Features list:

  • Mod is based on ioRTCW source port, which provides proper widescreen support, high quality sound engine and 64-bit systems support
  • Expanded arsenal
  • New HQ models for the vanilla weapons
  • HQ textures for the environment and characters, which are still faithfull to the original style and atmosphere
  • Atmospheric effects support - rain and snow
  • New inventory items - adrenaline and bandages
  • Real recoil system
  • New Enemy Types
  • Secret Areas Rewards system
  • Rebalanced weapons characteristics
  • Rebalanced AI
  • Overhauled sounds
  • New HUD and UI
  • New difficulty levels system+new difficulty level
  • Subtitles support
  • Restored cut content including training level and unused soundtrack
  • Enhanced modding capabilities
  • Bonus game modes
  • And more!
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addons improvements

RealRTCW 4.0:

RealRTCW 4.0

RealRTCW 4.0 Additional Languages Pack:

RealRTCW 4.0 - Additional Languages Pack

RealRTCW 4.0 Addon Pack:

RealRTCW 4.0 - Addon Pack

Hello RTCW community! What's up?

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of original RTCW release on Steam. And on this day we decided to unleash the new massive update for RealRTCW.

The main focus of RealRTCW 4.0 - is polishing, adding QOL features and fixing bugs. Where is it coming from?

3.0 versions showed their lack of stability when it comes to handling big addons like "The Victors" or "Enemy Territory: Single Player" - crashes, fps drops, overall instability.

With that in mind I decided to sit down and take a closer look at my work and see if I can optimize it to the max. So, what's new in 4.0?

New HUD, Improved Menus navigation

A new highly customizable HUD made by William_Faure is definitely a gem along 4.0 changes.

Health/Armor values can be displayed with bars/digits/both. Stamina bar, diary notifications, ammo and weapon iconcs can be removed entirely and separately!

In addition to the new HUD - I reorganized all menus to make them easier to navigate and change needed options. A lot of previously missing options were added too!


New Enemy Types

Exclusive console enemies - Occult Priests and X-Shepherds are making their entrance in RealRTCW 4.0.

Massive thanks to the Yoshik, Hellbaron, William_Faure and Eugeny for making it possible!

In addition to that Yoshik also provided a fantastic German Shepherd model - so prepare to meet those in the game too! New enemies are optional and can be turned off/on separately through the menu.


Rewards System for finding Secrets

Yet another part of missing console content is now available on PC.

Now, finding the secret areas is not entirely pointless. Because you will recieve specific set of rewards for finding ALL secrets on the specific level.

This includes weapons, ammo, armor, health and inventory items!

Rewards system is optional and can be turned off if you prefer classic PC experience.

shot0018 1

Further weapons visuals improvements

In RealRTCW 4.0 I decided to finalize all of my High Definition weapon models efforts.

All animations were revised and improved with many minor improvements and collision fixes.
A few animations were remade from scratch. Hands pose on all weapons was remade from total zero.

And some weapons like PPSH, TT33, Mosin and Snooper received new models.

You can look at the final result in the video below:

New pickup items models

99% of the pickup items models were replaced with new High Quality ones.

This includes food, ammo pouches and boxes and inventory items.

f 8806266a8f566381

Weapon Arsenal Types

You can now switch between three types of arsenal:

  • Classic - features only stock RTCW arsenal.
  • RealRTCW - features stock guns + all RealRTCW weapons. Default value.
  • RealRTCW+ET- adds Nade Launcher, Gas Grenade, Airstrike and Browning MG.

AI Reiforcements

Wanna spice it up with increased amount of enemies? Go ahead and try new "Additional enemies" option. You can set it to "more" or "even more" enemies values.

Expanded modding possibilities

In RealRTCW 4.0 I decided to make modding more accessible for the casual players.
Let's say, you don't like the balance. Maybe StG44 is too strong? Or lopers are too tough for your taste?

With the introduction of .weap and .aidefaults files - you can easily change weapon parameters and AI attributes by simply editing text files! No editing and compiling source code!

Take a peak into z_zzrealrtcw_scripts.pk3 and see by yourself! .pk3 can be opened with any .zip archiver.

In addition to that AI attributes like accuracy, health, reaction time, etc. are now randomized in certain range, depening on the difficulty level. So every walkthrough will be unique in a way. Ranges can be defined in .aidefaults as well.

Screenshot 1

New languages available! Improved localization system

In addition to the English and Russian versions - French and Ukrainian translations are now available!

All translations were made with the usage of improved key-value based system, which allows translators to easily translate the game by simply editing text files! All files what you need to localize are now located in z_realrtcw_localization.pk3

If you wanna translate RealRTCW to your language - go ahead and contact me if you need any help.

Important bug fixes

RealRTCW 4.0 fixed a whole heap of long-present bugs.
Just take a look at the list:

  • OpenAL lipsync improved. No more NPCs with chaotically flapping mounths.
  • A few compiler warnings fixed.
  • Prevent firing flamethrower and tesla in noclip or when leaning or when underwater.
  • Akimbo Colt muzzleflash is now working properly.
  • Wrong angle on deathcam fixed.
  • Stamina depletion rate is now independent from the max fps value.
  • Added clip check for the scoped weapons to prevent reloading with full clip.
  • Phantom weapon icons bug fixed. This allowed me to merge ETSP weapons into the main game.
  • Fixed health and armor bars getting out of their limits during overheal.
  • Fix low quality of the UI and levelshots on opengl1 renderer.
  • giveinventory script command now properly affects holdable items.
  • Added missing subtitles on tram and sfm levels.
  • Fixed very specific Dam crash.
  • Fixed a lot of signal 11 crashes. This one was an experience destroyer for many of ya.

And I guess this is it. There is still a few misc features I didn't mentioned. If you want - you can check out the full changelog on Steam Forums

RTCW Psycho

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 20th Anniversary Event Recap. Original RTCW Developers Interview

Return to Castle Wolfenstein 20th Anniversary Event Recap. Original RTCW Developers Interview

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Here is the short summary of Return to Castle Wolfenstein 20th Anniversary Event!

RealRTCW 3.3, Enemy Territory demo & more

RealRTCW 3.3, Enemy Territory demo & more

News 4 comments

Highlights of the RealRTCW 3.3 update and brief status report on upcoming addons.

RealRTCW 3.1 - Now Available!

RealRTCW 3.1 - Now Available!

News 9 comments

RealRTCW 3.1 is now available on both Steam and ModDB!

RealRTCW is coming to Steam!

RealRTCW is coming to Steam!

News 11 comments

News about upcoming Steam release and further mod expansion.

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RealRTCW 4.0

RealRTCW 4.0

Full Version 45 comments

Major update. Improved animations, new enemies, enhanced modding capabilities.

RealRTCW 4.0 - Additional Languages Pack

RealRTCW 4.0 - Additional Languages Pack

Language Pack

Includes Russian, French and Ukrainian languages



Full Version 149 comments

Major update including further polishing, improved controller support and weapon fire modes

RealRTCW 3.3 - Addons Pack (OUTDATED)

RealRTCW 3.3 - Addons Pack (OUTDATED)

Full Version 30 comments

Best community maps and campaigns adapted for RealRTCW 3.3

RealRTCW 3.3 - Russian Language Pack (OUTDATED)

RealRTCW 3.3 - Russian Language Pack (OUTDATED)

Patch 1 comment

Полный перевод мода включая текст,субтитры и звук.

RealRTCW 3.0 - Lite Edition (OUTDATED)

RealRTCW 3.0 - Lite Edition (OUTDATED)

Full Version 12 comments

Lite version of RealRTCW 3.0 - no addons, one HD pack.

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Привет, стим версия обновится?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WolfETPlayer Creator


Reply Good karma+2 votes

does this support the GoG version and windows 7? it crashes everytime i quick load

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
WolfETPlayer Creator

currently investigating win7 crashes

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I can see REALRTCW with coop option on steam but not when downloaded directly from MODDB. Can I add coop to realrtcw?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
WolfETPlayer Creator

Check addons section on moddb

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Привет Автор! Мод замечательный! Вы Большой Молодец! Не играл в прошлые версии, начал играть сразу после выхода 4.0 версии. Прошёл оригинал - остался крайне доволен) Большое Вам Спасибо! Теперь подумываю чтобы в скором времени пощупать аддоны.

По багам/ошибкам: в целом всё очень хорошо, но были нюансы.
1) Поставил фпс на уровне 144, показывает 160 обычно, но в некоторых местах почему-то падает до 50. Не знаю с чем связано.
2) Изредка бывали короткие фризы картинки с заиканием звука.
3) Два раза был мёртвый фриз, рандомный - не повторяется. Приложение перестало отвечать.
4) На уровне где будет Убер-солдат. Там в начале есть косяк со спавном противников. Стоит доп спавн врагов в настройках (больше врагов выбрано). Так вот. Открываю значит самую первую дверь, никого нет несколько секунд, а потом из воздуха появляются четверо солдат. Получается врасплох застают, внезапно появляются и атакуют. Думаю нужно этот момент сгладить, чтобы они сразу заспавнились при загрузке уровня за дверью. (Подтверждаю, в конце уровня после убийства Убер-солдата дверь не открывается из-за доп спавна и действительно только стоит убрать доп спавн в настройках, переиграть уровень и всё работает как надо).
5) Овчарка пока что слабее всех выглядит на фоне новых НПС. И анимация не очень, двигается нелепо, ИИ такой себе. Мне кажется она должна быть проворнее и быстрее.
6) Часто при загрузке сейва оружие в руках как-то криво отображается. То позиция меняется, то само оружие какое-то перекошенное. Бывает и вовсе не отображалось. Лечится сменой оружия.
7) Иногда бывает при перезарядке на некотором оружии анимация перезарядки не отображается, хотя звук перезарядки проигрывается и сама перезарядка осуществляется.
8) Был 1 рандомный вылет без каких либо окон на раб стол во время боя с Генрихом.

Игра лицензия Steam. Windows 10. Платформа АМД. Ryzen 5 2600x, Radeon RX590, 16 GB DDR4 3000MHz. Игра на обычном HDD стоит. Может посоветуете как лучше настроить игру мне. Но в целом очень играбельно даже при текущих настройках) заранее спасибо!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WolfETPlayer Creator

1. Счетчик фпс некорректно работает. С самим фпс всё ок.
4. Дверь с убер солдатом пофиксил буквально пару часов назад. Есть смысл перекачать архив с моддб.

В целом спасибо за подробный пост)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Вам спасибо! Автор, подскажите пожалуйста. Я начал пробовать аддоны. На них распространяются игровые настройки RealRTCW? Дополнительные враги, новые нпс и др.? Ну арсенал вроде действительно меняется. У меня стоит RealRTCW+ET в настройках и в общем-то я сразу получил новый пистолет и ппш в начале аддона The Rate Is More Than Life.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hello again, the 4.0 version is fantastic! The Tides of War enemies in addition to being able to increase enemy count adds a new layer of difficulty to the game, and the extended options for customization round out the mod very well. I've run into a bug, however. On the level Boss2, the Super Soldier boss has been killed, but the door he started in front of did not open, barring level progression. Is there a quick fix to this, or will it need to be addressed with a patch? Thanks again for bringing us a revitalized experience of the game!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
WolfETPlayer Creator

Hello! Yes, I am aware of boss2 bug. Will be fixed in the next hotfix update.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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