Empire of Sand is a Warband mod that makes Sarranids the most powerful faction in Calradia.

Climate of Calradia has changed a lot from native, and sand is everywhere! Khergit horses couldn't withstand the temperature and Sarranid Sultanate used this to their advantage. Because of hardy Sarranid horses could withstand the desert, Sultan Hakim and the Sultanate saw a change to conquer entire Khergit Khanate. Sarranid Empire has risen!


Expanded and improved Sarranid troop trees

New equipment and horses

Overhauled map

In-depth character creating

Lots of more features coming soon!


Nunjas eastern pack:


Be sure to suggest features! If you want to help me in creating this mod, be sure to tell me!

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If you want to help me in any way on creating this mod, message me! Your help can be anything from coding, texturing, models, animations to giving me tips and reporting bugs!

Also tell me features you would like to see!

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Empire of Sand v.0.2

Empire of Sand v.0.2

Full Version

Second release with added features. See more in the description!

Empire of Sand  v0.1

Empire of Sand v0.1

Full Version

First version of the Empire of Sand mod! Download, rate, give tips and share your toughts!

McAfeeHvH - - 8 comments


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SuhailElian - - 81 comments

no it wouldnt. Sands of faith. you need real life relegions. differnet ones like the shias, muslims, christians etc.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
joseph-mchale - - 8 comments

It is set in a fantasy world without any real wrold relegions, sands of faith uses real relegions because it is trying to depict historical events (although very much exagerrated). I beleive because of this reason this mod should either not use relegion or use the relegions of calradia.

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Dahvish - - 30 comments

I think it will be better without religion because its another universe
or find another religion from your imaginations

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karasis - - 492 comments

Great mod.But an overhaul could be better.Or you could make this mod open source.

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Rhealdan Creator
Rhealdan - - 1 comments

Thanks! The developement is still in early stage so in the future there will be much more content. I would concider making it OSP, but the files are super messy.

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