Having worked as a farmer and woodcutter for most of my life i became determined to do something that would leave my mark after i was gone. Since then i got back to studies, and i have now a master degree in Electrotecnical Engineering as well as a degree on Electromechanical Engineering. On my free time i like playing and so i became interested in creating my own games or, in the shorter term, modding games to get something closer to what i would like games to be.

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I think the commissar is new. Will he also be able to execute troops?

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GreenScorpion Author

It is actually an enforcer but you are right. Indeed it will be able to execute troops and provide some further loyalty to the cause through passive abilities.

According to the renegades army list from forgeworld:
"Enforcers are tasked with ensuring unwavering loyalty to
Cardinal Xaphan and are utterly intolerant of backsliders. If a
unit with an Enforcer fails a Morale check for any reason, the
Enforcer will summarily execute the Champion or Veteran
leading the squad. This happens automatically. Remove the
executed model as a casualty. The unit in question is then
assumed to have passed the Morale test and continues to fight
under the leadership of the Enforcer.
The knowledge that an Enforcer is looking over his shoulder
for the slightest lapse focuses the mind of the Champion or
Veteran. The presence of an Enforcer in a unit adds +1 to the
Leadership characteristic of the Champion or Veteran
commanding the unit but only for tests affecting that unit."

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A demonstration of the currently implemented Renegade forces in a combat situation against orks. Here you can see the disciples fighting side by side with the militia and the command squad, while being backed up by artillery fire coming from the basilisks on the rear. One of the unit concepts was not seen nor refered on my latest update related with renegades at my Veteran Mod page, do you think you can find which concept it is?
The coding is still work in progress and so not all wargear options are currently available, nor are most passive/active abilities implemented right now.

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