- Bring ever freshness to the game by multiplying starting choices. - Adopt early game options so you are playing as you want from the get-go. - Choose strategies from the first second, not just do pre-planned "Build orders" which are ever the same. - Endgame which is both balanced and satisfying. - Bring to bear the greatest forces of your faction for an all-out showdown. - Increase number of special-bonuses researches for all factions to cater to all playstyles. - Bring new and exciting campaign options - Better power implementation - Variety of Honor Guard squads - Provide increased level of challenge to Standard and Hard campaign modes. - Reduce the reliance on ability spam by implementing costs to activated abilities. - Take out the worst gimmick strategies with invincible units and uncounterable abilities - Enchance strategical and tactical depth of Macro play - Unlike other mods, keep graphical requirements low and compatibility with older computers, so everyone can play! LAN!

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