Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of Game of Thrones.

A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings, lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

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A World of Ice and Fire 3.5

Hotfix added. You only need to install this if you installed the main file BEFORE this patch was released. I updated the main file with the fixes.

A World of Ice and Fire v3.5 hotfix (to v3.6)


Base attribute needed for inventory management has been changed to strength instead of intelligence.
Adjusted map icon textures. They now look a little more vibrant.
Adjusted many map icon positions and centralised the flags.
Adjusted parts of the campaign map.
Added new banner shaders.
Added More cheat options:

  • Right to Rule
  • Lower Reputation
  • Reset Messenger System
  • Switch to land consequence
  • Plus some others

Standardised text colours when recruiting npc's.
Added healer to Ashefa Athaozar.
Weeping Town is now correctly accessible from the sea.
Adjusted map sea ai. This fixes issues where ships would get stuck around Sunspear when the player owned Ashefa Athaozar or other places lords would get stuck going back and forth between the same port.
Adjusted Westeros bandit parties.
Adjusted Westerosi bandit party spawn points.
Added several of the northern mountain clans.
Added more wildling raiding parties north of the wall.
Buffed giants, they should be able to take quite a few more arrows to the head.
Storms End is now a Town.
Added the town of Lordsport
Pyke is now a castle.
Added new troop tree for Qohor.
Slightly modified various other troops trees in Essos.
Added 6 new castles to Essos.
Added 6 new villages to Essos.
Removed being able to exit the citadel via the door which removes the re-spawn bug.
Maesters now send ravens instead of tavern keepers.
Consolidated Nights Watch and Free Folk patrol parties. This should make the quests related to these a bit more transparent.
Joining the Nights Watch will join you as a soldier now instead of a vassal.
Stream lined the mine menus and fixed being able to put lords here - this could end up causing clones.
Added more text to show info about the religions in all locations.
Changed gear for Tyrion.
Varys should keep his attire when meeting behind the Great Sept.
Added an option to disable shot distance reports.
Added separate options to change the damage dealt and received from all hero units (lords and companions) (patreon pledge feature request).
The campaign type in the options menu should now display if you are playing static mode or not.
You can now acquire a dog. (patreon pledge request)
Various changes to AI in battles. This should make battles a bit less static, especially when in freelancer.
Updated poem names.
Updated all troop stats.
Slightly adjusted Dornish troops.
Adjusted various troop ages.
Balon Swann is now part of the Stormlands.
Increased Stannis Baratheons starting renown.
You should no longer get ambushed whilst entrenched.
Added White Harbour Knights to Lord Wyman Manderlys party.
Removed Dawn from Edric Dayne.
Added new player banners.
Changed Dothraki kingdom banner.
Added 13 new noble clothes created by Kraggrim.
Added some more LOD improvements from Marshal_157
Adjusted Pentoshi troop stats.
Sand Warrior now has a spear instead of a lance.
The lair weaponsmith can now refine weapons.
Removed knight banners from merchants and added them to faction blacksmiths.
All Arakhs can block.
Gave Dornish troops shields.
Settlement whores now have hair.
Added secret chest to Starfall.
Added secret chest to King's Landing.
Added Tyrell House Guards to Highgarden and Mace's parties.
Whitewalker and Wight parties can no longer use the sea.
Some bows are less shiny.
Added a warning of the penalties when killing a lord.
Added a new event and scenes for the Twins.
Slightly adjusted economy.
Adjusted The Lands of Always Winter quest.
Added Quest 'Mutiny at Craster's Keep'.
Added and adjusted horse archer code from 1257AD.
Increased Dothraki numbers.
Added 4x extra harbours.
Added updated Spanish translation from Boalmo & Kokemen.
Adjusted Roslin Freys age.

Added rumours from VC to travellers.
Added bards playing poems to ladies from VC.
Updated all whore and religious troop dialogues to stop being able to gain moral over and over, plus some others.
Updated all lair dialogue triggers so you can now request services more than once.
Changed Riverlander Lords bow.
Added new loot code from Rubik and Tingyun.


Moved archers in Riverrun siege scene that could not be reached. Plus fixed mesh issues.
Adjusted/Added ai mesh and terrain at The Twins.
Gave Chroyane the correct terrain code.
Updated Taelon village and fixed spawn point issues when attacking or defending the village.
Fixed some AI mesh issues in Oldtown.
Created 1x Essosi castle.
Created 1x Essosi village.
Fixed some issues with Kings Landing great hall scene. Ty ahseph.
Fixed archer entry points at Cerwyn castle.
Updated Storms End scenes.
Fixed issue with beach ambush scene.
Fixed Stoney Sept banners in keep.
Slightly adjusted Stoney Sept scene.
Fixed entry point when exiting the prison at White Harbour.
Fixed Ashford keep banners.
Kings Landing will now always display the correct flag.
Improved pathing in Pentos.
Improved siege ladder positions in Duskendale.
Improved Casterley Rock scene including siege Ai.
Added Crasters Keep scene.

Added AI mesh to Lorath arena scene.


Adjusted weight of the Lannister Heater Shield.
Fixed incorrect resistance on kite shield.
Fixed double messages showing when either your son or daughter join your party.
Fixed issues with Sylva's dialogue when recruiting her.
Fixed incorrect prices sometimes being shown when hiring companions.
Fixed some broken animations and red text errors when entering inns or the arena.
Fixed instruments not increasing stats.
Fixed standards and crowns not increasing tactics skill.
Fixed incorrect text error when upgrading your settlement for a second time. You now correctly need 11 pallets of timber.
Fixed issues with rain sounds.
Plundered castles or towns should now have the fire extinguished correctly after a few days.
Fixed some issues related to player culture. ie, player lords not recruiting.
Mag Mar Tun Doh Weg no longer shows up in tournaments.
Mya Stone now likes the correct companion.
Fixed border incidents sometimes showing 'no faction' if Taelon was the target village.
Mercs you have assigned to lead parties should correctly use ships when on sea.
Fixed banner_a15 mesh error.
Fixed some string errors.
Fixed some factions showing Neutral in the troop tree presentation.
Fixed an issue with rebellions.
Fixed various issues with diplomacy.
Fixed incorrect religion statements in towns/castles/village menus.
Adjusted religion code to fix some issues relating to this.
Fixed a few LOD issues with wildling gear.
Removed Ser Vortimer Crane double.
Fixed some issues with ambushing parties.
Ellaria Sand now has the correct spouse.
Fixed not getting the troops you paid for when hiring from a town you own.
Adjusted opening text and fixed typos.
Fixed maester not appearing in the Eyrie halls.
Fixed proficiencies sometimes being lowered permanently after battles.
Fixed incorrect naming of some axes.
All Arakhs now swing the correct way.
Fixed sold prisoners to wandering crows not going to the correct party.
Fixed men falling unconscious on the cog ship.

Fixed pretender dialogue.
Plus much more not mentioned.

Some new noble attire

Finally some new player banners.

One of the new scenes.

Official mod forums:


Twitter: @therealproduno

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0 Release

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0 Release

News 18 comments

Release information for A World of Ice and Fire 3.0.

Progress Report

Progress Report

News 9 comments

Progress report and information regarding A World of Ice and Fire modification.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Release

A World of Ice and Fire 2.0 Release

News 53 comments

Information regarding the release of A World of Ice and Fire 2.0.

A World of Ice and Fire v2.0 Information

A World of Ice and Fire v2.0 Information

News 54 comments

You all keep asking me for information on the release of the next big update A World of Ice and Fire 2.0, so here it is.

RSS Files
AWOIAF non map shaders - ALPHA

AWOIAF non map shaders - ALPHA

Patch 15 comments

If you have a mac and have issues with the map shaders then try this patch to remove them.

A World of Ice and Fire v3.5 hotfix (to v3.6)

A World of Ice and Fire v3.5 hotfix (to v3.6)

Patch 6 comments

A World of Ice and Fire v3.6 (A small hotfix for 3.5). You only need to download if you downloaded the mod before this was uploaded.

A World of Ice and Fire 3.6

A World of Ice and Fire 3.6

Full Version 131 comments

This is the full version of A World of Ice and Fire 3.5 so you can go ahead and delete your old version. UPDATED to v3.6 to include the hotfix.

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0

Full Version 150 comments

A World of Ice and Fire 3.0. This is a full release so you can go ahead and delete your old folder. This is not save game compatible with older versions.

A World of Ice and Fire 2.51

A World of Ice and Fire 2.51

Full Version 171 comments

A World of Ice and Fire V2.5. This is a full version so you can go ahead and delete your old module folder. This is not savegame compatible with saves...

A World of Ice and Fire Hotfix 2.2

A World of Ice and Fire Hotfix 2.2

Patch 119 comments

Another hotfix for A World of Ice and Fire 2.0. This contains all the fixes from 2.1 so only this one is needed.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 11,501)

To speak of spearmen, how do you, lads, think, who is the best ones? Boltons, Unsullied or Tyrell house guards?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you please add stormlands speramen and dragonstone speramen? because they dont have any spear units thank you

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Anyone have any tips for money-making and having a stable economy? How can I make my troops rank up quicker; their upgrade costs are insane.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Don't forget about trade, it's VERY profitable in this mod. Buy furs and timber from the North, sell at any southern town, buy salt from Riverlands - sell at Westerlands, Reach or North towns, buy iron at Kayce, Lannisport and Stoney Sept and sell to Reach, Riverlands or North. When you're a lord or mercenary - capture lords, for example, you can get more than 100k for a king, 50-80k for powerful lords

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Like always, enterprises and slave selling. If you dont care about honour, then get some slaves to work at a mine in the westerlands and you'll get some money. Or you can join a faction as a mercenary and then capture lords if your good at fighting and ransom them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Can't agree about gold mine, mate. 10 stags for each slave per week plus you have to place guardians or they will run away, I'd say it doesn't worth it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Could you add Stormland units swords? Because all they have are maces :D Thanky you btw awesome mod !

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

It's a matter of taste, I'd say. Speaking of me, for example - I think that there's too much swords-wielding units, and it's kinda too expensive thing to arm a levies and archers with it(IRL, of course).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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