Having worked as a farmer and woodcutter for most of my life i became determined to do something that would leave my mark after i was gone. Since then i got back to studies, and i have now a master degree in Electrotecnical Engineering as well as a degree on Electromechanical Engineering. On my free time i like playing and so i became interested in creating my own games or, in the shorter term, modding games to get something closer to what i would like games to be.

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Report RSS Eclesiarchy shrine building concept

great thing,

would be even better if :

pedestral is built first
then pillar rise from the ground
then statue rise from the ground

great idea ! if you can make it a animated bulding like the statue this will be a great model !

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GreenScorpion Author

Your suggestions are interesting indeed JL!
I experimented with the statue rasing from the ground first but the statue is too tall compared to most imperial buildings and so it starts partially outside of the ground. Might try with the mars pattern since the boxes might cover the statue rising for some time. Your suggestion reminds me of ork buildings where the junk is dropped a wooden structure rises and then the final building rises.
Then since most idh buildings come from the sky with most things already done, transported by propulsors, I decided to try and send the statue from the sky and build the shrine around the already assembled statue which is what I have shown in this video.

The rotating statue is not quite what I want with this building but it can be done in a simple maner.
I will review the possibilities for the building animations and if possible get it closer to your suggestion.

Thanks for the feedback!

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This look super awesome, I'm impress with it. Greetings.

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Yup. Just make that IG crate as tall as the statue and FABULOUS. oO

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Since I've been working on the priesthood wing for the inquisition that i've been thinking wether or not it would be adequate to recruit those units from a dedicated building (currently they are being recruited from the librarium but I am considering adding more researches there which would not combine well with the high number of units already available for this wing).
With that in mind, I thought the best building to use to recruit eclesiarchy followers would be some sort of shrine.
This little video demonstrates the most promising concept for this building so far. It uses the human statue from DoW environment models, some parts from the shrine of the emperor from UA and a few IG stuff for the building animations.

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