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The current version is 0.62. In order to play the mod, you must download v0.5 (which contains all the textures and models used in the mod), then v0.6 (it contains the new musics) and finally v0.62 (the latest patch).

The goal of this mod is to considerably improve the Native game, through the use of Floris Mod Pack as a base, which is already a great improvement. Key changes are :

  • A much more active world, with dozens of new parties and factions fighting each other on the map.
  • Bigger parties and armies, which also makes the game harder, especially at the beggining.
  • 3000 new and high quality items.
  • Rebalanced item stats and skills. Armor is now much more protective, but also weighs more.
  • 500 new troops and a much wider troop tree. Each faction has several types of troops which all fill a specific role.
  • 11 new minor factions that roam the world. All of them can form armies and attempt to take a castle. If they succeed, a new faction will be formed and behave like the regular ones. There can thus be up to 17 factions at the same time (although such a high number is very unlikely). 12 new castle have also been added.

Detailed features


  • Hit points have been increased for all troops (the player and his companions get increased hit points during battle, which aren't visible on their character sheet). Ironflesh gives 3 extra hp per skill level during battle for both the player and his companions.
  • Armor protection and weight values have been increased. In addition to that, troops that use light armor get high agility and athletics values while heavily armored troops usually get very low values. This makes heavy troops much more resilient than before, but also much slower, especially compared to lighter soldiers.
  • Crossbows take more time to reload but also deal more damage, in order to differentiate them a bit more from bows. The penetration rate against shields has also been increased and repeating crossbows (which deal lower damage) have been added.
  • Pike weapons have lost the overhead attack. This makes bots using them much more effective in groups, especially cavalry.
  • The charge damage of armored horses has been significantly increased. Wounded horses move more slowly. Camels and elephants have been added!
  • Troops are now more likely to flee when the battle is about to be lost.
  • Formations can be used by both the player and the AI. Possible formations include wedge, square and shield wall.
  • The size of the battlefields has been increased significantly for large battles (more than 100 soldiers involved). This leaves much more space for deployment and should hopefully make strategy more important as more tactics become viable. New orders (like skirmishing) are also available.

Troop Trees

  • Troops have now got 3000 new high quality items to choose from. Low and middle tier troops tend to spawn with varied gear in order to reduce uniformity, while elite troops usually use have uniformized equipment.
  • Each major faction has now got 8 tiers of troops. The price and training time of these troops have been balanced in such a way that fielding a big army of elite troops is almost impossible economically wise, as top tier soldiers cost several hundreds of denars a week. Instead, the player should choose between a small army of high quality troops, a medium size army of decent quality soldiers or a horde of chaff. Leadership and charisma now grant a higher increase in party size.
  • Major factions specialize in 4 different types of troops which go up to T7 (only one of them reaches T8) and 6 types for T4 and T5. Each faction still has its own specialty (nords use almost no cavalry while khergits have very little infantry) but can choose between several roles - defensive (shield) and offensive (2 handed weapon) infantry for example. Dedicated anti-cavalry troops such as pikemen or hybrids (infantry / archer) now exist.
  • Mercenaries have got their own troop tree, which isn't much bigger than the native one. However, there are a lot of mercenaries that can't be acquired through an upgrade and must instead be recruited in taverns or from prisoner stacks.
  • Minor factions have got their own troop tree, albeit much smaller.
  • Some AI lords get their own retinue of special troops. Kings always get a special retinue of royal guards and the lord of certain towns will get a special retinue.
  • Troop trees can be viewed in game or in the screenshots section.

Minor Factions and World Map

  • About 20 new factions have been added on the world map, each of which spawns its own parties and fights most other factions. The map is now much more active than in native, with battles going on pretty much everywhere. Some of these parties will be very tough to handle in the early game - the player must therefore avoid them and target weaker parties instead, or join forces with another party.
  • Attacking or helping parties will decrease or increase your relation with their faction.
  • Mercenaries roam the map as well, attacking pretty much everyone (including other mercenary parties). Both the player and the AI can hire them, making them follow their new master for at least a week. They may still switch sides if the price is high enough, though. There are 3 mercenary unique spawns that may similarly be hired, although the price becomes very high.
  • Most of these factions will sometimes spawn armies. These armies will wander around the map, sometimes looting a village. They may also siege a castle or a town which, if successful, will change the minor faction to a "real" faction, behaving exactly like the 6 regular factions (kings, lords and ladies will spawn). This makes the world much more dynamic and every game unique. You may even ally with one of these minor kingdoms and try to lead it to world dominance!
  • 12 new castles (2 for each faction) have been added to defend choke points and to provide more space for the new factions to develop.
  • Lords now have a pathfinding skill, making them much faster than before and able to catch or escape from the player. Most parties get a speed boost equivalent to the pathfinding skill. The player can no longer expect to be faster than everyone thanks to his pathfinding skill.

Custom Commander

  • Choose an npc instead of the player to lead the battle
  • Autoloot
  • Auto-selling system
  • Increased speed for a short time when leaving soldiers behind when fleeing
  • Extra experience based on your intelligence
  • Mystic merchants where you can buy items without knowing the prefix
  • Custom camera for battles
  • Check ingame the effect of a prefix on an item
  • Many mod options in camp menu
  • Recruit troops for your own towns and castles
  • Change the faction colours
  • Show shot distance on screen
  • Show next pay day in report menu
  • Custom troops


  • New tournament system (thanks to Windyplains)
  • Cinematic compilation (graphic and sound enhancement)
  • Sea travel and battle (a ship needs to be bought first)
  • Color coded messages for a more organized feeling
  • Bridge battles
  • The ability to duel your own troops or even lords
  • Custom names for each NPC (guild masters, armorers...) for more immersion
  • Random events, like prisoners escaping from their dungeon or deserting from their lord's army
  • New quests
  • New NPCs in taverns to make them feel more alive
  • Detailed report of the casualties inflicted by each soldier at the end of every battle
  • Higher morale penalty for killing troops of the same faction (except for mercenaries)
  • New banners
  • Lords can be taken prisoner by non-kingdom parties (like bandits)
  • New music
  • Freelancer mod, allowing you to join a lord's party as a soldier
  • 6 new companions
  • Improved battle AI
  • New buildings that allow you to improve your troops' stats in battle (hit points, damage...)
  • A new building (training academy) that lets you upgrade your troops.
  • New presentations for character creation, factions, reports and companions overview
  • Unique titles for the lords of every faction depending on their best fief (town, castle, etc...)
  • New icons on the world map for each faction's lords as well as minor factions

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Here you can find the full changelog :

New features and balance changes
- Nearly 150 new music tracks!
- New main menu and loading screen.
- The lower difficulty option now reduces the speed of hostile parties for the first month.
- Considerably increased the gold earned from rents, tournaments, arena, quests, enterprises and being a mercenary.
- Greatly reduced the time required to construct buildings.
- Merchants have now got more gold.
- Wounded agents may now lose blood (and therefore hp) over time. First aid skill helps countering that.
- Wounded agents now deal less damage, are slower and less accurate. Ironflesh and First aid reduce these penalties for heroes.
- Invading faction armies now get an autocalc penalties and their lords have slightly smaller armies.- Ranged weapons are now slightly less accurate and deal less damage (their stats haven't been changed, instead the agents themselves get a malus in battle)
- Battlefields are now flatter.
- Added 2 new shields for low tier troops.

Bug fixes
- Optimized some world map triggers, which should reduce the world map lag.
- Finally fixed the extra hp granted to the player in battles (your hp bar will no longer show as full even when it isn't and you won't lose hp after a battle anymore).
- Fixed the flora_kinds file - You should no longer see trees that look way too bright.
- Fixed the butter bug when looting villages.
- Fixed a bug with the eloped girl quest that prevented the guests from spawning.
- Fixed a bug that prevented recruiters from recruiting minor faction troops.
- Fixed the bug that made lords hirable like mercenaries after helping them in battle.

Thanks to these composers for their awesome music !

Derek Fiechter Youtube.com
Brandon Fiechter Youtube.com
Adrian von Ziegler Youtube.com
Jeff van Dyck Jeffvandyck.fr
General Union



News 3 comments

A Mega download link is now available.

The Khergit Khanate

The Khergit Khanate

Feature 1 comment

This article will give more insight into the Khergit Khanate's army : its composition, strengths and weaknesses.

The Vaegir Empire

The Vaegir Empire

Feature 3 comments

This article will give more insight into the Vaegir Empire's army : its composition, strengths and weaknesses.




Just as the title says : a credit page :). Thanks to all those who are listed!

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A New Dawn Patch 0.6.2

A New Dawn Patch 0.6.2

Patch 45 comments

A small patch with balance changes, new troops and bug fixes. Requires v0.5 and v0.6. v0.61 is included. NOT savegame compatible!

A New Dawn patch 0.6.1

A New Dawn patch 0.6.1

Patch 12 comments

A small patch to fix some issues. Savegame compatible, requires v0.6.

A New Dawn Patch 0.6

A New Dawn Patch 0.6

Patch 27 comments

Doesn't require v0.5.2 or v0.5.1 - Adds nearly 150 music tracks, rebalances the economy and fixes some bugs. NOT savegame compatible !

A New Dawn Patch 0.5.2

A New Dawn Patch 0.5.2

Patch 11 comments

Adds an option to reduce the amount of hostile parties at the beginning of the game and fixes a few bugs

A New Dawn patch 0.5.1

A New Dawn patch 0.5.1

Patch 6 comments

This small patch fixes a few bugs that were in the initial version.

A New Dawn 0.5

A New Dawn 0.5

Full Version 37 comments

A complete overhaul of native that uses Floris Mod Pack as a baseline. Adds over 3000 new items, 500 new troops as well as an invasion system that allows...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 460)
Knight45 - - 334 comments

While this mod is a decent mod, there are some strange bugs:
-Luggage is missing often from battles
-At the end of a battle, you may randomly lose a lot of health (even with blood loss disabled. It was apparently fixed according to the article but this is not true. The bug with the HP also being increased also happened a few times)
-Bow accuracy is strange. If a bow has 99 accuracy for stats, it feels more like 70-80. Due to the bow accuracy being like this, using a bow is a poor choice for medium to long range (even at short range it could be bad against moving targets). If you want to fix this, you need to pretty much modify all range weapons. If you want the bow to have true 99 accuracy, you need to modify that bow's statistics to be 120-140 accuracy instead (in my experience this value fixes the bow's accuracy)
-Being enlisted in an army should not permanently lower your relationship with minor factions. Minor faction reputation stays but major ones do not because once you retire/go on leave, they all go down to 0
-I got attacked by a member of the Khergits when I did not have any negative reputation against them, however, the lord who was attacking me had a -3 relation towards me. I never had a vassal attack me just for having a very slightly negative relation (possibly a issue with me enlisting in a faction on leave but that faction had no issues with Khergits)
-Pressing the Courtship Relation tab crashed my game
-It is unfair that minor factions can keep coming back every-time even after they have been defeated, whereas major factions like Khergits cannot do this. This does not make any sense because the major factions are in their homeland and are unable to band together to try and regain their territory, but other minor factions, which half of them are foreigners, are able to keep coming back in full force
-Balancing issues with minor factions. The minor factions such as the Order of the Sun and Geroian are overpowered. Their infantry are heavily armored, both crossbow men and armsman units (armsman units have a long pike, pavise shield, and a one/two handed sword so they are a jack of all trades, capable of fending off horseman, deflect range, and fight against infantry). Fighting either one has a band full of both and heavily armored horsemen. Their upgrade tree is so short it is inevitable they will not have weak units. You will rarely find peasants/weak units in their army for example, it will always be soldiers with plate armor, heavy shields, heavy weapons, etc. Then we have the Kolkar Clan which also only has strong/overpowered units (their upgrade tree is only five), high damage resistance armors, high damage dealing weapons, able to take castles/town with small numbers due to their overpowered stats. One arrow was able to do 71 damage to me when I had 10 ironflesh, 100 hitpoints, and armor rating for body in the 80s. Meanwhile, if I use the same strong arrows and bow against them I only deal a 6-10 damage to the chest with 370 Archery
-Possible balancing issues with main factions. Three times I started a new game the Khergits gets overrun by the Sarranids, Vaegirs and the Asharian Tribe minor faction. Similar situation to Nords but they seem to hold one of their towns, unlike the Khergits. I know the Khergits are not strong in the main game but I would expect some balancing to help them out especially when they have to deal with Kolkar Clan, Black Khergits, Asharian Tribes, Sarranids, and Vaegirs
-Teammates in sieges get stuck on the sides outside of the castle and walk into the wall, making sieges on certain castles/towns impossible. They will see an enemy and back up or just not progress forward if they managed to finally climb the ladder. Enemies do the same to some degree. This means you pretty much cannot take over certain castles/towns in a legit manner because this bug will occur (in my experience, this bug seems to be dependent on specific castles/towns, so the issue is embedded in those scenes)

Combine all above with the siege issues, trying to take over all of Calradia is impossible without cheating, especially when fighting Kolkar because they will just use range and hide under the ladders, while your team is too dumb and just stands there (due to sieges being broken, the AI does not play the objective properly by proceeding into the castle/town, they will just stand infront of the ladder/underneath/walk into the walls). I would say the best way to deal with Kolkar is to download TweakMB and Morghs and disable Kolkar/make them weaker. The author's only reasoning for them being overpowered is something along the lines that they are suppose to be overpowered, when they literally are just Khergits but amped up to the extreme (what makes them so celestial who knows). Would have been better to invest into actually making the Khergits more balanced, instead of having to deal with another minor faction that keeps coming back.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Orgruul - - 4 comments

Can anyone help changing the horrible bow accuracy in this mod? Changing the Item Stats in the game files and also using Morgh's didn't help :v(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Knight45 - - 334 comments

Change the accuracy to around 130-140. The author did something with a script to mess with accuracy and the lower your health is, the worst it gets.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
josefsecillano - - 3 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Guest - - 689,052 comments

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Guest - - 689,052 comments

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Historical_Gamer - - 21 comments

Does this Contain Custom Troop Mod?

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Guest - - 689,052 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 689,052 comments

In siege battles attacking side's AI is simply braindead. They move under the defender's wall with ranged weapon and waits. Is there are any way to handle this problem? It just destroys fun of siege battles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Knight45 - - 334 comments

No, the mod's sieges are broken. Only the author can fix it because he has the source code.

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