Hello there! This mod is intended to be the BIGGEST SP MOD for CoD ever! It Includes several SP custom maps, such as the Call of Duty Assault by gunrock and the Yourksirerifles campaign! (Maybe there will be even an omaha beach landing mod) This mod is intended to be for CoD UO...You will play both custom maps, CoD campaign and Uo campaign just by using CoD UO. It includes weapon models by MarcomiX (me) and Ziegen. Scripts by pcj27 and zoltankai. Omaha Beach Landing map by antonio.horvatovic0 Enjoy!

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Hello there!
Long time no see, huh...well, I took my time this year, since it was the year of my graduation from college.
Though the mod development went on...although at a slower pace.
Here's a little update on our progress:

We found a way to add proper reticles to tanks. This feature will enhance the player's immersion during the tank missions:

CoDUOSP 2018 06 28 19 30 50 37 shot2771

Here You can see all the new tanks and vehicles added in the mod by pcj27:

New map - Snow
In this map, the player will be an Italian soldier of the ARMIR in Russla, holding a small outpost near the Don river. It's basically a brief defense-type map featuring italian spoken dialogues and lines.

Call of Duty United Offensive S

Cut weapons:
Yes, we decided to cut some of the most "incomplete" content. Quality over Quantity is our motto, so we'd rather have less, better modelled and animated weapons than a lots of bad modelled and bad animated ones.

Here's the list of the cut weapons:
- MP41 (never officially adopted in the first place)
- Gewehr 41 (saw limited use)
- Mannlicher m1891 (Dutch resistance used british supplies during WWII)
- Thompson M1 (basically the reskin of the M1A1)
- Thompson M1928A1
- PPsh41 stick Mags (the animations for that weapon are too different from the stock ones)
- Carcano M38 da Cavalleria

New weapons:
The cuts come with the chance of adding new and more appropriate weapons:
- Thompson 1928 (in the hands of british soldiers)
- MP18
- Scoped Gewehr 43
- Scoped SVT 40
- Wz.29 rifle
- Wz.28 Automatic Rifle.
- Breda M38 Turret

New animations for the Lewig gun and the Deployed Bren:
Here are the WIP version of the custom animations for the Lewis and the Bren. They need minor tweaks, but the're "finished enough" for you to get the gist of them.

Now, time for the Bad News:
Antonio cannot be working on the mod anymore. He doesn't even have the time to send us the map file of Omaha for us to continue his work. We have two options: Give you an half-assed Omaha beach map, with tons of errors and in a pretty rough and unpolished state, OR we can start from scratch.
We choosed the second option.
That's why we need an experienced mapper who's willing to work with us on the mod.
if you are a good mapper and you're willing to participate on this mod's success, contact me here on moddb or at marcooraziograsso@gmail.com. Please note that I will ignore any "I know a guy that can help you" or "I need help with this or that bug" kind of message.

If we manage to get a mapper by the end of the Summer, we think we'll be able to deliver this mod by february/march of 2019

Thanks for your support and Stay tuned!

-The United Fronts mod team

Project delayed. Indefinitely.

Project delayed. Indefinitely.

News 16 comments

The reasons why the 1.1 update probably won't come out anytime soon.

April Dev.Update and FAQ

April Dev.Update and FAQ

News 11 comments

Hello there! Long time no see, huh? Here are some updates and reasons why the developing has been slowed down so badly.

Recruiting Dubbers!

Recruiting Dubbers!

News 14 comments

Many of you complained that the custom mission feels a little "flat". Well, you're right! And I'll need your help to make them as good as possible! The...

Call of Duty: United Fronts Dev. Update 08-12-16

Call of Duty: United Fronts Dev. Update 08-12-16

News 7 comments

Development Update of 8th December, 2016. Started the debugging phase. Still polishing and refining the Omaha Beach Map. Breda scrapings and more.

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United Fronts Overhaul Mod 1.1 (OUTDATED)

United Fronts Overhaul Mod 1.1 (OUTDATED)

Weapons Audio 22 comments

If you have downloaded this, remove it from your Call of Duty folder and download the newer United Fronts 1.0 Patch 4 instead.

United Fronts 1.0 Patch 4

United Fronts 1.0 Patch 4

Patch 47 comments

This patch adds a new mission selection menu and implements missions that were originally not part of the campaign. Update: This patch now includes all...

United Fronts ~ Sound Mod V1

United Fronts ~ Sound Mod V1

Audio Pack 2 comments

A total audio conversion for Call of Duty: United Fronts.

United Fronts Graphics mod

United Fronts Graphics mod

Effects GFX 6 comments

An old project I was made regarding the UNited Fronts project. It's basically a graphic's enhancement I did together with @Jack1911. it's pretty heavy...

UF1 0

UF1 0

Full Version 92 comments

The 1.0 version of CoD United fronts. I wish to thank you all of you for your support through the development of this mod Merry christmas! (or Hannukkah...

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Amazing mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I can't load Omaha level! It says in the console:

Cannot give player a weapon without having an empty slot.
: (file 'maps\_loadout.gsc', line 67)
called from:
(file 'maps\omaha.gsc', line 14)
called from:
(file 'maps\omaha.gsc', line 1)

Any suggestions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Ok, so I just fixed the problem. I was using the command: +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0

in order to open the console, I deleted that in my quick access file and now the game works =)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Guys, help please. I installed the mod to my CoD and when I try to play new game, it says "max ammo mismatch: bar max ammo 300"
Any solutions?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Marcomix Creator

That means you've got other mods installed.TRy and delete the other mods and see if it works

Reply Good karma+2 votes

My mannlicher does not have a sound (And I also have a problem with the breda model.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I just think its weird that in summer 1941 Russians have coats. So, good luck with this!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It just me, or the russians have summer skins? The commissar have definitely new uniform.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I just want to say I really appreciate your effort on the amazing mod for such as a good old game. Particularly the Caucasus campaign and Aachen. Well done. Looking forward for more campaign!
Good job guys!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

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Even if there are some - smaller - bugs, this mod deserves nothing less than 10/10. The new models are beautiful, the maps are like coming from an official expansion pack and the whole thing is simply professional. I hardly wait the -next - update! Excellent work!

Jan 27 2017 by Thorir

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