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BFHD is a multiplayer focused game!


Classic BF2 Vanilla feel, but now with realistic HD look, increased immersion and replaced the crappy infantry game play for a realistic 2018 model. Which for me, was the only thing that always sucked in BF2.

RBE 2.0

Real Ballistic Environment 2.0, now includes:

  • Full real damage model based on each weapon and projectile true ballistic energy
  • Each weapon have it's real projectile with respective real mass and aerodynamic coefficient
  • Every weapon has it's real bullet trajectory, with true initial speed and same air resistance model used in the army calculated through advanced Ruge Kutta algorithm using real ballistic values for each weapon

Vanilla Sky 2.5

More detailed Higher resolution clouds, some new HDR sky models, added Vanilla Sky for Karkand and HD storm environment for Harvest. HD Sky, clouds and sunflare in all maps.

2K HD terrain for all maps

Including all rocks, grass, gravel, dirt, sand and also all the roads.

ALL NEW Cinematic 4K Hollywood effects

  • Every effect is new, particles, smokes, fires, blood, explosions, etc..
  • Made from the ground with 4k cinema footage and new tweak files.

New HD Water & Water Effects

3 New Remastered maps added , now with 17 classic fully remastered maps!

Myanmar, Smoke Screen, Blue Pearl

Ground Vegetation (undergrowth) Re-Work for all maps

All maps have real immersive ground vegetation rework, the most tropical or wild ones received all new HD undergrowth made from the ground with new custom HD textures and models for grass, bushes, dead sticks, leaves, flowers, palms and tropical plants.

HD Soldiers, Pilots and kits Re-texture including new HD OS Normal Maps

Even the kits received more advanced ray-traced Object Space normal maps.

All New weapons and weapons effects, sounds & animations

  • HD 3D models, animations, sound effects, muzzle, tracer and explosion effects, amazing animations by Develop 013 and HD stereo sound effects from Dice.
  • All the weapons are similar to the replaced vanilla ones in style / efficiency but with more types of custom silenced pistols, and custom Sniper rifles that I made.
  • 2018 updated look and feel with 3D scopes and lots of real iluminated RGB HDR sights, even at some of the pistols.

Amazing single players experience

Extensively tested and reviewed, all the maps have 64 player areas and epic 64 players game modes now!

(Edit) - For that, Grappling hook and zip line must be removed from the kits, otherwise it's unstable and sux

Optimized performance + Stable multiplayer server compatible

  • Hours of testing, with lots of fixes, every new weapon received LODs for optimal multiplayer experience, performance was tweaked in every map and vegetation, DXT5 files without alpha channel were converted to smaller DXT1 format without quality loss (for less memmory usage).
  • Codes, useless folders and files were cleaned up. Total full game size of only 6.8GB using 1.7GB of ram (needs 1.5GB+ videocard)

New Custom more immersive HD simplistic and functional HUD

For Wide screen monitors and higher resolution displays, with updated modern look.

Custom Reshade 3.0 Remastered Post processing effects

With custom, godrays, HDR, bloom, luma sharpen, vignette, technicolor, SMAA and clarity effects

Official FB page

Download Now!

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 /8/8.1 or 10
  • 7GB space


  • Dual Core CPU 2.8GHz (Core i3 / AMD Athlon II)
  • 4GB RAM DDR2+
  • 1.5GB Dedicated video memory (Nvidia GTX 650Ti 2GB / R7 250 2GB)


  • Quad Core CPU 3.0Ghz (Core i5 / phenom II 955 @3.6Ghz)
  • 6-8GB Ram DDR3+
  • 2GB Dedicated video card ( Nvidia 1050/ RX 560)

Please Donate for further development.

Donate Here


EA + DICE + Trauma Studios

  • Ponyssaurus Rex + Develop 013 (Base Weapon Models)
  • Sgt. Prof. (first Sky image samples of what would become Vanilla Sky 2.0C Release)
  • LT. Fred / Jeremy - worked together in the terrain textures development and fixed AH6 AI for me.
  • Digital Assassins and MasterChiefRulZ (Some of the base diffuse textures used on the Remastered 1P hands)
  • Nick Stathakis - HD Mosque and Fountain
  • Crosire/Reshade - Base Reshade model used
  • Phale & Emiliomau for helping understanding some of the 3dmax hierarchy problems
  • Harmonikater - Amazing updated 3DMax 2017 tool
  • Intro Video by ActioNx Team
  • Peter Vee - Base 4k Explosion footage
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BFHD Remastered3 PRO II - PatchF

Added to the mix a lot of mesh fixes, new remastered fast attack vehicles, improved effects and sounds and you have the largest step in the infantry and weapons since the beginning of the Battlefield Remastered series. Now it's also SP and MP crash free.

Now BFHD infantry has more than its own realistic damage and ballistic environment (R.B.E.) but now also has its own realistic weapons and sights base pack.

All the new content uses the most advanced physical PBR ray traced techniques.

BF2 2018 10 23 22 45 17

Improvements, fixes and new content

11 New 2019 3D scopes and sights: Elcan Specter, Barska RDS, Trijicon Acog Variations, Eotech Holo, Valdada Pitbull, Night Force Tactical, +3 Russian military scope prototypes.

16 New weapons available: M24 Night Force, SVD PRO, M14EBR PRO (long range scope), M14EBR-Elcan, M164A4 Acog, AK47 RDS, Imbel IA2, Russian made RPK by booly (iron sight), VSS Vintorez, AN-94 Abakan (LI-291 Prototype), Scar-H Elcan, M4 RDS, HK416 Eotech, UMP45 Eotech, Scar-HSV Acog and more...

BFHD own CH and MEC FAV Paratrooper vehicle, custom made from the scratch. Low poly for performance, but using latest and most advanced texture baking techniques. Full Physics based materials, procedurally rendered with raytraced Arnold and Blender Cycles using principled/Pixar PBR shaders.

All new redesigned w/ 1 pixel precision reticles and sights, lots of new realistic HDR 32-bit illuminated reticles, new 3D crosshairs and also all the old reticles, which still in use, were improved/re-worked with better resolution, precision and detail while maintaining the average texture size (as in M145, Prisma, PKAS).

3 new Infantry Maps with fast vehicles (16-30 players) game modes: Harvest Bridge, Kubra Fall and Wake Island Airfield Supremacy.

More detailed photorealistic Spec/Gloss and reflectivity maps for all the weapons! That brings graphic improvements and more realism. (Thanks to Demon from Pripyat for helping with the last missing ones).

Remastered DPV US/EU Fast Attack Vehicle, with 3 texture variations, custom made from BF4 DPV base model.

Improved and optimized Effects - lots of releases without going back to that dark place, so it was time. Better explosions, more sparks, debris, better timing and animation, more optimized performance (40MB less usage of video memory by sharing huge textures that were identical but with different names (sorry, my bad).

8 New Optic Lenses all Ray-traced generated, including polarized ones.

New smoke grenade effect, that is much more efficient and realistic.

Improved Tracers for all weapons, it’s now more visible and now all accordingly to the projectile size and speed. There are also some improved trail and tracer effects, for sniper rifles.

Go back on Recoil added to all single fire weapons to make more realistic recoil because of the gravity and mass of the weapon.

Muzzle Flash is now present in all weapons while aiming, with a more realistic and pleasant feel while firing. Also, the muzzle flash position in all weapons that were misaligned is now fixed.

Improved Sounds, all the impact sounds were improved to be heard from higher distances and a bit louder but also with better variation between the 3D sound radius, giving a more immersive and realistic sound experience. New Ricochets sounds with more types and variations. Special thanks to the Project Reality, which have been enhancing this immersive sound part for years and gave me some base and material to study and make a custom BFHD sound. I also borrowed the ricochets sounds and that's the only thing I've ever used or asked, so credits are given and I hope you guys don't mind, also Project Reality is the only game free to use anything they want from my game, just give credits, as I'm doing).

Improved 1P Hands/Arms textures and UV-MAP (all of them).

Fixed tons of weapons meshs and also all the vanilla stationary weapons that were defaulting to LOD1 since a 14 Y.O. bug (make them look like shit this whole period, with a much better geometry already loaded in memory).

Lots of optimizations and bug fixes, redundancies removed better n more optimized geometries.

Fixed weapons disappearing after 80m and re-worked all weapons LODs geometry and codes, also lots of UVMaps were welded, bringing more efficient use of the resources and needing less computational power.

Those optimizations were responsible for bringing all the new content and improvements without changing the game size or using more memory.

Re-Worked Wake Island map 2019.

Most of the weapons received new HD icons, some of them PBR rendered on Arnold.

New HD 2K mini maps for Wake Island, Kubra DAM and Operation Harvest.

Grass and Particles shaders updated from Pixel Shader 1.3 to Pixel Shader 1.4

Better Hit detection.

Improved Fast Attack Vehicles physics, handling, power, torque and gear ratio bringing much more fun to the driving experience, now it feels like a rally war game as well, Fast Attack vehicles are now a bit faster but drifting and knowing how to drive in real live are requirements, remember that handling on dirt, mud, sand, grass, gravel and tarmac are different.

I don't know how I've remembered most of it, it's an 1 year work for Patch F, there is some more stuff that I don't remember but most of it is surprisingly there, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Please donate to keep this project alive

Donate Here

BF2 2018 12 11 23 01 06

BFHDSP 2018 12 12 21 51 23

BFHDSP 2018 12 15 01 01 57

BF2 2018 11 11 22 00 42

FAV goes to the clinic

FAV goes to the clinic

News 7 comments

Vintage mid 90's Fast Attack Vehicle full restoration process using latest available 3D techniques.

BFHD PRO II - Patch D Released!

BFHD PRO II - Patch D Released!

News 8 comments

Patch D - Released This is a huge Leap for BFHD, huge performance and SP stability increase, with much less RAM usage and with 2 new amazing maps.



News 18 comments

BFHD Remastered3 PRO II - PatchC NEW! Fixed Rank and Unlocks system New Account and login manager without the need for third-party launcher or apps. Improvements...

This Week In Mods: December 1 2017

This Week In Mods: December 1 2017

Feature 6 comments

The biggest mod stories for the week of December 1, 2017.

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BFHD PRO Vanilla Legacy Map Pack

BFHD PRO Vanilla Legacy Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 4 comments

Old vanilla BF2 maps for BFHD PRO, now people with very weak computers can also join the BFHD unified platform.

BFHD PRO II (Patch F) server Files

BFHD PRO II (Patch F) server Files

Server 7 comments

Those are the server files. for Remastered 3.0F (PRO II)

BFHD Remastered 3.0F PRO II Ultimate - Full B

BFHD Remastered 3.0F PRO II Ultimate - Full B

Full Version 199 comments

Please do not Re-Upload! Download and Go Go Go! There is 2 official SA Ranked servers already (with a 220 ping limit) but probably there will be NA and...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 441)

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Is it possible to get maps from other mods (POE2, AIX, NAW, and Special Forces) into BF2HD? The group I play with enjoys the physics and gun play of BF2HD but is longing for some of the maps from those mods. I tried using the BF2Editor but it crashes each time I launch it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
B4RR3l Creator

should be compatible with anything as BF2 Vanilla

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I've only tried AIX; I installed the mod against my BFHD folder but it crashes as soon as I start to load into a map (I'm creating a local network server to test with). What I'm asking is how would I go about exporting maps from these mods and putting them into BFHD? I don't want to use their weapon system and vehicles, just their map layouts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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is there a way to get special forces free, because i cant get onto server that have those maps

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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It seems that using mods is not doable. It crashes whenever I try to load into a map. Any fix?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
B4RR3l Creator

most of the mods works out of the box, its back compatible with vanilla BF2 1.50

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This is Battlefield 2 like you have never experienced it before! If you are like me, and most other people, vanilla BF2 infantry gameplay has always felt lackluster, and left a lot more to be desired. The weapons in regular Battlefield 2 always had almost no recoil, or the bullets deviate all over the place. This always resulted in sloppy gunplay. Well, this conversion brings not only better infantry combat, and better weapon and bullet dynamics, but it also visually exceeds in stunning detail…

Dec 30 2017 by Anthony817

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