"The New Order of peace has triumphed over the shadowy secrecy of shameful magicians.
The direction of our course is clear.
I will lead the Empire to glories beyond imagining."

- Emperor Palpatine

SWC The New Order - Description

A Warband Port of the M&B 1.011 Modification Star Wars Conquest by Swyter and HokieBT. This port uses Diplomacy as base, with major modifications to the codebase (by Seek N Destroy and Khamukkamu). You can see all of SWC features here: Star Wars Conquest

moddb changes


Warband Campaign AI, with modifications using Viking Conquest scripts / triggers

Diplomacy Features (see them all here)

Mercenary Camps by Seek N Destroy

Removal of Jedi / Sith troops and items from the game.

Order 66, right? (tbh, it is because I'd like to do Jedi / Sith recruitment and training differently)

You can bring back old SWC version of Force Powers via SWC Test Menu. Same with hiring some Jedi / Sith


Modified Autofiring weapons by ithilienranger & Sebastian

-- Swap between Semi-Auto / Full-Auto mode

Dodge Roll (AI and Player), with cooldown based on Athletics skill

Grenades and Rocket Launchers, based on Sebastian and Highlander's code

Weapon Stats UI

Formations / FormAI v5 by motomataru, modified for Star Wars

Experimental Force Powers (can be accessed via SWC Test Menu)

Experimental Cover Code (can be tested by fighting on an Imperial Ship)

Weapons balanced and tweak to accommodate for autofiring weapons.


Lots of New Assets created by Darth Mongol The Unwise

New Assets created by current and former Turmoil Across The Stars devs

Revamped old SWC assets

New menu backgrounds and images

Permission to use some BearForce2 assets (Credit to the whole BF2 team, especially Marko. Other credits below)

moddb plans

Modify the Troop Tree (right now, uses old SWC troop trees)

Lore-based Player Force Learning / Training

Lore-based Jedi resurrection & Sith Troops

More Force Powers (already coded, just not implemented) and AI usage

Maybe make some specialized mercs into minor factions.

DAC version of Freelancer

More improved assets (if time and resources permits)

New quests.


Siege scenes are not the best.

May just swap out siege scenes to the current land battles.

Haven't tested late game.

moddb credits

Swyter for Star Wars Conquest, teaching me how to mod, and all around great guy.

HokieBT and the rest of the SWC team.

Darth Mongol the Unwise for all the asset creation, testing, and suggestions.

DAC Team (Seek N Destroy, Ettenrocal) for the usage of DAC as base

Somebody & Diplomacy

TLD team esp. Merlkir and InVain

Turmoil Across The Stars team for the usage of some assets.

Konny for Weapon Balancing

Bear Force 2 team, and BF2 Assets by Mark, Weren, SynthLyn-X, Cruor Volt, GothicKnight, Weren.

Sebastian indirectly, cause I learned a lot from his BF2 code and how to improve mine. - Mat2Rivs for inspiration on how to do force powers.

Autolykos for Native Module System Improvements

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RSS Articles

State of the Mod

and some quick updates

Hi all,

I would just like to thank everyone again for your continuous support. 2020 has been rough for everyone, and I was especially hit hard this year. Basically, due to health issues, I had to stop modding for a few months. I am now doing better, but have considerably slowed down. A lot of what I planned to do is probably not going to happen or if it is, it will take some time. That is all I can say about that. On to the mod updates:

  • New Volunteers: So, while ModDb has not been updated, we have been actively working on the mod in these months and we have found a few new members to help in creating assets, including someone for voice acting.

  • Combat Improvements: We are actively working on a major overhaul of battles, implementing a system that allows individual bots of both player and AI forces to spread out and seek cover behind objects on the map, boxes, pipes, etc. This system, does cause a slight hit on performance, but it seems to be a fleeting moment at the start of a fight when most bots are spreading out. As an additional feature for it, we added a system for bots to crouch down behind their covers when fired at.

20200910213010 1

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20200920202842 1

  • New Scenes: As most battlemaps are very open, without any covers, we are remaking them to either fit for the system, or creating completely new scenes to benefit the combat improvements mentioned above.

  • New Assets: There are a few assets that were made and some old ones replaced and/or improved. I don't remember all of them, but you'll see it all in-game.

ss2020 09 26at12 10 08



Tatrkin render

That is it for now. We are chugging along slowly, and the next update will be published when it is ready.

I also would like to thank DarthMongolTheUnwise for holding the fort while I was gone. This mod will have died without his unwavering support. He is the backbone of this mod, and I am forever grateful.

Thanks to Weren for alot of the new models, and to all our volunteers who help with making this mod.

Special thanks to Seek & Destroy who is helping me with scripting/coding.

Thanks all, and as always, May the Force be With You.



State of the Mod: December 2019

State of the Mod: December 2019

News 6 comments

SWC: The New Order Edition - State of the Mod as of December 2019.

RSS Files
SWC The New Order Edition 2019.12.20

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.12.20

Full Version 70 comments

Full download of SWC The New Order Edition k.v.07

2019.07.11 SWC The New Order Edition Patch

2019.07.11 SWC The New Order Edition Patch

Patch 24 comments

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.07.11 Patch Fixes a few things before I go on vacation. Not save game compatible.

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.06.20

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.06.20

Full Version 18 comments

This is the full official launch of SWC The New Order Edition.

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mod so cool but please fix crashes everywhere

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how to use force

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Hello fellas. I'm posting here to pass on some information about this mod and what has happened to it. In short, the mod is DEAD, development has ceased and it's source code has been released to public alongside the last experimental version, both can be found on our Discord: Discord.gg

Longer story: So, this has happened because lead dev Khamukkamu and i both stopped working on the mod. It was a pretty ambitious project for as few as we were and after Covid started to be a problem globally, Kham started being increasingly more busy, and he had less and less time to mod, between moving after job, seeing to his family and an issue that came up with his general health.

Well, i kept working for a while in Khamu's absence but being about as useful in coding, as a donkey in a car race, that wasn't working out very great. My progress was impaired by not having a boss around to help with stuff that i couldn't do myself, besides it wasn't fun in the long run to just continue alone. It wasn't ever MY project, it was OUR project.

So... Eventually, it just happened that i wasn't up for continuing work on a project, that i most of all joined to work with Khamu to begin with. It was good working with him, for as long as it lasted.

Miss you man.


Here is a link to the last mod version, but source code is ONLY on Discord, link there above in the post

last version:

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thank you for giving us the most recent build, that's more than most mod devs do. Sorry to hear about it being cut short but thanks for the work you did on it anyways.

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Why MEGA? That **** has limit to download...

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Hey, so roaming around the map i found a group of bandits i think black sun ones
that had an ig droid as a prisoner and i rescued him immediately, i was wondering
is this the only way to get them?

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Is it a dead mod?

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No U

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I have a bug to report.

I like bounty hunting. It's a nice way to gain money early game.


Sometimes when you accept a bounty and go to the location's surface, a clone of yourself is there instead, and if you interact with it, they have options like: Send letter to another lord, etc.

As if you control the world as your own. This makes the bounty unobtainable.

It's as if your "clone" replaces the target.

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