Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game and one of the first mods for this game. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

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USA Commando Tanya
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Lord_Mordja - - 458 comments


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Wicker-G041 - - 599 comments


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M.Leo - - 218 comments

Looks amazing, great addition.

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Tommaze - - 57 comments

Nothing can stop me!

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epicashah - - 7 comments

Alexander really wanna go all out female army.

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MohamedGranger - - 7 comments

What tanya Form Red Alert 2 XD But Nice Update YEAH Baby

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Just like in Red Alert, Tanya commando is one of a kind. Replacing Colonel Burton for Super Weapon Conventional path, Tanya offers unique gameplay style.
Unlike Colonel Burton, but very much a like Red Alert universe, Tanya is rush unit that is characterized by speed, agility and increased armor (health), mimicking her ability to evade most of the weapons fired at her.

Tanya is armed with 2 pistols that are one hit KO in close combat vs any infantry unit, and she wont have any problems taking other commandos by clear head shots if close enough.
Tanya carries unique C4 charge that is placed faster than any other is, detonates in few seconds as well.

Tanya is skilled enough to avoid land mines better than other units, so be advised that minefield wont stop her from placing charge at designated structure, however, she will take some damage.

She cannot fight vehicles with her pistols, but with speed and armor she will surely place charges on most of enemy tanks, gaining experience faster and bringing more and more damage in rampage mode.

If you spot Tanya, be prepared to stop her with several units.
I wish you good luck!