Changes for now:


- Now all factions campaign powers works better (between +50% and +100%) when you are the race. (also applies for AI)
-- For example, Tau cannon has 50% sucess rate for other races (normal for everyone on SS campaign default), but now has been increased to work 100% with Tau player
- AI gets even more increased effect of some things (like Necron resurrection and Tau cannon)
- Some bonuses don't work for this, such as Chaos and Dark Eldar bonuses
-- Dark Eldar instead take max effect from Eldar bonus
--- In any case, Dark Eldar bonus has been improved because of gates now giving Honor Guards (and thay having access to attack all gates from fortress)
-- Chaos instead gets extra power from all the other factions bonuses

- All factions get a natural "Honor Guard" of an ultimate unit, which is extremely expensive to recruit
-- When defeating their mortal enemies, they get these extra-powerful honor guard unit from their enemy's fortress.
- They also get a secondary one from a secondary enemy
- As only humans will be able to take these bonuses (because territorial honor guard doesn't actually work for AI), AIs are more powerful in higher tiers of defense

... Mortal Enemies List:
Eldar -> Necrons (Primary), Dark Eldar (Secondary)
Necrons -> Eldar (Primary), Imperial Guard (Secondary)
Chaos -> Space Marines (Primary), Sisters of Battle (Secondary)
Space Marines -> Orks (Primary), Chaos (Secondary)
Tau -> Imperial Guard (Primary), Orks (Secondary)
Imperial Guard -> Chaos (Primary), Tau (Secondary)
Dark Eldar -> Sisters of Battle (Primary) , Eldar (Secondary)
Sisters of Battle -> Dark Eldar (Primary), Necron (Secondary)


Faction Changelist:



- Changed all Ork textures
- Ork skin is now teamcolourable. Infinite variety!
- Changes in buildings


- More max Gretchins per squad
- Reinforcing them costs 5 req
- Slower to reinforce in battle

- Squiggoths up to five.
- Each new one is more prohibitively expensive.
- +1 to support cap cost


- Avatar of Khaine no longer takes any cap away
- Yet, he only increases both caps by +1, and not a massive +10 to steamroll everyone...
- Attack upgraded
- Will lose health if not in combat
- Regenerates somewhat faster when in combat
(encourage to use him instead of letting him sit on base)

- Wraithlord now has morale (He *IS* an Eldar consciousness after all)
- Health regen given to compensate for disadvantage
- Created a different Honor Guard wraithlord, which has more health and regens faster
- Only one Bonesinger can repair a Wraithlord at a time, though, instead of 3 as before


- Made Khorne Berserkers team colorable.
- Made Horror Squads team colorable.
- Made Daemon Prince team colorable.
- Made Bloodthirster team colorable.

- Being in combat will cause Bloodthirster to quickly regenerate instead of just "not losing health"
- Normal health loss from not-combat is now 50% faster though
- Hitpoints 13000 from 14000
- Can be "repaired" by Cultists, but doing so will severely drain your resources


- Fixed Heavy Weapons team textures.
- Guardsmen no longer use camo.
x- Vehicles no longer use camo (sorry, I liked the effect but it made too many color mismatchs, specially when you randomize your army)
- Camo for vehicles restores as they are otherwise boring textures (remappable camo with same basic color wasn't available)

- No limit for Basilisks
- No limit for Leman Russ (it costs 5 vehicle cap to begin with...)


- Tau given +2 starting vehicle cap (from 0)

- No barracudas

- Builder costs 80 requisition instead of 65
- Builder takes 12 secons to build instead of 10
- Earth Caste builder drones can now jump
- Builder can now repair other Builders, as well as Drone Squads

- Both Mont'ka and Kauyon are now buildable at the same time

- Up to five Ethereals, but each costs double from the previous one.

- Tau are given the starting choice if to make Stealth Suits or Kroot Carnivores buildable in the HQ
- Same in the Barracks
- Starting cap for Carnivores is just 4, "Allure of the Pack" from HQ increases it.

- Stealth Suit squads start with two members
- They cost 2 squad cap
- The cost of building is 120, time 14
(still, this will make Tau early expansion slower)
- +1 to maximum members in squad
- Reinforcing costs 60 from 65

- Carnivore Squads cost 150 req, come with 3
- Requires research to go up over 4 members
- Cannibalism has more upper higher limit

- Crisis Battlesuits regenerate faster, but have less health (2400 from 2500)
- Power cost increased to 75 from 40
- They can be repaired by Earth Caste builders
- Missile Pod and Flamer weapon arm places reversed
(so Missile will make the Crisis Suit pure anti-vehicle, and flamer best anti-infantry)

- XV88 more expensive (260 req and 140 power, from 240/120)
- 36 time from 30
- Costs 2 infantry cap and 1 vehicle cap (from 3 infantry cap)
- XV88 missile attack more accurate
- XV88 can be repaired by drones
- XV88 has no auto-repair
- Hitpoints upgraded to 2600 (from 2250)


- Fixed a bug that would make AI not use fully restored monolith (a typo in their AI file)
x- Upgrading Monolith will not properly give your Necron Lord extra health (and cost) in Campaign mode. No more wimpy campaign Necron Lord.
(it's possible other heroes have such campaign oversights, but not likely, as they often have specifically labeled upgrades, unlike this one)
x- Same works with variations of the Flayed Ones (including Honor Guard)
- Added mark of Honor Guard to vehicles like Destroyer and Spyder

SEARCH - Bug that gives you Gauss Arc (non-functional?) when you first want the Mask in campaign



- Included recolorable structure textures, which use primary and secondary teamcolors.
(new structures not yet done)
- Necron units will now use badges (mostly on the shoulders, although Necron Lord still doesn't have any)
- Added many necron custom badges (none of them canon. Sorry lore lovers, but new necron lore is weak... who wants to go back to being diseased flesh when you are cool immortal indestructible customizable machines?)

- Nightbringer texture and model now truly shows a unwordly construct made of unknown technological substances. Is not remappable to show eternity.
- Deceiver texture ditto, although the Godly appearance is enchanced, and is also remappable to show shifting allegiance.

- Changed AI stats to reflect current ones

- Squad Cap for the necrons is zero starting (both squad and vehicle)
- Don't despair; structures provide you
- Starts with 450 instead of 300 power. Still, depleted much more quickly.

- Reassemble (and to a lesser degree, regeneration) on Necrontyr infantry (Necron Warriors, Flayed ones and Immortals) now depends on "Immortality Protocols" researchs (currently from Summoning Core). Four levels are available.

- Health and regeneration of Tomb Spiders, Builder Scarabs and Canoptek Scarabs goes in a dedicated research to that purpose.

- Health and morale of Command units (Necron Lord, Pariah Guard, and Lord Destroyer) depend on "Authority of the AEons" researches (that depend on Monolith level for availability)


Necrons were the only race without a full structure rooster. Now they will have it.
- Enabled custom Thermoplasma Generator (Giant and powerful)
- Enabled Pillar of Darkness (support powers and wargear building)
X- Enabled Necron Tunnel.

- Power plants are more expensive, slightly larger and take more time to build, but have +200 hp (1800 from 1600) and project a small control area around them.
- New Power upgrade, costs 175, gives +20% global power bonus. No requirements (available from start)

- Necrons have a Central Conduit power plant buildable over Strategic Points.
- Costs 150, gives +20 energy.
- Reduces cost of regular power plants.
- New ones are more and more expensive.
- Only building capable of reaching the advanced energy upgrades (350 and 750 power required.)

- Monolith only can be built on control area.
- 10% cheaper. Control area extended 5%.
- Monolith now gives power as two power plants instead of one.
- Up to four monoliths from three (matches campaign)
- Only resists 4000 and doesn't regenerate in combat (from 5000)
- Awakening levels give +1000 HP each
- Awakening Monolith is now cheaper and a bit quicker since it doesn't actually upgrade the Necron Lord or the Flayed Ones (that is done separately)

x- Fully restored monolith goes back with 33% health (from 25%)
- You can have more than one active, although it's hard enough
- Monolith attacks don't lose much accuracy when moving, since it's so slow anyways
(and I got defeated in the Imperial Guard fortress with up to four)

- Necron Warriors cost 60 power per squad. Have only 6 max on squad.
- 2 squad cap use from 3
- Necron Warriors reinforce 5 sec faster than before when not in combat, but 15 seconds slower than before if they are

- Scarab Builder buying and reinforcement costs power, but is faster (15 and 10 respectively)
- Scarabs don't regenerate in combat, so they have to be repaired if they sustain damage
- Hitpoints to 275 from 260
- Scarabs can repair Necron Warriors, Immortals, as well as other Scarabs. It will not be free though.
- Repairing Necron Warriors is limited. Only one scarab per warrior. If there are more scrabs than damaged warriors in the squad, they won't be able to repair them at all.
(this encourages you to field them as auxiliares in battle, and also to retreat Necron Warriors via Summoning if they are going wrong, instead of letting them to dia)
- Scarab repair cost down to 50% from 75% (they are Necron after all, repairing stuff without great expense is their thing. Also, if not, repairing infantry would not be worth the pricetag)
- Repair speed down from 30 to 22, though (it stacks per scarab with most things)
- Scarabs have chance to get back up

- You can now create Attack Scarabs from the start
- Attack Scarabs no longer fly
- They cost 100 power; start being five and can reinforce to just 8
- Cost 1 vehicle cap
- Reinforce time to 5 from 3.5 seconds
- Attack scarabs renamed Canoptek Scarabs (as in updated canon)
(Good only to "bug" the enemy, as he will have no vehicles yet)
(be careful, they can drain your resources though)

- Obelisks cost 20
- But they give a 60 power gift, encouraging Necron early expansion
- Obelisks take more time to build
- Upgrading obelisks is more expensive, increases time factor bonus
- Obelisks give you just +3/+1 cap starting (from +3/+3)
- Obelisk upgrades give extra Support and Vehicle Cap (+1 both for first upgrade, and +1 squad/+3 vehicle for second upgrade)
- Obelisk time factor bonus now also increases speed of weapon upgrades (not much for necrons... yet)
- Obelisks provide 1/10 of the power that Plasma Generators do

- Necron Lord can now capture and uncapture points.
- Necron Lord now costs 160 from 150.

- Gauss Turrets only on control area. Stats adjusted.
- Gauss Turret upgrade now costs 120 from 50, but gives a significant boost to turret's health (also matches graphics)

- Forbidden Archive can build Necron Lord too
- Forbidden archive cost 175 (from 150)
- Only one Forbidden Archive per Monolith.
- Forbidden Archive artifacts take a little of time to finish (10 sec)
- Most Forbidden Archive powers on the Necron Lord now cost energy, but recharge faster
- Chronometron costs 20 power to activate, but has wider area effect and last 25% more

- Summoning Core slowly regenerates
- Summoning Core can be built anywhere (and still provides control area)
- Only one per Monolith

- Lord Destroyer cheaper
X- Lord Destroyer Stasis ability now costs 45 power to use
- Only one Lord Destroyer at each time
- Lord Destroyer possession now returns with 50% of own health, not 25%
- Lord Destroyer can be built from almost the start of the game, but has less health and takes more time.
- Lord Destroyer uses 2 Vehicle Cap instead of three.
- Defaults to melee attack (deals more damage that way anyways)
- Lord Destroyer can be built from the Forbidden Archive
- Lord Destroyer has a Phylactery research on the Greater Summoning Core
- Lord Destroyer gains +150 health for each phase of the Monolith
- Lord Destroyer Stasis has now 70 cooldown, from 60
- Lord Destroyer Stasis now lasts 20 seconds, from 30

- There is a special "Pariah Guard" from the Forbidden Archive
- Requires Summoning Core
- Necron Lord can be attached to them
- Not as strong as regular Pariahs, but are upgraded in Monolith

- Flayed Ones squad now costs 240, comes with 6 members
- Flayed Ones now cost 40 to reinforce, but is faster
- Max Flayed Ones in squad is 7 from 8
- Flayed One morale damage per sec in area increased from 1.5 to 1.8 (since this is per individual Flayed One, and they have been decreased in number, not much change)

- Implemented Wraith squads. Second squad member costs the same as another wraith. Wraithflight is now more expensive.
- Wraiths now have morale.
- Wraiths now no longer able to uncapture strategic points.

- Immortals cost 45 to reinforce. 10% faster.

- Restored Monolith costs 1300 from 1000
- Can teleport a bit farther
- Can teleport to down 66% health (from 80%)

- Spider more expensive, has health regen, can be built from Greater Summoning Core in addition to Monolith
- Needs more bodies to respawn troops
- Spider particle cannon upgrade costs now 90 power (from 50) but is nearly instant (so you can also change stance after buying it)
- Spider costs 3 vehicle cap (from 2)

- Destroyer and Heavy Destroyer no longer buildable from Monolith. They are built from Greater Summoning Core.
- Destroyer and Heavy Destroyer have Morale
- They have a single Jump ability (useful to get in and out of combat/melee)

- Greater Summoning Core now costs 300 power from 250. Resists a bit more.
- Enabled Destroyer Maul research from Greater Summoning Core (upgrades Destroyers)
- Enabled Resurrection Orb from Greater Summoning Core
- Cost 180 power, but activating it costs 120 more

- Pariahs are only built from the Energy Core (and the Fully Restored Monolith)
- They cost 300 instead of 200
- Reinforce costs 60 instead of 50
- They have some extra HP and regenerate even faster in combat
- They now have morale and can be broken, although it's difficult

- Nightbringer and Deceiver are no longer invincible
- Nightbringer now deals massive passive morale damage in a large area of effect (like Flayed Ones but much stronger)
- Nightbringer's Scythe can now even attack air units in melee
- Nightbringer's ranged attack is now always perfectly accurate
x- Nightbringer regenerates 50% of damage dealt instead of 40% (even in campaign)



- LM Tau army texture set.
- NeonNecrons.
- Team colorable vespid stingwing by Radulykan.
- Hiveworld Terra textures to their respective authors.

Future plans:

- Make more abilities have activation costs (but better effects), so it's not just clicky APM win, there's actually a decision on how to use and when.

- When playing Ork, you can go the way of the Gretchin Revolutionary Comitee sub-faction
- Takes off access to all normal orks
- Creates a specialized structure with Gretchin upgrades
- Has a Gretchin hero, "The Red Grot"
- Can create Combat Gretchins (they are better in battle and can capture points, but not repair or infiltrate; are better against enemy vehicles)
- Can place explosive traps
- Cheaper vehicles with more upgrades

- "Pyramid"/"Ancient Summoning Core" is last structure.
- Provides access to permanent C'tan shards to use as units.
- Requires choosing a exclusive addon to do so.
- Elect the new Nightbringer for 3 squad and vehicle cap, or the new Deceiver for 2.
- Not invulnerable, but have no time limit and have powerful extra abilities.

- Add Deathmarks and Lynchguards


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However, I could not upload it-.

Every time I try to upload the release, midway there is a "Moddb error uploading" and it won't finish.

Thus, I cannot release the new version.

Anyone with a solution, please say.

Note: The new version has a crash probably related to Imperial Guard AI.
As the crash is unpredictable and leaves no logs or even a "game has crashed" message, I was unable to pinpoint the cause (with no Imperial Guards AI, the game doesn't crash)

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notahappycamper95 - - 215 comments

is this mod stopped getting updates?

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Nimostar Creator
Nimostar - - 490 comments

There is an update scheduled, also bugfixes, but for some reason the Chaos AI stopped working, so I need to re script them before release.

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edliu111 - - 31 comments

Thanks for letting us know! Looking forward to the release!

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hey there,

been having an issue as IG when i attack the sisters of battle hq i get fatal scar error?

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Nimostar Creator
Nimostar - - 490 comments

Yes, such is a bug. I don't know how to solve it. I don't know if other races get it too. Maybe I will just have to descript the whole mission.

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longfellow - - 50 comments

You really need to either archive this mod and stop wasting peoples time....if you are going to take 7 months to reply.....or do something about fixing it....people have time invested in it and are really your play testers....please help us !!! Don't you test these mods before you release them...and if you do why put them out there knowing they don't work!!! It's a waste of time and space IMHO !~!

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Guest - - 693,003 comments

Please get over yourself... your time has no value if you're choosing to spend it on an old rts...

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edliu111 - - 31 comments

What? If that's what someone chooses to do, why would you gatekeep it?

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Chalenge - - 123 comments

Sooo how do i install it? ^^

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Chalenge - - 123 comments

Nvm got it.

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