I am fuckng bored to be waiting,the danm mod called blue shift reassigment,so i do this fucking mod

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A stolen collection of other people's work packed together. Only wish I could rate Zero.



A collection of stolen materials.

Another stolen pack for Half Life... Blue Shift?

Oh dear god, just because the creator can't wait for Blue Shift- Reassignment so he decided to steal models from FPS banana? What the hell? This is my comment to the creator for this mod, the others ugly skin packs are: Too many, go look my review that's all.

Okay, the review:
Just a ton of stolen models, again... also a pack that will got the game get nicked for sure. I just give a one for it, just an epic fail. EPIC FAIL.


Not Working at all.

Still cool!

meh...not much to say


Cpl. William says


Räven_Åback says

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