgrade. Researched at War Factory.
- Super Weapon War Factory can produce defense cores, but cannot produce dozers now.


- Changes to some heavy particle systems in order to improve performance.
- Hulk lifetime reduced by half in order to improve performance.

Graphics and sounds:

- Fixed ugly damage transition effects on Tech Field Tactics Center.
- Grenade and Propaganda Troop Crawler's small cameos were not very colorful which made it hard to tell apart from being unavailable. Fixed.
- USA Dozer headlights were too dim. Fixed.
- All Dozers now play animation while constructing/repairing.
- Zipper and Dolphin 3D model size downscaled.
- Cyber Droids from Reinforcement Pad will be deployed by small parachutes.
- Removed the pole object from GLA Factory.
- Buildable obstacles: fixed large pickbox and added housecolor.
- Applied housecolor textures to Ratel and Ratel II dead models.
- Applied housecolor textures to Widow.
- Brand new particle effects for GLA Bomb Truck, medium explosion (cyber missile defense and tank helix missiles), poison mists, Shockwave Bomb GP and seismic explosion.
- Tech buildings use vanilla particle effects when destroyed, not Bomb Truck's.
- Atlas projectile detonation effects are all colored blue now.
- Jarmen Kell sandstorm is now a smoke screen.
- Improved Widow railgun particle effects.
- Adjusted volume of some unit voices.
- Shortened long pauses in Karakurt lines and removed silence at start.
- Comanche missiles and ammo pips are now visible.
- Armor plates of Tank Armor upgrade remodelled.
- New models for Humvee, Avenger, Marauder, Seraph, Gattling Cannon.
- New sounds for Widow move start, Widow railgun impact, bomb truck explosion, spider mine create, seismic explosion, trackhound machinegun, menu button fade.
- New voices for Alshain, ATGM Operator, Grenadier, Scolopendra, Heavy Construction Dozer, Mortar Buggy, Manticore, Earth Shaker, Chimera, Libra, Spider Tank, Crab, Dominator, China Sniper, Demo and Toxin Luna, Demo and Stealth Ratel, Rig Launcher, Coyote, Vortex Tank, Dolphin, Irradiator, Mobile Supply Stash, Red Arrow, Challenger, Eye Target Designator, Female Ranger, SLID, F-6 Jet, Pegasus, Leonidas, SEAL, Terminator.

User interface:

- New look and sound for buttons and new backgrounds on various screens.
- Changed network lobby interface. Expanded players listbox in order to prevent the auto-scrolling games problem.
- Network game lobby now has some tips to players, more space for map name text and fixes to badly aligned controls.
- Fixed badly aligned multiplayer beacon controls.
- Fixed cropped text problem with observer strings on Russian language.
- Removed countdown before network game start.


- Brand new VPN for multiplayer.
- Fixes to many technical problems caused by the game's bad compatibility with new hardware and software by handling them automatically.
- Option to customize camera height.
- Option to turn off water reflection effects.


I will give this another try and see if any of these changes will fix my constant crashing issue.

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That's a lot of update. I will give a shot when i had a time

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ive only got audio and a mouse for a screen, can still interact with the game but I cant see what I'm clicking, its just a black screen

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
РredatoR Author

Perhaps disabling "Heat Effects" will fix it.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Tried disabling everything, diff resolution too still nothing. Patch 1 was working fine

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РredatoR Author

Patch 2 does not change anything in that regard. I wonder what's wrong.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Game trainer no longer works, uninstalled, and back to patch 1 for me

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one easy trick...install rise of the reds in the same window...and start a skirmish with their much larger max long as you don;t try to change it in the contra skirmish window, the same much larger max cash will remain for contra skirmishes

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

An easy trick comrade you see the file generals.ctr? replace it with generals.exe by renaming the generals.exe to generals.ctr got it?

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สุดยอด มากครับ สวยงาม

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Wait what is this generals_zh.exe? and it deletes the game.dat.exe, rendering the game trainer useless please fix it :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The Chimera seems to be missing its voice lines, can you confirm this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author

They are not missing.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

My apologies, it was just poor installation on my part, all good now.

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Game trainer no longer works. Garbage

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


"GLA AI did not construct Palace sometimes which made them become passive. Fixed." - AI of all factions does not build Palaces, Technology Centers and Strategic Centers. Please make AI build them always and always! Play is not interesting because of this.

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РredatoR Author

It's a map-dependant issue. We're working on yet another fix that should take care of AI not building technology centers.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I tried to play on different cards, did not notice the changes. There are no maps where AI builds technology centers. There are no maps where AI does not build technology centers. Full random. I just play against AI to arrange massive battles of superunits, and I’m very upset when I see that no one is producing them(((

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Is the rattle for stealth general fixed? I don't see it in the list but it's quite an obvious bug. He dosn't have stealth anymore en reveals himself when shooting.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

This is not a bug. The Stealth Ratel, unlike the Hazael, is not supposed to remain stealthed when attacking. This has been like this since 009 Final.

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why is the Assault general so hard to beat on challenge mode when playing with lazer general?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The real question is: why is the Assault general so hard to beat at all?

It's called a challenge for a reason: it is not supposed to be a walk in the park. Otherwise, could we really call it a challenge?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
РredatoR Author

What Matthew said is true. However, Assault is more difficult than other missions in Patch 2 and we'll reduce the difficulty next time.

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Take out their war factories in the outer areas + their oil and black market first. Then you have a real chance.

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Sometimes I can play it only for few minutes and then it crash. When I try to run it against, game drop an error:
"You have encountered a serious error. Serious errors can be caused by many things including viruses, overheated hardware and hardware that does not meet the minimum specifications for the game. Please wisit the forums at forsuggested courses of action or consult your manual for Technical Support contact informations."
What can I do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Looks like there is a file misplacement somewhere... Can you check if all your Contra files are put in the ZH directory?

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hey everyone , i have a problem which is , when i'm playing then i click the windows button in my keyboard to quit to desktop , and then i go back to the game , sounds and voices won't work , until i go to settings and then click the accept button like i have changed the volume level , and then sounds will work again .
actually i could deal with that a little bit , and do these steps every single time.
but the big issue is , when i change the game resolution in the contra launcher / more options , and start the game with that resolution , it will not be the same resolution inside the game settings , it will be 800 x 600 and not the resolution that i selected , so when i click accept inside the in game settings to reactivate the sounds , it'll change the resolution too , and the game will crash , and most of the time i'll have to reboot my pc .
i tried to be as clear as possible , please help me

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РredatoR Author

Replied here:

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Why in the **** did you ditch the Nemesis?!!?!?!

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

Because there was no point in keeping the Nemesis now that the Cylons were also removed from the game.

And if you want to know why the Cylons were removed, it's because they were deemed overpowered. Cyber faction is very strong in late game thanks to its multiple elite units, however Cylons made it overpowered in multiplayer games.

The dev team wanted to make Contra as balanced as possible for multiplayer modes (the most used mode by Contra players) and sadly neither the Cylons nor the Nemesis fitted the criteria, which is why both have been ditched.

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Oh OK, that's fair. Still would be great to have it in single player.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I'm not sure it's actually possible, otherwise they would have probably already done it.

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Comanche can Not Attach air Craft now (air superiors USA general)

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Comanches lose that ability only if they're upgraded with Rocket Pods.

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