- Weapons and Monsters to match different types of players and wads whether brutal or vanilla -
The updates appear when I have new ideas.
T64 Doomguy

T64 Ultimate Pack 2b

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••• Updates •••

- T64 Weapons, GZDoom 4.5 Patch, Tactical Mod, Hud and Monsters •• Update 10/03/2024 :

T64 - Weapons :

  • Ultimate Clean Load : No more "Script Warning Error" on load screen using all main "T64 files".
  • New weapons (Need T64-Tactical Mod) :
    Double Super Shotgun.
    AR-70 is now playable! (Need T64 - Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch))
    Double RC-P90.
    Quad Rocket Launcher.
    Mag 60.
    Super Dragon.
  • Buff damage for Pronton Cannon skull attack : Now have level upgrade with Runes.
  • CC40 can dual without Runes (for Tactical Class only).
  • All weapons, weapons with full upgrades and all classes can activate Battle Drone.

T64 - Weapons GZDoom 4.5 Patch :

  • Updated options menu for easy access.
  • Added important buttons to configure.
  • Added a option to avoid game freezing when upgrading a weapon.
  • Added a option for T64-Tactical Class mod.
  • Added Marine Elite : More powerful and deadly than normal marine (Only available with the use of T64 Monsters).
  • Updated file to "Ultimate Clean Load" using all main "T-64 files".

T64 - Tactical Mod :

  • Rearranged weapon classes : Some weapons will be part of another class and new weapons will appear.
  • Added new Player Class Standard.
  • Added new Player Class Full.
  • Added new Player Class Brutal.

T64 - Hud :

  • Updated info for the new weapons.

T64 - Monsters :

  • Added new monsters.

- Previous Updates -

- T64 Weapons GZDoom 4.5 Patch, Tactical Mod, T64 Weapons and T64 Hud •• Update 18/11/2023 :

T64 Weapons GZDoom 4.5 Patch :

  • Added new options menu.
  • Some maps use voxels which can cause graphical errors and the option to disable them has been added.
  • GZDoom 4.11.0 removed some map light options and now these options can be used again.
  • Tonemap options added if it is also removed.

Tactical Mod :

  • Added new Player Class Doom Eternal.
  • Added new Player Class Arm Cannon.
  • Added new Player Class Rapid Fire.
  • Added new Player Class Power.

T64 Weapons and T64 Hud :

  • Updated info for the new Player Classes.


- Videos -

T64 Weapons Part 1 :

Doom, Doom 2, Weapons, Mod, Gzdoom, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark,Timesplitters, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal, Call Of Duty, Counter Strike, Turok, Turok 2, Turok 3, Doom 64, Borderlands, Star Wars, Serious Sam, Custom Monsters,Brutal,Hud.

T64 Weapons Part 2 :

Added more prints with some of the best mods see "images".

T64 vs Doom: The Golden Souls 2 :

A small demonstration of the T64 package with the well-known Doom: The Golden Souls 2 !!

>>>>>Patch is need to work !!!<<<<<

T64 vs Super Gore Nest Arena (Doom Forever Version) :

Monsters and Weapons in Action

• Doom Forever : Doom Forever : T.U.C

T64 Making a safe area :

Using a combination of weapons and allies you can create a good area to defend and attack.

T64 vs Star Wars :

The T64 weapons are quite varied that can even be combined with Star Wars mods!

• T64 Star Wars OST : T64 Star Wars OST - Simple Music Pack + Alternative Screen Ending

T64 vs Diabolus Ex :

Good weapons combine with great scenarios!

T64 vs Total Chaos : (Old Test)

This makes the game like Resident Evil 2 : The 4th Survivor.

T64 More Support vs Aliens Eradication 

Digiclone, Napalm Robot and Transformer Vulcan + T64 Health Regenerator

>>>>>Need Patch<<<<<
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T64   Weapons

T64 Weapons

Full Version 26 comments

•• T64 Weapons is the final part of this Ultimate Pack ••

T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch)

T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch)

Patch 7 comments

This file adust the size of menus giving a new appearance for GZDoom 4.5 and it also has a bonus that brings new modes !!

T64  Weapons Tactical Mod

T64 Weapons Tactical Mod


This small file will force you to make choices between the weapons you should carry.



Full Version 5 comments

•• T64 Hud for T64 Weapons but can be use separately ••

T64   Monsters

T64 Monsters

Full Version 7 comments

•• This Monster Pack is for T64 Weapons, list in description ••

T64 Monsters Gore Cleaner and Remover

T64 Monsters Gore Cleaner and Remover


Two files that help recover some FPS/reduce lag for T64 Monsters and T64 Weapons.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 31)
riddim-glitch - - 1 comments

I tried launching the game with all the mods you listed, but I got a bunch of missing file errors. I've left my terminal output in this pastebin if anyone is able to help me figure this one out.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TerminatorT64 Creator
TerminatorT64 - - 45 comments

Cause of possible errors :

1 - The T64 files have been updated recently, you may need to update your files (T64 Weapons, GZDoom 4.5 Patch, Tactical, HUD and Monsters).

2 - T64 Monsters Gore Cleaner and Remover : Do not use both files at the same time.

3 - Minimum GZDoom is 4.5

4 - Previous save files maybe not compatible

5 - Follow correctly the RESUME LOAD ORDER (inside .txt file or on page download of T64 Weapons).

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 689,348 comments

This looks promising! I'm trying this now!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,110 comments

This mod has such amazing features . Awesome sound , animations and so on . Only reason I won't use it more often is the weapon sprites . They don't fit together imo . Maybe it's just me .

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TerminatorT64 Creator
TerminatorT64 - - 45 comments

Try the new Tactical Player Class on Tactical Mod. The number of usable weapons and random spawners is quite reduced.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
DoomQuake95 - - 7 comments

I cannot believe I haven't heard of this until now. This looks AWESOME!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
StarmantheBlaziken - - 116 comments

Took a recent big jab at the latest version of the mod with a stylized mapset and luckily managed to get my hands on a Portable Laser for the Plasma Pistol on a secret map from an upgrader drone. I just need to ask something though...

Is the Portable Laser supposed to be as good as it is, no ammo needed with the alt fire capable even though witling, can cheese any boss fight and other annoying enemy encounters by 100% stun locking them to death with that weapon alone?

Editing in a side note, unlike all other spheres, invuln spheres appear smaller and never move from their position especially if lowering a floor or spawning in the air, left stuck. The weapon they spawn is fine though, just not the sphere itself.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TerminatorT64 Creator
TerminatorT64 - - 45 comments

1- Yes, it can paralyze anyone but it does less damage than the primary shot and is better in 1v1 battles because there are better weapons to fight hordes of enemies.

2- Decreased the size of the sphere so as not to cover the weapon that appears with it and is made to appear on the ground and not in the air. It is one of the best spheres that makes you invincible, if you use the T-64 Hud you will see the duration time.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
StarmantheBlaziken - - 116 comments

I do not think you get the main issues I am bring up with those two things.

The PL's problem is a general "Why use anything else that uses ammo when I can stun this tough and challenging enemy to death with ease?" with no stun 'sickness' and/or certain enemy type resistance/immunity. And like I said, everything, even bosses are reduced threats when you can hide and take them down one by one with the alt over using any other actual weapon assuming you are in the right situation to end up using the weapon to cheese the last targets.

The invuln sphere is not affected at all by gravity and stays in place no matter what level is supposed to do like any other object in Doom, so there are times I cannot grab it at all unless I cheat to fly or noclip to grab it (even with jump disabled in maps).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TerminatorT64 Creator
TerminatorT64 - - 45 comments

Yes i understood what you said, is that so far i haven't played any map where the invincibility sphere appears in the air. About the laser I saw in the original game (Perfect Dark) and it has a very small range but at the time I didn't want to use it... with that I'll see what I can do with the sphere and the laser but don't expect a big nerf on it because Doom's enemies are much stronger than Perfect Dark's.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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