"The New Order of peace has triumphed over the shadowy secrecy of shameful magicians.
The direction of our course is clear.
I will lead the Empire to glories beyond imagining."

- Emperor Palpatine

SWC The New Order - Description

A Warband Port of the M&B 1.011 Modification Star Wars Conquest by Swyter and HokieBT. This port uses Diplomacy as base, with major modifications to the codebase (by Seek N Destroy and Khamukkamu). You can see all of SWC features here: Star Wars Conquest

moddb changes


Warband Campaign AI, with modifications using Viking Conquest scripts / triggers

Diplomacy Features (see them all here)

Mercenary Camps by Seek N Destroy

Removal of Jedi / Sith troops and items from the game.

Order 66, right? (tbh, it is because I'd like to do Jedi / Sith recruitment and training differently)

You can bring back old SWC version of Force Powers via SWC Test Menu. Same with hiring some Jedi / Sith


Modified Autofiring weapons by ithilienranger & Sebastian

-- Swap between Semi-Auto / Full-Auto mode

Dodge Roll (AI and Player), with cooldown based on Athletics skill

Grenades and Rocket Launchers, based on Sebastian and Highlander's code

Weapon Stats UI

Formations / FormAI v5 by motomataru, modified for Star Wars

Experimental Force Powers (can be accessed via SWC Test Menu)

Experimental Cover Code (can be tested by fighting on an Imperial Ship)

Weapons balanced and tweak to accommodate for autofiring weapons.


Lots of New Assets created by Darth Mongol The Unwise

New Assets created by current and former Turmoil Across The Stars devs

Revamped old SWC assets

New menu backgrounds and images

Permission to use some BearForce2 assets (Credit to the whole BF2 team, especially Marko. Other credits below)

moddb plans

Modify the Troop Tree (right now, uses old SWC troop trees)

Lore-based Player Force Learning / Training

Lore-based Jedi resurrection & Sith Troops

More Force Powers (already coded, just not implemented) and AI usage

Maybe make some specialized mercs into minor factions.

DAC version of Freelancer

More improved assets (if time and resources permits)

New quests.


Siege scenes are not the best.

May just swap out siege scenes to the current land battles.

Haven't tested late game.

moddb credits

Swyter for Star Wars Conquest, teaching me how to mod, and all around great guy.

HokieBT and the rest of the SWC team.

Darth Mongol the Unwise for all the asset creation, testing, and suggestions.

DAC Team (Seek N Destroy, Ettenrocal) for the usage of DAC as base

Somebody & Diplomacy

TLD team esp. Merlkir and InVain

Turmoil Across The Stars team for the usage of some assets.

Konny for Weapon Balancing

Bear Force 2 team, and BF2 Assets by Mark, Weren, SynthLyn-X, Cruor Volt, GothicKnight, Weren.

Sebastian indirectly, cause I learned a lot from his BF2 code and how to improve mine. - Mat2Rivs for inspiration on how to do force powers.

Autolykos for Native Module System Improvements

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RSS Articles

State of the Mod

and some quick updates

Hi all,

I would just like to thank everyone who supported and is continuing to support SWC and this mod, SWC: The New Order Edition.

I made this mod as a thank you to Swyter, who basically helped me learn how to mod Mount & Blade: Warband, through my work with The Last Days of the Third Age.

This post is simply just to let you know that I am still working on the mod, and the most recent update I published was just to tie together the patch and the hotfixes found in our discord. Basically, to make the install process easier before the end of the year. There was not a lot of new features added, as I had to take a few months off due to personal reasons (e.g vacation, moving across the country, stabilizing during the move, etc).

So lets get started, shall we?

  • Mandalorian Armour - In the most recent update, I added new Mandalorian Armours by DarthMongolTheUnwise. These look really good and have many pieces, which works really well with my planned armour customization scripts (which you can see already by visiting the Med Bay in your ship). However, the Mandalorian Armours are currently not customizable by the player, as I still havent 100% worked out how to do it properly yet. Therefore, when you cheat+take the armour, you can see it changing appearance every time you click on it in your inventory screen. Don't worry about it, it just randomizes the different parts of the armour. Not a bug, just not fleshed out yet.

  • Mixed Gender Troops - Yes I know it is buggy. I will be releasing a hotfix that disables it completely for now. It is a good piece of code, and will be true to canon, given there are a mixed of genders in SW universe. Will work on it soon.

  • Jedi Revival / Sith - This is the rancor (elephant) in the room. Yes, they are currently not present, only through cheats, due to the fact that I "want to do them right". It is something that I want to do well and enjoyable for the players, hence why they are not in yet. I had planned to work on it this year, but unfortunately, the real life issues took their toll and I was not motivated to think "game design" at the time. Hopefully, I will resolve this by next year.

Other than that, I hope you all have enjoyed what I have so far and please continue to comment, support, find bugs, review (good or bad), and I will do my best to respond.

I hope everyone had a great 2019, and we all look forward to 2020!

May the Force be with you All!



RSS Files
SWC The New Order Edition 2019.12.20

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.12.20

Full Version 54 comments

Full download of SWC The New Order Edition k.v.07

2019.07.11 SWC The New Order Edition Patch

2019.07.11 SWC The New Order Edition Patch

Patch 24 comments

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.07.11 Patch Fixes a few things before I go on vacation. Not save game compatible.

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.06.20

SWC The New Order Edition 2019.06.20

Full Version 18 comments

This is the full official launch of SWC The New Order Edition.

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Ah, not all bad though, despite the grim news beneath. A fix was found to the missing hands bug, small thing but at last, fixed.

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Please tell him that he has our support

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Alright, so, it turns out that we may be having an major problem. Khamukkamu, leader of the whole project has been unable to take part in development for a long time, and it appears this situation is not going to change, for equally long time, if at all. This means that our progress has essentially stopped dead in its tracks, and we are not able to get anywhere without him. As the lead developer and soul of the project, his effort being absent is a serious issue.

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I just want to say great job in this mod, the new features you added bring new life to the conquest mod.
Is there any aprox date for a new release of the mod?

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Its impossible to say for now. Khamukkamu has been sick for weeks and until he returns, none of us have any insight as to what is the state of the version

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Is Freelancer in the game yet?

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Not yet. Right now we are stuck in development as our lead dev, Khamu, has been sick for a few weeks and no progress has therefore happened in that aspect. Freelancer is an important goal for later, but as stated, later. Finishing adding Jedi n Sith back in better fashion is now the primary goal

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Thanks for the reply! Best wishes for Khamu, and no worries--I was only curious before I started a playthrough.

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Very nice port. The soft launch was a success for me, can't wait to try the new release and see where this project is headed next.

Good luck!

Jun 25 2019 by BNSMark

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