Crown of Creation is a standalone adventure for DAO, set in a very different gameworld (similar to my Enigma Island series for Neverwinter Nights). The emphasis is on roleplay (2-5 hours), with some mature content and occasional combat. There are quite a few puzzle situations, where the player has to figure out what to do without many clues.

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Crown of Creation released


For two generations, the villagers of Locksley have enjoyed peace and freedom.

The Age of Magic has passed. High elves and demons have vanished from the face of the earth.

Even the endless dynastic wars between feudal overlords beyond the safety of the mountainous Protectorate of Sudish are no more than tall tales told by travellers.

The once-legendary Rangers who guarded the borders and forests are now merely a handful of hopeless eccentrics.

As folk turn away from the Ward Moot, the voice of the secretive Albion League grows louder...

Avarice eyes this from afar, while in the darkness beyond the Mountains of Mourning, something nameless stirs...

As a human or foundling villager, your life is about to change forever, as you are plunged into a world of horror, intrigue and romance, in which the only hope lies in the mystical union of a lost sword and the elusive Crown of Creation.

EA New Worlds Sale Now On; 5 Adventurous Games On Sale (And A Mod For Each)

EA New Worlds Sale Now On; 5 Adventurous Games On Sale (And A Mod For Each)

Feature 2 comments

EA is celebrating some of their wilder entries on Steam, so here's five games from the sale and a mod to bolster each!

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Receiving Re-Release; 5 Enriching BioWare RPG Mods

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II Receiving Re-Release; 5 Enriching BioWare RPG Mods


Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II is receiving a re-release, so here's five BioWare RPG mods from various franchises!

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Crown of Creation Read Me 1 00

Crown of Creation Read Me 1 00


Read Me with detailed walkthrough for Crown of Creation

Crown of Creation 1 00

Crown of Creation 1 00

Full Version

The playable dazip game file for Crown of Creation in a 7z archive

timotey - - 2 comments

Just finished this mod after 4.5 hours. It was very fun I enjoyed the party members especially Alicia, Sir John and Lady Lara. While the main quest wasn't the most interesting I found the side quests pretty engaging. Found no bugs whatsoever.

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Proleric Creator
Proleric - - 1 comments

In the first independent review, Black Dog Dave wrote:

"Excellent work. Played through twice now. One of my favourite DLC's so far. Story is good, all areas look completely new (E.g. No Deep roads or Denerim Markets). I like the fact you can make it primarilly RPG and don't have to stab/chop every opponent you come across (of course it's still an option). Some good/subtle use of humour(some younger gamers may not get it).

I am glad there's no 'amateur voice over' and they've gone with subtitles.
Make sure you disable all DLC's (Quests and Legends etc.) as it will effect the game. Official one's like 'Witch Hunt' 'Leliana's Song' are okay with this though.
Definaitely worth a few plays."

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Also_known_as_Peter - - 1,400 comments

It's great to see some more DA:O mods out here.

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