BRUTAL MINECRAFT (abbr.BM) - modification, developed on the engine, Doom-and. Mod different from any other style of game Minecraft.

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Ligmatism says

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Holy ****.


aarlog says

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The Occamy.C trojan is included in the mod, which allows a remote attacker to, among other things, infect your computer with ransomware should you decide to run the mod. Click this link for info on how Occamy.C works and how to remove it from your system.


bruhbruhbruh says

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I was going to play this but the EXE files delete themselves after running and everyone is screaming about it being a virus


Stanlyhalo says

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I can't get to the nether, cus in the city part, idk where to go, I get to the brokenish Safe Zone, but after that, theirs button to press that just drowns the player in a chamber that you can't get out of, theirs also 2 areas (one is a mansion, and the other is two symmetrical brick buildings with ghasts everywhere) that doesn't rlly have anything except for monsters, idk what to do, anyone who is seeing this and got past that, please tell me how to, also what are in the two areas. Also people are saying it's a trojan, so far, nothing has been wrong with my computer, and my antivirus says theirs no viruses on it.


wipoppimk4 says

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Great mod.
but, It's so hard.can you make more easy? just add double ammo options.

2020 / 03 / 10 Updated 9 → 5

I said Great Mod but, it's about to teach demo.
Gamebalance is Broken.
I tried The most Lowest Diffculty "Noob".
But, Too strong Enemys, Very weak Steve,
There is no ammos, Very easy to die.
So, I edited difficulty with slade. 5x Ammos,Fast Move Like Vanilla Doomguy,More Lower Enemy Health,and allow cheats.
but still Easy to Die.
because map is too large. and too many annoying Creeper traps.
Creeper Takes 30~100% Steve's Health.

But, if you still want to play this TC, You must edit mapinfo text with slade, and download AutoSaveAddon.


johanneszoeller says

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thanks for the trojan


Firemaker125 says

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This mod contains a trojan, for the love of god don't download.


sweetgeneral1234 says

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I'm amazed.

Through a sheer outpour of effort and an understanding of its source materials, Brutal Minecraft, as a fangame, elevates itself to a product way more than the sum of its parts.

While it's still riddled with balance issues (I will see those Creepers in my nightmares) and a few bugs keeping this from a 10, Brutal Minecraft is a surreal experience that *works* way better than it has any right to.

Please play this. Tweak the settings to alleviate some graphical weirdness and set the controls up, open your mind and let the madness in. Through the veneer of what could easily have been a phoned-in meme for easy clout, there's genuine fun to be had. It's an homage to how far gaming has come, a delightful fusion of old and new.

Just play it on Easy until its balance is fixed. We are still in beta after all.

(As for the virus complaints: I scanned it with Malwarebytes, and the only complaint was an Anomalous.100% detection, which is just because Malwarebytes doesn't recognize it as it's not fairly well-known. Keep your pants on.)


azino777 says

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I love Doom.
I love Minecraft.
That's all, folks.


bspri says

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Multiple trojans

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Holy shit.

Mar 30 2018 by Ligmatism