Yes I love to play games especially RTS games! But I do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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Emperor Branden Magister

"Only soldiers know how to lead an Empire"

Name: Branden Magister
Class: Civilian
Rank: Emperor
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Carida
Age: 23
Height: 5.9
Spouse: Lauren Magister
Vehicles: Grim Shadow and Heavy One
Pets: Night and Rex

Basic Combat
Trooper I - II - III
Charisma I - II - III
Juggernaut I - II
Officer I - II - III - IV
Fencer I

Prestige Class: None

Spare Points: 0.
Spent Points: 23.
Slots: 13 (of 15).

Branden Magister is a charismatic individual, usually able to persuade anyone to his side. He is a great battle commander, engaging in many battles with the Federation, and although he lost he still gained valuble wisdom for future battles. He is also a skilled marksmen and melee combatant, able to hold his own in combat. Branden Magister was born to a wealthy family with a long line of military service to the Empire. Most of his ancestors served in either the Imperial Navy or Army and alot of them attended the military academy on Carida, and Branden followed suite at the age of eightteen.

While attending the Academy he was taught what it meant to be a leader, how to lead and not falter under fire and had to pass a vigorous boot camp. However it was leading fleets against enemy AIs during simulations that he excelled at. His leadership skills improved rapidly through out his four year officer training. He ended up being the top of his class and one of the brightest through the academy in years. Branden went on to lead Majestic Squadron against the pirate known as Mikal Lancer who beat him at every turn, even managing to destroy an Allegiance class and killing one of his best friends, Drake. His sanity was put under the microscope and he was ordered to be studied by a psych and was put under watch by an overseer, whom Branden did not get along with.

After a while he was deemed of sane mind and ended up settling down and given command of the Bilbringi system, creating a small station to base himself out of. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Lauren Douglas. She was from a wealthy family that lived on Bilbringi and the two fell in love fairly quickly and married at the age of 23. Their marriage was abruptly interrupted when Branden himself was ordered to strike at the heart of the Republic, however their Intel was not up to date as gravity well stations ripped the fleet out of hyperspace and Majestic Squadron went head to head with a Republic Flotilla. After a prolonged engagement, Branden escaped with what was left of his fleet and during the ensuing war suffered another defeat which cost the Empire an entire sector.

After loosing the grand fleet in battle against the main republic force, the two nations agreed to a ceasefire, but not after the Empire gave up three of its sectors and thousands of planets. After these disastrous defeats the council of Moffs grew very tired of Tarl and his failure at leading the Empire back towards greatness and decided to take things into their own hands and decided to overthrow the Emperor.

They met in secret on Bilbringi and they all agreed upon a brash and brazen assault on the palace itself, the Moffs agreeing to either kill the Emperor themselves or have Branden and his men do it in the case of failure. The Reaper escorted the revolutionists to the capitol and the Grand Moffs met with the Emperor while Branden locked down the outside of the Palace. As soon as the place was locked down, Branden and his men began their assault on the Palace knocking out the guards in quick succession before entering the palace itself.

The Moffs began their own assault on the Emperor but were killed by an unknown assailant, but the Emperor was executed anyway and the killer fled. Branden and his men suffered many looses as they made their way through the palace but eventually the defenders were eliminated and Branden made his way to the throne room where he realized he had the opportunity of a life time. With the support of Grand Admiral Pao and the Imperial Navy, Branden proclaimed himself Emperor and granted Pao the rank of Supreme Commander for his help in Branden's ascension. Now the two rule the Empire together, trying to keep the Empire afloat in a sea of enemies.

Royal Garb
-Stygian-triprismatic Polymer

Woven by artisans of the exotic far-flung world of Drakkar for his Imperial Majesty, the one who dwells near the Queen of the Core. Additionally, plates of armour were forged in secret by Imperial research and development to keep the Emperor safe. The result is a beautiful work of art that is both elegant in design and powerful in its defensive capabilities, fit for an Emperor.

While wearing the Emperor's Robes, Branden only uses a durasteel blade and his two blaster pistols, the Unholy Avengers, for defense. The Royal Garb allows for the great protection whilst retaining excellent mobility for the wearer.

Dark Medium Armour
-Plasteel (joints)
-Phrik (cuirass, helmet, gauntlets)

This black medium armour comes with specialized pieces for added protection and has a black cape with the unit emblem on it. The helmet and boots are made of a lightened durasteel, the helmet is reinforced with Phrik. The gauntlets and greaves are a durasteel mixture with plasteel added at the joints for mobility, with the gauntlets being reinforced with Phrik. The breastplate is made up out of Phrik, making it lightsaber-resistant in the back and front. Overall the armour is shock resistant and equipped with a standard shield generator.

Brandon wears a fiberweave mesh suit, similar to a Stormtrooper's bodyglove, beneath the armour.

The helmet features an advanced heads-up display providing tactical information and aim assistance, ammunition count, integrated communications with encryption, displays power levels, air toxicity and radiation levels, night vision and thermal modes. The visor is flash proof and has magnification functions. The helmet can be sealed off for operations in vacuum, underwater and for protection against aerosols.

While wearing the Emperor's Dark Armour, Branden uses his specialized blaster, the Scythe, and his two blaster pistols, the Unholy Avengers. Five-inch vibroblades are contained within wrist plates.

Unholy Avengers
-Hair Trigger
-Upgraded Galven Circuitry
-Capacitor Overcharger

Branden's personal pair of Blaster revolvers, holding a cell charge of twelve rounds per cell. They are deadly and accurate at close range but fall off at longer ranges. They are designed to be similar to holdout blasters and are very easily accessible to Branden.

-Underslung weapon

The Emperor's weapon of line whenever he takes to the field, this unique blaster rifle is peerless when it comes to versatility. Branden's rifle is somehow able to utilize a variety of rounds despite being a blaster, somehow nobody questions this. The weapon has configurable rail systems allowing for a whole slew of attachments.

Scythe is best used at close to medium range but falls off at longer distances. This can be compensated with a barrel extension at a loss of accuracy and damage.

Note: Click on the images to be redirected for full information.

Imperial Research and Development Team Leader transferred to Branden's command to help design new starfighter program and other weapons and technology for the Empire. Also deals in the more darker parts for Branden, digging up information on his enemies and scouting out for him after going in blind in Operation: Vanguard. Was transferred from Spec Ops team, where he developed weapons and gear for the Imperial Special Ops.

Produced by the Techo Union as a special project Branden had ordered, he requested a wardroid of capable size for protection and for its use as a weapons platform during close range encounters. The wardroid was 7 feet tall and uploaded with a simple AI, meaning it couldn't talk but it understood and replied with beeps and whizzes.

Beta was equipped with many advanced features such as; Advanced heads-up display providing tactical information and aim assistance, ammo count, integrated comms with encryption. Power levels, Toxicity and rad meters along with other detection devices. Night Vision, thermal, and infrared options and is flash proof, obviously. Also has a zoom feature similar to binocs and is equipped with a built in shield generator.

Armor is immune to moderate amounts of electro-interference but could overload if exposed for too long. Carries around a data chip in the case of his body being destroyed, allowing the chip to be placed back into a new body and Beta to live on. The Armor is made of complete durasteel.

Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser "Grim Shadow"
-Hyperdrive equipped
-Navigation equipped
-Additional bridge and prow armour plating
-Upgraded shielding
-ECM equipped
-Advanced sensors
-Crystal-gravfield Trap equipped

The Grim Shadow is the personal starship of Branden Magister, originally named the Acclaimed II in reference to his original flagship which was destroyed in the brief, but violent war with the Federation.

This upgraded and personalized Praetor is armed with sixty quad heavy turbolasers, forty twin medium turbolasers and forty ion cannons of various kind. To screen it from enemy starfighters it relies entirely on its escorts and complement of onehundred and twenty starfighters.

BCT-95-class Freighter "Heavy One"
-Reinforced durasteel hull
-military-grade shield generator
-35 passenger capacity
-11 crew (3 minimal)
-Armory equipped
-Reduced storage capacity (1/8th)

With a carrying capacity for several squads of infantry and weapons this modified cargo hauler is the personal, undercover assault shuttle of Branden Magister. The Heavy One can be piloted by a team of three and its two twin laser cannons need eight gunners to operate.
The Imperial Order

The Imperial Order

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Kain Talus

Kain Talus

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Kark-Jocke - - 14,707 comments

Pretty cool blog you have there

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Yluvataris_256 - - 577 comments

hows life my friend?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
NickBros_256 - - 188 comments

Welcome to my friend list!!!

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_w_ - - 6,176 comments

dawg get with it pleb, weres dat musik

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Headhunter128 - - 5,145 comments

Merry Christmas young one!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Headhunter128 - - 5,145 comments

Happy birthday Brandon! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

I am the only one to truly notice the fact you were gone for so long xD.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
_w_ - - 6,176 comments

Since mace does not want additional spam, ill post it here:

Since when did'the fel empire, cut of from their allies, have so much money that it can place large garrisons, maintain quite some fleets and OP defences... on a backwater planet like telos? Since i assume HH has nothing to do with this, you researched, developed, placed and authorised all this in 1 month max.?
Im sorry but arcy might not have handled every authorisation as well, but you're to blame too.
Ten, outnumbered and outgunned, was OBVIOUSLY giving you a lot of opportunities at coruscant, something you apparently dont have the guts to do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Namegen Creator
Namegen - - 4,713 comments

i never asked to be given hand outs, that was his choice.

I also had to extensivly search ways to to get my economy better and i found those and i had those approved. You further dont realize that When HH rebelled he didnt just take men with him, he took a majority of the NGE's finances with him. and they had alot of money.

Im also not saying that oh we have 30 plus stations or what ever its just that we realize the importance of Telos and we know that if it is cut off we know we loose access ot the west, however, me being an idiot placed fleets on the wrong planets lol

I was ordered by mace to get those stations up, of course he didnt specify but he did tell me to do it.

but its final and joe agrees and Arky approved them.

hell if you want to check finances, go and check the PA.

They are the ones who should be broke after Ori took off with ALL of its money, he even said he did on an event page, and how did the PA survive? no one knows. but no one cares, dude we cant really incorporate much economy in here because well frankly its too bloody hard.

And not to mention your one to talk! you guys have had over 6 fleets active at any given point in your history, wars, sector changes, being reduced to one sector alone should have crippled you financially. but no one cared, and no one continues to care.

So to state this all again, we had money to start with, have access to our allies actually, and have found ways to obtain more money that we had approved.

Anything else, shove it where the sun dont shine cuse i could care less, and in fact i do.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
_w_ - - 6,176 comments

such large garisons + new defences + new ships (4) makes you vulnerable for an economic crisis if not bankrupcy.

trategic, yes but not a shipyard/fortressworld

mace is gm why would he order you that.

i agree with the PA and i (and HH) did care, but it was arcy who did not look into it.

we did go bankrupt remember?

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Mace-Windu - - 2,364 comments

wout i think you misunderstand since he didnt explain it very well i ordered him to build them when i was in charge of the Fel Empire before i was GM

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