Call of Duty: United Fronts is a single-player mod that combines the campaigns of the original Call of Duty and United Offensive expansion pack with community created maps to form one large continuous campaign. It adds several new weapons and replaces almost all of the original weapon models. The mod requires the United Offensive expansion pack in order to play.

Content planned for future updates:
- 1939 Invasion of Poland campaign
- Operation Market Garden campaign
- More custom maps
- New and improved weapons and vehicles

Hello there! This mod is intended to be the BIGGEST SP MOD for CoD ever!
It includes several custom maps, such as Call of Duty Assault by Gunrock and the Yorkshire Rifles campaign!
(Maybe there will be even an Omaha Beach landing map)
This mod is intended to be for CoD United Offensive...You will play custom maps, the CoD campaign, and UO campaign just by using CoD UO.
It includes weapon models by MarcomiX (me) and Ziegen.
Scripts by pcj27 and zoltankai.
Omaha Beach Landing map by antonio.horvatovic0.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: The game shows this error message: "Failed to load default cfg. Make sure that Call of Duty is running from the correct folder."
A: Go to the uo folder and open the "localized_*your game language*_pakuo00.pk3" using Winrar. Extract the "default.cfg" and "default_mp.cfg" into the uo folder.

Q: The main menu buttons are displayed as MENU_NEWGAME, MENU_LOADGAME, MENU_OPTIONS, etc. and clicking on them does nothing.
A: Start the game once without any mods installed, and quit the game. Then install the mod and start the game again.

Q: The game shows a "recursive error after: Hunk_AllocAlign failed" error.
A: If the patch is installed, open the options menu, select General, click 256, and restart the game. If not, go to the uo folder, open "uoconfig.cfg", and change the line -
seta com_hunkmegs "128"
seta com_hunkmegs "256"

Q: The game brightness is very low and changes made are not saved.
A: Right-click the CoDUO SP shortcut, click Properties, open the "Compatibility" tab, check the box "Run this program in compatibility mode for", select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" in the drop-down list, and click Apply.

Q: The game lags when aiming down the sight.
A: Go to the uo folder, open "uoconfig.cfg" and change the line -
seta cg_nopredict "1"
seta cg_nopredict "0"

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RSS Articles

"Hey, is the mod dead"?

Hello there! Long time no see, huh...


more than ever, I might add.

United Fronts - Community Server (Discord)

The main news today is: The United Fronts Discord server has been opened!
If you want to talk about the mod, give us feedback on the project, share thoughts and opinions about WWII games and, why not, help us out...well, you're welcome on our server!

Here's the link to join


Now, some small updates:

New weapon models and textures have been made:

-Mosin Nagant 91\30

Call of Duty United Offensive S 2

-Fucile Controcarro

Call of Duty United Offensive Sc 1

-Walther P38 (ported from MoHAA)

Call of Duty United Offensive Sc

-M1928 Thompson (ported from MoHA)

Call of Duty United Offensive S 3

...and many more are yet to come!

The works on Omaha are going great...but we want to wait before showing you what we've done so far.
Stay tuned!


United Front development status: Autumn 2018

United Front development status: Autumn 2018

News 17 comments

A quick update on the mod's status and a quick reminder about the mod's release pre-requisite.

United Fronts Mod: Update status - Summer 2018

United Fronts Mod: Update status - Summer 2018

News 12 comments

A brief update concerning the mod's status. Cut and added contents, estimated release date, help request and more.

Project delayed. Indefinitely.

Project delayed. Indefinitely.

News 16 comments

The reasons why the 1.1 update probably won't come out anytime soon.

April Dev.Update and FAQ

April Dev.Update and FAQ

News 11 comments

Hello there! Long time no see, huh? Here are some updates and reasons why the developing has been slowed down so badly.

RSS Files
United Fronts 1.0 Patch 4

United Fronts 1.0 Patch 4

Patch 75 comments

Update: Added Russian localization for mission objectives (Thanks to GrAZ). Summary: This patch adds a new mission selection menu and a few missions that...

UF1 0

UF1 0

Full Version 107 comments

The 1.0 version of CoD United fronts. I wish to thank you all of you for your support through the development of this mod Merry christmas! (or Hannukkah...

United Fronts ~ Sound Mod V1

United Fronts ~ Sound Mod V1

Audio Pack 3 comments

A total audio conversion for Call of Duty: United Fronts.

United Fronts Overhaul Mod [OUTDATED]

United Fronts Overhaul Mod [OUTDATED]

Audio Pack 24 comments

An old optional addon for 1.0 that has been replaced by the patch. Do not install both of them together. Recommend downloading the patch instead.

United Fronts Graphics mod

United Fronts Graphics mod

Effects GFX 8 comments

An old project I was made regarding the UNited Fronts project. It's basically a graphic's enhancement I did together with @Jack1911. it's pretty heavy...

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HELP ME i download the deluxe edition and dont have the config.cfg file

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I dont have the config.cfg file now what?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

im that guest

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

there is no mark on campass can u fix it //!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How To Fix Custom mission error crash

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is there a way to play all missions as axis soldier??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Abrand Their is an axis player mod on moddb for call of duty 1 if you wanted to do that with the base game i'm not sure but maybe if you installed it over united fronts it work somewhat? as it is just a swap around i've used plenty mods etc & no conflicts after all hope that helped.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Thanks for your answer. I played this mod but its very buggy at United fronts. At the british campaign, the enemies are russian and the weapons makes no sound. Also get an Error very often while loading, so I can't go on at the campaign

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Marcomix are you still interested in voice actors i did send you an audition back a year ago when we spoke about it to presumeably your email but did not hear anything back so i wasn't sure if you had got it best of luck good to see the mod is back at it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Hi! Could it be possible for the next update to fill-in the missing textures on your arms when the FOV goes past 106?

The sounds for some weapons, like the Bren for example, are either a little scratchy or too loud, id honestly prefer some of vanilla sounds over the ones made for this mod. To be fair its only for a few weapons but all the others sound amazing overall.

Could it also be possible to implement a "no zoom" for all weapons with iron sights, as well as fixing the HUD, sniper scopes, UI and main menu Ui to be fixed at a 16:9 aspect ratio? I have a 1920x1080 screen and while the gameplay, weapons and characters themselves look good, the rest look to widened.

Look forward to the next update! Weapon selection was long due :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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Even if there are some - smaller - bugs, this mod deserves nothing less than 10/10. The new models are beautiful, the maps are like coming from an official expansion pack and the whole thing is simply professional. I hardly wait the -next - update! Excellent work!

Jan 27 2017 by Thorir

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