Hello there! This mod is intended to be the BIGGEST SP MOD for CoD ever! It Includes several SP custom maps, such as the Call of Duty Assault by gunrock and the Yourksirerifles campaign! (Maybe there will be even an omaha beach landing mod) This mod is intended to be for CoD UO...You will play both custom maps, CoD campaign and Uo campaign just by using CoD UO. It includes weapon models by MarcomiX (me) and Ziegen. Scripts by pcj27 and zoltankai. Omaha Beach Landing map by antonio.horvatovic0 Enjoy!

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Thorir says

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Even if there are some - smaller - bugs, this mod deserves nothing less than 10/10. The new models are beautiful, the maps are like coming from an official expansion pack and the whole thing is simply professional. I hardly wait the -next - update! Excellent work!


The best mod for CoD 1.


Awesome mod guys, love to see that they are still COD UO mods in development out there ;) keep up the good work mates!!!

If I had words I could use to express my feelings towards this mod, it would be: AMAZEMENT

This mod is the equivalent of Back2Fronts for COD2, but it takes the original 2003 classic and gives it a magnificent breath of fresh air, both visually, aurally, and in terms of content and gameplay. The passion and the drive emitting from the people behind this mod goes to show just how far we can further push the limits of this old yet still timeless game.

I can't express how eager I am for the next update, but until then, this is the best classic "Call of Duty" mod I've ever played in years!


adds alot more new stuff to a grate old game

Great !


1Nesto says

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Hard work done! Really enjoyable!


Best CoD1/CoDUO mod.

The Mod is really great, it brings Call of Duty and its Expansion "United Offensive" in the same game, adding the sprint function to the original and changing the mission order so they actually ARE in the "right" order chronologically. Really great.

Plus a ton of new custom missions made by various modders. Some are great, particularely the Russian ones in the beggining of the game, and some are more boring and "flat".

But for me, the big attraction that I had for this mod is that it re-skinned a lot of things and you now play most levels with proper sleeves.

Marcomix, one of the authors of the mod was kind enough to create the "RAF" and the "SAS" sleeves on my request for the missions featuring Doyle in "United Offensive". It was always something that bugged me when I played the original, not having proper sleeves always removed the immersion for me, and he finally created the proper sleeves for the character. Big thanks.

This is a great mod. However, some gripes I have with it are:

A) Aesthetics:

1) The landscapes of the modded missions don't seem quite organic. The design and object placement seem clunky at times (especially early on in the campaign), and is indicative of a low-budget indie game rather than matching the effort made by Infinity Ward.

2) Some of the gun models are very pixelated and poorly designed.

3) Some of the gun sounds don't sound satisfying and/or the audio files are of poor quality. I would have preferred the original gun sounds for the weapons that are already in the game over the modded sounds.

4) No voice acting in the modded missions. Takes away from the immersion. Subtitles (with grammatical errors) coupled with an NPC's jaw movement without any sound coming out of their mouths are indicative of a low-budget production, and is inconsistent with the main game.

B) Mechanics

1) Aiming down the sight proves to be somewhat difficult at times when not all of the guns' sights are zeroed in properly. My bullets land off center from where my sight is aimed on; this bug is either trivial or drastic, depending on the weapon. Some of the weapons affected are: M1A1 Carbine, FG42, all deployable machineguns, and one of the Thompson SMGs (can't remember which one), etc...

2) The spawn points are absolutely ******. Not only do I absolutely hate the infinitely-spawning-enemies-unless-you-push-forward mechanic, but the enemies will pop out of areas that I had already cleared, and sometimes will appear out of oblivion only when the player model has turned his back towards the location cleared seconds prior to being attacked by these soldier-magicians. This really is an unrealistic and stupid mechanic and should be fixed.

Despite all the problems I have with it, it still is a satisfying mod to play; and makes want to play the mod from start to finish, perhaps once without the realism mod, and perhaps a playthrough with the realism mod. I don't see much replay value in this mod, though; and will remove it from my game files once I get tired of it.

I may add more issues to this list once I have played through the mod more thoroughly.

Overall, 7/10

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Even if there are some - smaller - bugs, this mod deserves nothing less than 10/10. The new models are beautiful, the maps are like coming from an official expansion pack and the whole thing is simply professional. I hardly wait the -next - update! Excellent work!

Jan 27 2017 by Thorir