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The Imperial Order

A quasi-military order of like minded Imperials who follow a strict set of guidelines and maintain maximum discipline at all times. They know only one loyalty and that is the loyalty to the Empire itself, and they put their duty to the Empire above all else. With their foundations strongly rooted in order and discipline, they are a true force to be reckoned with. They know no bounds and fear no enemy, not even death itself.

The Command structure for the Order is simple yet effective. At the top is the High Elder, elected by the Elder council in which there are 5 seats. Of these 5 there sits the leaders of each branch of the order itself, with the exception of the Scribes Guild who receive two seats. These elders vote on matters relating to the Order yet ultimately they fall under the direct command of the Emperor.

The titles of the Elders are as follows;
High Elder
Head Scribe (Scribe's Guild)
Senior Marshal (Lancer Corps)
Imperium Legate (The Legion)
Elder (Knights Brotherhood)

These ranks are all equal within the order and all answer to the High Elder directly.

At the core of the Order are the Knights Brotherhood, force capable Imperials who have turned away from both the Jedi and Sith teachings and instead have come together to serve the greater Empire. These knights are broken down and trained from the bottom up to be experts at what they do. Lightsaber combat, force techniques, command, and even hand to hand combat. They can take on most any role in the Imperial military from spec ops to pilots to front line soldiers even commanding armies and fleets. The Imperial Knight is the true embodiment of what being an Imperial is all about.

The Ranks of the Brotherhood are as follows;
Squire (Trainee)
Initiate (Private)
Aspirant (CPL/Specialist)
Knight (SGT)
Knight Sergeant (Staff Sergeant)
Knight Captain (First Sergeant)
Knight Commander (Sgt Major)
Sentinel (Lieutenant)
Knight Paladin (Captain)
Senior Paladin (Major)
Paladin Commander (Colonel)
Star Paladin (General)

When an order member shows promise or the desire to pilot they are sent through the Lancer Academy and are trained on how to fly and operate many different types of vehicles and spacecraft armed and unarmed. Upon graduation they are assigned to the Lancer Corps who make up the pilots and operators of the Order's craft and vehicles.

The ranks of the Lancer Corps are as follows;
Squire (Trainee)
Lancer Initiate (Lieutenant)
Lancer (Captain)
Lancer Knight (Major)
Lancer Commander (Colonel)
Lancer Marshal (General)

Alongside the combat branches of the order lies the Scribe's Guild in which the academics go to keep records and are trained in the studying of most anything in the galaxy. They keep up the Order library of records and study any and all important data that comes through the Order channels. The Scribes are also responsible for the creation and upkeep of the Order's weapons and equipment and as such are an essential part of the Order.

Scribe's Guild Ranks;
Scribe Initiate
Senior Scribe

Alongside the branches of the Lancer Corps, the Scribe's Guild, and the Brotherhood is the Legion. The Legionaries which make up the Legion are Imperials who join the order yet show no talent in the use of the force and therefor are trained in the typical style of the grunt except given extra training upon completion making them superior to Imperial stormtroopers. Seeing as they are ground troops and the Empire has a plethora of storm troopers at its disposal the Legionaries are few in number and are used for special occasions.

Legion Ranks;
Legionary (PVT)
Decanus (SGT)
Tesserarius (FIRST SGT)
Optio (Lieutenant)
Centurion (Captain)
Tribune (Major)
Prefect (Colonel)
Legion Legate (General)

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