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This is a STAND ALONE mod that merges Brutal Doom's modern gameplay with many new features that will make it closer to a survival game: scarcer ammo drops, bleeding wounds that you can actively treat, Inventory items that can be used to help you in your mission, and randomized monsters and item spawning. Also new weapons, new monsters, new 2D sprites, and new difficulty settings and player classes to tailor the game experience to your personal tastes. In the future I also plan to add a crafting system and other features, based on your feedback, so please give this mod a look so I can improve it, and also improve myself as a first-time noob modder!

Brutal BOOF (Survival Gameplay)

Some pretty good first impressions from this meta-mod so far, seeing a lot of potential with this. Here's some feedback and general notes I thought while giving it a run: (playing on lone marine difficulty for reference).

- Really liking the lack of ammo and health. I like survival horror vibes of having to scrape by with whatever you can find and leaving the player vulnerable.
- Magnum is great, feels really good to use.
- Damage taken from monsters feels just about right. Not too punishing but just enough to kill you quick if you aren't paying attention.
- Some monsters feel just a tad bit spongy, particularly the dark imps and majors can really eat up your ammo when you're still scraping by in the early game (I did seem to have these enemies spawn for me fairly often).
- I like the bleeding system, would like a class that bleeds more often like the Survivalist, but had a starting weapon of some sort. Some maps are really rough to start without a weapon since melee is very weak (I don't have a problem with melee being weak, though).

I have to say I'm a fan of this so far. It feels like a much more fleshed out tactical mode from brutal doom, and I'd like to see where you take it from here.

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Grey-Wolf Author

Hello there! I'm very glad you liked the general idea, and yes, there's still a lot of polishing, balancing and bugfixing to do.

-I agree with you on dark imps being a little too tanky. I wanted some of them (specifically nether and void imps)to be tanky (think of them as some kind of miniboss), but I guess I could cut some health from them.
-Most maps on the vanilla doom games and many map packs are designed to be played from pistol start, and this is how the idea of the random partial equipment loss came to me. Yeah, some STARTING maps can be very hard to play from melee (E3M1 for example), but I never got completely stuck because of it. Melee is actually pretty versatile if you use it right, and can stunlock most of weaker enemies. you can also press "USE" on downed enemies to instakill them and steal their weapons.
I COULD create another player class similar to the survivalist but with some starting weapon, but I think it would be a bit too redundant...

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Yeah, I'm actually liking it a lot as well.

I think my only complaint is that the gear loss is kind of steep right now, unless I got unlucky. Items that help reduce the chance would be nice, like maybe holsters, tactical vest, bags, cases, etc. Just some way to eventually control it a bit. Weapon drops and stuff are usually pretty redundant in any mapset, though, too.

Also, the more items the better! I love scavenging.

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Grey-Wolf Author

You probably got very unlucky. I often happen to change map and only lose a weapon or ammo type, or even nothing, finding myself to think "wait did I mess some script up or something?". Those items you mentioned are an interesting idea, but for now my attention is focused on the crafting system and polishing the problems still present in the mod. Thanks for your feedback!

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Grey-Wolf Author

Since I got permission from SGT_Mark IV himself, I'm moving this from "addons" to the "Mods" section, come find me find me there!

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I think a realistic reloading(for all magazine-based guns and revolver) would fit this mod properly

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Grey-Wolf Author

I actually wanted to add that! But some friends of mine said that would be too frustrating. Add this as a suggestion in the forum section:


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berserk wont let me chose other weapons and the monsters in dec format dont work and gzdoom says its a "unknow actor" sorry for broken english

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