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The Discovery
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Namegen Author

*Eriadu, once a polluted harsh place and factory wasteland, now the glorious Republic capitol. And that was just as Dathos thought when their transport came out of hyperspace and the planet came into view. Glorious. His mind raced of all the possible history here, the technology. He resisted the urge to leap up and stare awestruck at it's beauty. Instead he looked over at his father and caught him looking at him, who quickly turned away. He was curious but too excited to care.

"So father, what are we going to do first? The capitol building? The senate building? I'd like to visit some of the libraries as well!" Dathos carried on, causing his sister and father both to roll their eyes and laugh aloud.

"Easy now, we have plenty of time for everything." His father exclaimed as the ship made its descent towards the spaceport in Eriadu City.

After an uneventful landing the trio exited the ship and made their way through security before being given the proper clearance to proceed into the city itself.

They spent the afternoon and evening exploring the local area and landmarks, visiting the capitol building and the senate building but not being able to see much because of security issues. They eventually made their way to a hotel where they would be staying for the week and made their way into the rooms after a delicious meal in the dining room.

"Goodnight you two, we shall continue our exploration in the morning. I know you are eager to visit some of the libraries here, Dathos, and I am sure we will have time for that tomorrow." Rothar said settling into his bed.

Violoth and Dathos both replied goodnight but Dathos wasn't ready for bed quite yet.. He needed to see more, and it wasn't entirely too late. He crept out of bed and slipped his clothes back on before carefully and quietly leaving the room without waking either his father or his sister.

Once the door closed with a quiet click, he picked up his pace and made his way down towards the elevator which brought him back to the lobby. It was dark out now and few people stood in the lobby, most of the hotel's guests gathering at the bar. He looked out towards the street and the light flooded in, he grew excited and opened up the door and stepped out into the street.*

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Namegen Author

*It was wonderful, it was magnificent. He couldn't believe the sights he saw, and look he did. Dathos stepped into the street and walked down it checking out different shops and restaurants. The different smells and sights attracting his attention this way and that. But he knew where he was headed and that was the way he went. After looking at his datapad on his wrist the map pointed north for about two blocks which he followed before he finally reached his destination.

In front of him stood the largest public library on Eriadu and its doors stood solid and strong yet inviting at the same time. He walked in and at the counter sat 3 females of varying species one of which beckoned him over.

"Are you a member with this library sir?" The Lady asked looking him over, clearly his species was seldom seen this side of the galaxy.

"No, ma'am I am not. But I would like to be." Dathos replied with an eager smile across his face.

She smiled back and looked down at her computer screen. "Certainly. Just need some basic information.." She went on and asked Dathos personal information required to setup an account. He gave her the necessary information and proceeded to the nearest terminal and it lit up once he sat down.

"Welcome to the Republic public access system. Here you will find all information currently accessible publicly for your convenience. Thank you and enjoy your reading." The terminal said to him to which he eagerly dug in to the computer's vast wealth of knowledge. Digesting each piece he read, his searches took him all over different topics and some which he'd never even heard of before.

While doing his research he sensed something behind him, the same way he could sense his sister. However this time it wasn't his sister.. He decided to focus on his research and pushed the feeling aside until the door opened to the library and a man entered, he was human and wore simple clothing. The librarians seemed to know him and even laughed at his little joke, to which he nodded and headed over to the terminal next to Dathos.

The feeling got stronger the closer the man got, it wasn't an alarming feeling, but one of calming and peace. He knew that it had to be this man causing this feeling but he did not know how to react to it so merely went back to reading. However he was unable to concentrate.

The man sat down next to him and proceeded to type in a few things and did reading of his own, not even glancing at Dathos. This went on for a few minutes before finally the man spoke.

"Strange isn't?" The man asked in Dathos' direction.

"Hmm? Are you talking to me?" Dathos asked confused. The man nodded and continued reading, not adding anything further to the conversation.

After a few more minutes passed by the man finally spoke again. "When I approached the feeling got stronger didn't it?" The man asked.

Dathos grew very worried and started to look around to see if he could see any other potential threats in the room, and as if the man could read his mind he spoke up again.

"Relax, I'm not here to hurt you Dathos. And I am alone so no need to worry about that either." The man explained with a sly smile across his face.

"How do you know my name..?" Dathos asked in an incredulous voice. He fear did seem to lesson a bit but only because the feeling he got from this man radiated warmth and peace, not violence or anger.

"The council detected you as soon as your ship entered the system. They got the manifest of the ship and figured out it was you, Dathos Vok son of Captain Rothar Vok, who's presence they could detect." The man replied, without showing any emotion or even looking Dathos' way.

"Council..?" He asked, growing more and more curious with each passing moment. His mind raced before finally realizing what the man meant.

"Your a..." Dathos began to speak before the man cut him off. "Jedi. Yes, the council sent me to meet with you Dathos." The man explained this time looking at Dathos.

"Wow wait hold up, your telling me the Jedi Council ordered you here to meet with me because they could detect my presence?" Dathos asked almost at a loss for words.

"Yes, and I am Knight Naxar Dandon. And while this may all sound confusing I was hoping you'd be willing to come with me to the Jedi temple here on Eriadu." Naxar replied standing up from the desk.

Dathos was so confused and at a loss for words he merely got up and motioned for Naxar to lead the way, and lead the way he did. Navigating back through the streets towards the Jedi temple as if he had done it a thousand times. Finally after what seemed like an hour of walking the Jedi temple came into view and its grand steps towered above the pair.

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Namegen Author

Climbing up they soon reached the top where the entrance to the temple stood, guarded by men who stood on either side. They made no movement as Dathos and Naxar approached, almost as if they knew they were coming. Dathos could sense these two as well although not as strongly as he could Naxar and once they entered the temple he was overwhelmed by it all. He could sense almost everyone in the temple, some were stronger than others. And one of the strongest he felt stood in the middle of the floor they were on, what appeared to be a large courtyard.

After coming to his senses he realized that he was being stared at by almost everyone in the room, the younger Jedi whispering among themselves. Dathos could not tell what they said but he figured it was something good and not bad.

"Dathos Vok, welcome to the Jedi temple." The person standing in the middle room called out. He was of a race that was escaping his mind at the moment but it would come to him soon.

"I am a Cerean, hailing from the planet Cerea. My name is Master Zi-Cad and it is a pleasure to finally meet you. For you see it was I who first sensed your presence as your ship entered the system. Your presence.. it caused quite a stir among the order. And then I read you, and I could feel your heart and soul. The good that you carry with you, and once I calmed the rest of the council down I sent Naxar to fetch and bring you here." Zi-Cad explained nodding at Naxar.

Dathos stood there as if he was frozen, not fully understanding all that was said. "Why am I here?" he finally stammered.

"Because we have not detected someone so strong in their connection to the force in a long time." Zi-Cad said bluntly.

Dathos was taken aback, connection to the force? That could not be true, there had to be some mistake.

"It is no mistake, you just do not understand the power that you hold inside you. However, if you are willing, we will take you in and begin training you on how to properly use that power. And you will be inducted into the Jedi Order." he went on to explain.

"I must speak with my father." Dathos replied curtly and turned around only to see his father and sister standing at the door. They both wore expressions of shock and confusion as he did yet he also saw a sense of pride in his father's face.

"We brought your father here the same time you left the library, and we explained your situation to him along the way." Naxar spoke up, nodding to the Jedi who stood next to his father.

"Father..." Dathos tried to speak but his father quickly cut him off. "We both know you were born to do great things, and this is your chance to prove that. Go now, you have my blessing and my support." His father explained biting back tears.

Dathos ran and hugged his father, who held him tight for a while before finally his father stepped back and smiled. Dathos would never forget the way his father smiled at him that day, something he would hold onto for the rest of his life.

"I will join the order, and I will train to help understand my power." Dathos agreed, and Zi-Cad turned around without saying another word.

Naxar took the bag that Rothar had been holding onto and lead Dathos away from the entrance and deeper into the temple.

"Who will be my teacher, Naxar?" Dathos finally asked after they left the courtyard.

"Me, and it is Master now. Do you understand?" Naxar asked him in a rigid tone.

"Yes, Master." Dathos replied, his fear of the coming future growing with each passing hour...*

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