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(Written by Bryant with edits by z3r0x)

Hello Everyone,

By now many of you are aware that Imperial Assault 2 ran into a near grinding halt a few months ago. We have gone through many plans for the mod. Releasing it as Open Source, Space Only, or just canceling it all together. Needless to say all of those options fell short of the great mod we wanted to deliver to the public. At the end of May, I was approached by my old friend Z3r0x regarding Version 4 of his mod, known as Republic At War. Republic at War aimed at creating a Clone War experience very similar to Imperial Assault 2. Both mods had lost most of their staff, and were moving at a slow pace. It was decided that we would pool all the resources and create one great Clone Wars mod, it would be beneficial for not only both mods, but for the community as well. Now, IA2 and RaW have some creative differences, so combining them could cause problems for both fans and staff alike. After many debates we have finally reached a compromise that I believe everyone will be happy with.

The Details:
Imperial Assault 2 and Republic at War will both be released at the same time. Each version will have identical code that allows them to be compatible for online play. The only differences between them will be cosmetic. IA2 and RaW will both have different splash screens and some audio depending on were you download it from. If you download it from IA2, it will have IA2 themes, skins and audio. If you download it from EEaW, it will include RaW themes music and audio. If you download the mod from filefront it will have a custom mix of the two showcasing the two mods seamless integration. Additionally there will be a special unit ingame skin that will identify which version you are using during online play. Republic at War has many non cannon units that IA2 does not, but to allow us to make one Supermod we decided to have one standard skirmish faction, but change unit lists for Galactic Conquest. There will be two main GC campaigns, Rise of the Empire and Republic at War. Both of these will follow the clone wars and use the same tech style, but Rise of the Empire will follow much of the cannon material, while Republic at War will allow you to experience many of the non cannon events and battles from the comics and clonewars cartoon series.

Imperial Assault 2:
Republic at War:

Q: Will IA2 Still be Released?
A: Yes! IA2 will be released in its entirety.

Q: Will Republic at War still be Released?
A: Yes! Z3r0x is decided to releasing the mod as well as supporting IA2.

Q: So, who is incharge here?
A: Z3r0x is incharge of Republic at War, as well as the ground portion of IA2. Swgbex helps run IA2, and is incharge of the Space portion. I am incharge of IA2 and am of making sure both partys are satisfied upon release.

Q: There are two websites, which one should I use?
A: You can use either of the websites. IA2 and RaW both have dedicated fanbases, so I encourage you to check both. The IA2 website will be dedicated to the mod only while Everything Empire at War is a more general EaW site.

Q: So both mods are the same mod?
A: Yes, the code is the same, the only differences are cosmetic depending on the download source.

Q: Sounds good, when can I play?
A: We are working on a "Beta" that will be released at the end of August, full version to follow in the following months.

Q: Awesome! What will this Beta have? Space? Land?
A: The beta will have both space and land, but will not include the full unit list. We still have work to do.

Q: Will Raw have any special things besides the graphics differences?
A: Yes, the mod on eeaw will have a addional GC called "Outer Rim Sieges"
plus there will be a additional skirmish map unique for RaW.

Q: What about the SP Campaign?
<!-- / message --><!-- sig --> A: The Core mod will be released soon. The SP Campaign which is being built as we speak will be released some time after as a Addon or Expansion to the mod. __________________

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NekoChan123 - - 387 comments


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Guest - - 694,990 comments

Hi, just wanna say big thank You for Republic at War, it's an amazing mod and I think I already spent more than 150 hours with it.
I wish Thrawn Revenge had a similar quality to it, but the saving times in TR are absolutely awful + big space battles become a slideshow, while RaW works fine even with 11 Lucrehulks and 90+ squadrons of droid fighters on screen.

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Guest - - 694,990 comments


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CCArggee - - 225 comments

Made by me:

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Guest - - 694,990 comments

How, and where do u build units like (rex, gree, bly, etc.) in raw "???

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neshev84 - - 1 comments

z3r0x posible contact whit you ?????

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jennaida - - 6 comments

So does your return mean possible updates to RaW? I'm hoping? It kinda needs an AI rebalance especially on easy... it's tearing apart players wholesale before they can afford to do anything more than turtle on Coruscant, in galactic conquest...

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Guest - - 694,990 comments

z3r0x ihope you see this i dont know if you can solve this but my dad tried to install and make it so i can play and he said when he tried to extract i am in a charter school and you get budtegt from the state for curriculum ipad etc. i have a computer from them and it is said on the error it is blocked i have it for some thing it wont and let me do things but this is wierd i may have to install on other computer ut i dont know if you can help or solve but i need answers and thank you for making a mod i looked at models and units and i am in awe and want to play it so bad thank you and i hope you see this and respond with answer so i know bye :/

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not_real - - 49 comments

im looking for someone to mod Halo CE multiplayerim looking for some who can put call of duties black ops 2 map COVE in to HALO CEif this you please get back too me
thank you so much


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Boda - - 1,371 comments

I think that an option in RaW to make customizable battle formations of clones (on Kamino, of course) should be added.

There could be a special building on Kamino (like Command Center seen in Skirmish) that produces formation commanders.

In the build slot we see clone commanders (nothing new) with different markings (the more the better :)) who wear Phase I/II armor (according to the current tech level).

You train a commander and then you give a name to your future formation (like a warship has it's name which appears in it's description).

Unit's markings honor the unit's first commander.
If a unit is assigned to a commander it changes it markings to fitt to his. If a unit is assigned to another commander along with it's commander it doesn't change it's markings.
(an option to change commander's markings when you like would be neat but I don't want to be asking much)
Vehicles shouldn't be having markings but could be assigned to formations.

Size of a unit formation would classify it as:
a Platoon (4 squads),
a Company (4 platoons),
a Battalion (4 companies),
a Regiment (4 battalions),
a Legion (4 regiments),
a Corps (4 legions),
a Sector Army (4 Corps)
or a Systems Army (2 Sector Armies).

Numbers in brackets are from but they shouldn't be strict as a high degree of customisation is what I'm thinking of.

This way player could make his own 501st Legion or 7th Sky Corps etc...

Whole idea doesn't require anything "new" but a pop cap increment in ground battles wich will be similar to space battles where the map can be filled with fighters/bombers.

Can anyone from the modding team tell me can this be done?
May the fourth be with you!

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