Hello and welcome to the Cathalan Planet Mod, my name is James (Jaevyn) and I am the creator and constructor of this planet. Most of you see: the skins, characters, story, scripts, planetary information, items, journal entries, lipsynch files and all associated 2da files were made solely by me. In this document you shall find an overview of what to expect from this mod, including a troubleshooting guide a special thanks and legal statement notice.

This mod will add a completely new planet to the galaxy map called “Cathalan” with new areas, items, music and storylines to explore. In addition to this, extra things such as being able to play said music through the music tab, unique loadscreen images and screen hints to do with the setting will give you a more immersive and more complete planet than ever before. I really hope you enjoy the experience and are inspired by my creation.

After many attempts this is the final and complete version to come out, now fully compatible with all the bugs sorted out.


There are many things that will enhance your play even further, and even though many of the modules are copied (ie: reused), they will look and feel a lot different. The following features are included:

 Eleven new areas, many of them re-skinned and re-modeled to give a unique feel to the planet. Parts of the re-used modules therefore have been closed off or otherwise opened up for further enhancement. My goal was to give the feeling that these modules were almost completely unique.

 Twelve new quests, some large and some smaller. Many will enhance the storyline of the planet and some will even give you nice bonuses. In addition to the “main” quest (Cathalan Operandi), there are a number of sub-quests available. These sub-quests are mostly optional, although some are requirements for getting into other areas, accessing pivotal content ect.

 New loadscreens and area maps reflecting the changes to the areas that have been either opened up or closed down. Again this represents a further enhancement as well as “fleshing out” the visual feel of the mod.

 New items, these include quest only items as well as some other “useful” items such as new power crystals based on established Star Wars™ canon. There are a number of ways to gain access to these items, but you will have to find out how.

 Three new merchants who sell a variety of things, some extras as well as items that might be considered necessary for advancing the main and side quests.

 A variety of new enemies, all with different motivations that are just baying for your blood. Just as an aside, this mod is not a glut-fest and in the first few levels you may not experience many enemies, but rather a setting of the story before the action. Think of it as a good action movie that explains why those enemies want to kill you.

 New music, both within the actual game, and selectable in the music tabs. So far I am yet to come across a planet mod that allows you to access the music from the main screen.

 A few puzzles of which some are mathematical, others will test your sleuthing and memory abilities. This mod after all, isn’t made to be mindless; you will have to test the old grey matter!

So as you can see, there is a fair amount of content that is contained in this mod, most of which is designed to give a uniqueness and quality to the planet and its subsequent storyline. After all, I am a sucker for a good story.


This game is installed using the TSLPatcher to ensure maximum compatibility with other mods. That being said, the planetary scripts may clash with other planet mods out there, so with this in mind I’ve tried to make those files as compatible as possible. Below are the major mods and their status with this mod:

Coruscant (Jedi Temple) by DeathDisco - COMPATIBLE
Droid Planet (M4-78) by DStoney64 - MOSTLY COMPATIBLE*
Korriban Expansion (part one) by NewbieModder - COMPATIBLE
Ultimate Saber Mod (USM) by ChAiNz, D333, Sep, Svösh and T7nowhere -COMPATIBLE
The Sith Lords Restoration Project (TSLRCM) by Zybl2 and DStoney 64 – COMPATIBLE

*I’ve tried to make m4-78 appear in the planetary, but it has only been partially successful.

After installing this mod, use a saved game prior to leaving Telos, or else the planetary information required to access the new planet will not work. This is due to the saved game information, which remembers the galaxy map details.

With the Droid Planet and Coruscant; make sure you install those mods before you install this mod. The reason for this is that while this mod contains the information for Coruscant and M4-78 on the planetary content, those mods do not contain the Cathalan planetary information which would be overwritten, that is necessary for this mod to work.

Additionally, any future mod that uses the planetary scripts might not be compatible with this mod. Check other planet mods carefully to see that they too are compatible with this one. If have accidently modified the planetary information, you can install just the planetary scripts. To do so, make sure to take the following folder from the Cathalan “tslpatchdata”:

DO NOT take the “planetary.2da” file out, as this is a marker for the changes.ini file. It might result in some odd text for Cathalan.

This should restore Cathalan to the galaxy map; just remember to go to a saved game prior to leaving Telos via the New Jedi Academy. If you are aware of any other possible conflicts, contact me on LucasForums (user: Jaevyn).


For all the commercial music that has been used in this mod, I directly or indirectly sought (and was granted) permission to use these pieces of music in my mod. Since the makers of the commercial music pieces insisted on a spot for them, here is the music used in the mod in no particular order:

I Want It All – Queen
Planet Factory Floor – Joby Talbot
Time – Hans Zimmer
Is That What Everybody Else Wants – Cliff Martinez
Screamer – Kyle Gabler
Mechanical Mausoleum – Marco Beltrami

The other music piece used in the mod was royalty free.


Special thanks and mentions go to the following people, who either directly or indirectly helped me with my mod, (you guys deserve a good stout beer):

Fred Tetra, for creating KOTOR Tool, it proved invaluable not only in creating this mod, but in creating a number of others.

Bioware, for giving suggestions pertaining to my storyline, you guys were such a help.

Stoffe, your guides helped me with some of the more difficult scripting areas, also your TSL patcher helped me ensure that this mod will be compatible with many other great mods. Additionally, the TalkEd you made proved invaluable, and for that I thank you.

Jdnoa, things just aren’t the same unless those lips move.

Demelza who is my sister, for doing a lot of the female voice-overs. I would have done them, but my voice is too low for that kind of thing now.

Zhaboka, for voicing Tarlak. It is always good to get a different voice actor in other than myself. You did a sterling job and if I may say so myself, that is one hell of a voice that you possess.

Matthew Van Voorthuizen, for voicing Caden Trelbi which wasn’t an easy job. Also thank you for mispronouncing “Dantooine” not once, not twice, but five times. It provided me with some good laughs.

Warlord664, for extensive testing of the Cathalan beta, your feedback was invaluable in getting the project completed.

Finally a thank you to all those who have urged me to complete this mod, it was not as if I was thinking of not doing it, but your cries from the sidelines helped quicken the progress and steeled my resolve.



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This mod adds a completely new planet to the galaxy map called “Cathalan” with new areas, items, music and storylines to explore. In addition to this, extra things such as being able to play said music through the music tab, unique loadscreen images and screen hints to do with the setting will give you a more immersive and more complete planet than ever before.

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Full Version 2 comments

This mod will add a completely new planet to the galaxy map called “Cathalan” with new areas, items, music and storylines to explore. In addition...


I cannot find all the parts to make the Air Speeder get me to the Outlanders. I think I found three, including buying one from the salesman.

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I had to create an account just to ask these questions 😂 #1 how in the hell do you get the door open to go to the Cathalan Warriors base? I had to warp there because that stupid door kept me out. The order I was given for the nodes was D B C E and last was A but that doesn't tell me what it needs to be matched to on the opposite side and I tried many different combinations plus it also doesn't tell you if they are correct which is very annoying.

#2 HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU GET PAST THE DOOR WITH THE CORRUPTED INTEGERS IN THE LAST AREA OF CATHALAN. I suck at math plus I have no idea which numbers in those 4 lines is the corrupted integer. Other than those 2 things I think this mod is a decent way to add to your game clock and make a playthrough longer. I don't want to have to warp past any areas though because a puzzle is glitched or too difficult to figure out.

#3 I got maybe 3 parts for the landspeeder and it still says it was in critical condition. I got 1 part in the lower city I think I found it. The other was bought from a merchant I think and the 3rd one was given to me by the leader of the Wyvern Gang. I looked high and low for those parts. Had to warp down to the place to get to where the outsiders are. How many parts are there and where are they located?

Besides these 3 things I think the mod is pretty decent to add for extra XP at the start of your planet hopping.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How did you warp to the outsiders? I have the TSl Warper, but Cathlan does not appear in it.

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Hello Jaevyn, first off Id like to congratulate on the mod. I am enjoying so far, however I have a couple questions/bugs/comments regarding the mod. So far I believe I have only found one bug, that being after the battle with Gravik my character can only look backwards until they exit the room. Not a huge deal as its still playable, but I thought I would let you know. Also I seem to be stuck at the speeder, I have gathered 3 parts and assembled them into the speeder but the quest log went blank, but the speeder stills says I am "missing critical parts". Is this a glitch in the mod? or am I missing another part? I am excited to continue playing but cannot seem to get passed this point.

Also as far as compatability is concerned I have both coruscant and M4-78 installed. Coruscant works flawless, but M4-78 will not appear on the galaxy map(if you warp there everything works fine) after trial and error I cannot get both to appear on the map at the same time, The ncs files seem to be the problem although I am not a modder so I cant confirm. what I can say is whichever mod is downloaded last will be the one that appears on the galaxy map, if you take the ncs. files out of the override folder from one mod in game then the other planet will appear. Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue you do.

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Jaevyn Creator

Valuable advice on how to get past that door in Keralt Lower Level:

The big hint is dropped by the Twi'lek on the lower levels about how to get past the door.

The opposite nodes have to be fixed, like hotwiring a car. In this case you do the nodes in this order: D to G, B to I, C to H, A to F, E to J

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Any chance for incompatibilities with mods? Duplisaber or high level force powers for instance?

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Jaevyn Creator

It should be compatible with those mods, as well as TSLRCM and M4-78!

I have tested it and it is fully compatible. I recommend installing Cathalan last, after the other mods!

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