This mod works with Planetary Annihilation: TITANS. It introduces a number of new personalities for the vanilla AI, based off the Absurd difficulty level. Many of the personalities will work with faction mods such as Legion. Installing the Queller AI will not interfere with this mod.


You should download and install this mod via the Planetary Annihilation: TITANS in-game Community Mods.

If you are using PAMM you will need to download this mod from GitHub.



  • More willing to attack.
  • Less likely to retreat.


  • Focuses almost exclusively on air.

All Terrain

  • Prefers to use amphibious units.
  • Prefers to use hover units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Mix of land and naval.


  • Prefers to use assault units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Likes to use static artillery.
  • Likes to use Catapults.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Likes to use a lot of Booms.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Focuses almost exclusively on bots.


  • Requires better odds before attacking.
  • More likely to retreat.


  • Prefers non-factory structures.


  • Tries to ensure a smooth running economy.


  • Uses more basic fabbers.

Fast Tech

  • Techs to T2 as quickly as possible.


  • Likes to build defences.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Uses the Galactic War Foundation boss personality.


  • Prefers to use armoured units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Prefers to used armoured units on land.
  • Prefers to use long-range units on land.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Focuses almost exclusively on land units.

Legonis Machina

  • Uses the Galactic War Legonis Machina boss personality.

Low Tech

  • Remains at T1 for longer.


  • Prefers units used at the top of the ladder.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Focuses more heavily on naval.


  • Likes to build nukes.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Puts more emphasis on an orbital presence.


  • Picks a random personality.


  • Prefers to use fast units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Uses the Galactic War Revenants boss personality.


  • Focuses on T1 and bots.
  • More likely to attack.
  • Less likely to retreat.


  • Prefers to use long-range units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Prefers factories over other structures.


  • Uses the Galactic War Synchronous boss personality.


  • Prefers bots.
  • Prefers to use tactical missile units.
  • Does not support factions.


  • Focuses almost exclusively on vehicles.


  • Favours a much higher ratio of fabbers to factories.
  • Requires vastly superior numbers before attacking.
  • Far more likely to retreat.


Please help translate AI Personalities to your local language.


Q. Can I use these personalities with lower difficulties?
A. No. In game terms all the difficulty levels are in fact personalities. These personalities are modifications of the Absurd personality.

Q. Can I use an AI mod like Queller?
A. Yes, though these personalities will use the vanilla brain rather than Queller. The two mods will not interfere with one another.

Q. Does this replace Queller?
A. No, this is completely separate. It's simply a way for you to better tailor your experience with the vanilla AI. It also works with PA Classic, which Queller does not.

Q. Will this work in multiplayer?
A. Yes.

Q. Does this affect Galactic War?
A. No. Use the Galactic War AI Overhaul mod for that.

Q. How can I provide feedback?
A. Please use this thread.

Incompatible mods

I'm not aware of any.

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Version 2.2.0 released

  • Fixed certain personalities causing faction AIs to try to build things they could not
  • Fixed Stinger builds not working when AI Bugfixes and Enhancements mod was not present
  • Personalities which don't work with other factions now marked MLA
  • AIP-Random excludes MLA personalities if the AI is using a Legion or Bugs commander
Version 2.1.0 released

Version 2.1.0 released


Updated Meta AI, tweaks to personalities, and removal of buggy features

Version 2.0.0 released

Version 2.0.0 released


Adds 12 new personalities, all with AI brain modifications.

Version 1.5.0 released

Version 1.5.0 released


Adjustments to some personalities to make them stronger along with translation updates

Version 1.4.0 released

Version 1.4.0 released


Seven new personalities added, with Galactic War replaced by four of them

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