Having worked as a farmer and woodcutter for most of my life i became determined to do something that would leave my mark after i was gone. Since then i got back to studies, and i have now a master degree in Electrotecnical Engineering as well as a degree on Electromechanical Engineering. On my free time i like playing and so i became interested in creating my own games or, in the shorter term, modding games to get something closer to what i would like games to be.

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Tom Clancy's EndWar

Game review - 2 agree

Overall a good rts game specially suited for those who prefer tactical strategy and not base building and research.

Positive things:
- Upgradable army with some upgrades visible on the units and with a noticeable change in stats, specially with the offensive upgrades
- The way the campaign is made is interesting with the air and land support systems providing additional depth to the game
- Visually it has some nice detail
- Vehicles usually use roads to reach their destination faster so reasonable pathfind system for them is present
- The tactical map allows control over units and analysis of some of the important areas of the battlefield that the minimap can't reveal in detail
- Voice commands are intuitive and easy to use but personally i would still not trade it for a more traditional unit control system
- Gameplay options while playing with certain units are significantly large, especially after the upgrades are purchased

Negative things:
- Infantry units don't actually know how to move away from rocks and other small obstacles, colliding with them until they go around it by constantly colliding and moving slightly sideways as they do. Obviously infantry was designed to travel inside transports for any distance greater than a few meters of terrain
- The scale of the combats are rather small independently of where you are fighting and what your objectives are. I know the player leads a task force but afterall it is a war. The land reinforcements available on some situations compensate this slightly with those npc squads attacking each other as the player goes for the major objectives but they are still fighting small skirmishes
- The scale of maps is relatively small considering you are supposed to deploy things like long range artillery although they are still big enough for the player to have to spend sometime searching for that specific enemy squad that decides to cower somewhere without good visibility
- AI decided battles on the battles you didn't fight yourself can ruin your plans as they make you have to fight on two fronts at the same time (this happens mostly with USA but also with Europe, Russia can fight one front battles more easily)
- The visual aspect of the game is good but it weighs more than it should, especially considering the low amount of units you may have on a single map simultaneously
- The world map is actually really small with few territories for those that wish for large campaigns (without repeating battles over and over of course)
- Several territories use the same maps which considering the reduced amount of territories is pretty much insulting to players who have to fight on the same map several times despite being conquering or defending different territories on the world map


The Forgotten Races

Mod review - 7 agree - 1 disagree

Stolen content from other modders.

If you do not honor the modding community and its job just restrain from releasing "mods".
It is because of such people that modding content is attributed to people who never did anything but copy pasting.


Dawn of Criminals (Pirate Campaign Mod)

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

I have some comments and suggestions to make after playing the mod for the time necessary to make a review:
A race mod without a good ammount of newly created models is possible but takes time and effort like all important things in life. A mod without new models can provide a good gameplay by introducing new abilities and unit features to compensate the rest. In this you make a small effort that is just not enough, more must be done to give the gameplay the enjoyability a mod should provide. Also lots of new units are not what is desirable when almost everything lacks the respective icon and needs description corrections or additions. You should work a smaller group into completion and then expand from that core.
Researches are present but refer to dark eldar researches than in some cases have a certain degree of uselessness since the units which received the benefits are not used in the mod.
Its certainly playable but i have tested my Lost Chapter in my Veteran Mod with buildings, a builder unit and a regular unit which is certainly playable but i wouldn't recomend it for long.

So you should read the review carefully and hear my suggestions:
Create unique icons or at least fitting icons for every unit and make them follow the same standard type. Give your units and buildings detailed descriptions to make it worth reading details from the units' function or background story.
When you have the above done concentrate on developing a more unique gameplay style mostly through active and passive abilities.

One positive aspect is that you have a great alot of space to improve, the negative aspect is that you will need to focuse much more and do a greater effort than currently.

You should follow these friendly advices and improve your work to a state where you can feel the apreciation of the community more instead of getting people who follow you to downvote you.
If you don't follow my advices i have no problems with that but you asked my opinion and this is my opinion

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