Yes I love to play games especially RTS games! But I do like to play a shooter once in a while.. I love playing mods and if u ever see my name on any games its probably me!

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The Beginning
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Namegen Author

*While leaders and representatives around the galaxy vied for either war or galactic peace, others led their normal lives. Often small non important ones, but lives all the same. One of those lives was being led by a Quarren on the fringe of the galaxy on the planet Dac.. and while his life may seem normal it would be by his own decision whether it would take off and he would become something much greater..

Dathos Vok sat alone on the north end of the group of islands he called home. While most of his family lived below the surface he chose to live above. The calming breeze and the sound of the waves crashing against the beaches calmed him. But Dathos did not know why he needed calming, he felt no hate. In fact he was always at peace, no matter what he did or what happened to him he always found his inner peace and kept it. He was told that he harbored no hatred, to which he agreed wholeheartedly.

He sat there and watched the water, deep blue. It was endless, never ending. It fascinated him yet also terrified him. He had studied history for years and years, since he was a young child. It too fascinated him. Some would say his fascination could come off as an obsession, but he did not seem to notice comments that were directed at him. He would read something and that something would take him everywhere, and he would learn it all. But he was scared, he was scared of the unknown. And that partly was why he chose to live above the ocean. He could see all around him, he knew what was there and why it was there. The ocean was not like that. And it terrified him. If by learning all he could about history, and knowing what was to come it would disperse the feelings of fear of the unknown for the future. And so he continued his learning journey..

Another thing he enjoyed while growing up was technology, it like the ocean was endless. Never ending. Between history and technology he spent most of his life researching both topics, learning everything he could. Even managing to obtain transport off of the planet to learn what he could not learn here. The island was home to one of the largest libraries on Dac, and Dathos was a frequent visitor to it spending much of his time there.

While learning all he could, he found a pattern in the history of the galaxy. It was always light versus dark, good versus evil. But in today's galaxy it wasn't so black and white. Was it just good versus evil? Or was good slowly becoming the evil they were trying so hard to extinguish? These questions and many many more kept coming to him, and those of the existence of life itself. Why were they all here, what was their purpose in life. Did each being have their own destiny or are they forced to make their own.

He did not have answers to these questions, but he tried his best to find them...

Behind him he somehow sensed the approach of his sister, and he could never explain how or why he sensed these things. He had tried to find topics on the matter, scouring the galaxies databases for knowledge but came up empty handed.

"Brother, are you finished with your meditation for the day? Lunch is ready in the great hall, and father will be joining us today." His sister Violoth explained.

He opened his eyes to see his sister standing over him, and he smiled. It had been some time since he had seen his father.

"Yes, I shall be right there." Dathos replied. He stood and brushed off the sand from his clothes and followed Violoth back towards the villa that sat at the center of the island. Built by his family many generations ago, it had stood the test of time. His family history stretched back many many generations. They were outcasts in that they had stayed loyal to Dac and her leaders, even when other Quarren wanted to fight against the Mon Calamari. They were often the target of ridicule for being so friendly with them, and with outsiders. This always caused turmoil in the family but Dathos knew what he was loyal too, and that was the idea of the greater good. And if that meant going against what other members of his family believed so be it.

"Hurry! Were going to be late!" Violoth jibed before taking off towards the entrance to the villa. Dathos laughed and followed close behind, easily over taking his younger sister.

"You've gotten slower sister, best keep up with exercise!" Dathos exclaimed as he passed her and reached the main door, where their father stood with an expression of slight annoyance splayed across his face. Dathos wasn't expecting to see his father at the door and his presence took him by surprise but he recovered and nodded to his father, Rothar, just as his sister caught up with him.*

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Namegen Author

"It has been a long time, I think the last time we saw each other was 6 months ago when.. well you know.." Dathos said in sad tone, his head dropping low. The memory of his mother flashed through his mind. She wasn't even that old, a rare disease the doctors tried to explain. All the technology in the galaxy and she couldn’t be saved..

His father looked at him for awhile, the thoughts of his wife's passing going through his head as well.

"Shall we eat now?" Violoth asked, noticing the sadness on both her brother's and father's faces. His father smiled and nodded, motioning them inside. Dathos followed and took his seat at the long table he had held since as long as he could remember. A small lunch was lain on the table, and the three began eating without much conversation. Simply enjoying the time spent together.

"So father, any talk of war reaching your ears? Or are we going to continue this cold war?" Dathos asked, savoring a nice bite of his food.

Rothar took a sip of his drink while he thought of the proper response to the question. He was a senior officer in the Federation Navy and as such had ears open to the rumors and hearsay.

"No, no talk of war or an attack has reached my ears." he replied and sat his cup down. This seemed to please his son who went back to eating his food.

"Have you ever been to the capitol before? I know of your secret travels, but I don't believe one of them was to Eriadu." Rothar asked.

"No, I have not. But I would love to, hopefully soon since I have finished my schooling." Dathos replied slightly embarrassed his father knew of his secret trips off the planet.

"Ah yes thats right you just finished your proper schooling, any idea on your future? Perhaps a spot at with the many engineering firms on the planet or perhaps even a military career..?" His father asked, looking over at Dathos who was toying with his fork.

"I haven't decided, but maybe we could take the trip to Eriadu sooner rather than later." He paused. "Perhaps, today?" He replied growing excited the more he thought of viewing the grand capitol of the federation and learning everything he could from the immense libraries there.

Rothar leaned back and thought about it for a while before coming to a decision. "Yes, I think that can be arranged. Perhaps your sister would like to join us." He finally said looking over to Violoth who had sat quiet for most of the lunch.

"Yes! I would love to!" Violoth exclaimed nearly jumping out of her seat.

Rothar pounded his hand on the table and smiled broadly. "Then its settled! To the Capitol we go!" He exclaimed getting up and taking off towards the private hangar that was connected to the villa.

Violoth and Dathos strode off and gathered a few things for the trip, Dathos bringing his holocomputer he carried around on his wrist and a few other things, before rejoining their father at the hangar.

He looked at them both and motioned for them to board the craft that would take them up to the huge stations orbiting the planet. Dathos took his seat near the large window and watched in awe as he always did as the ship made it's way up and into the atmosphere. He loved the view and it always would e one of the most beautiful things he would ever see.

As the transport ascended into space, one of the largest groups of space stations came into better view and the Mon Calamari shipyards became clear. They were immense and expansive, the largest structures Dathos had ever seen. He loved walking their halls, studying their history. He also loved the technology, both that went into the stations themselves and the ships that were built there.

They docked with a military transport station where ships departed for the south constantly. His father led them off the craft and they proceeded towards their transport that was headed for Eriadu. It was a bigger craft and she was beautiful, at least to Dathos. As they boarded, other military personal came aboard and Dathos studied them like he did everything else. Their uniforms varied, each branch had their own. Officers and enlisted men both came aboard.

As the craft took off and made the jump to lightspeed Dathos found himself giddy with joy and laughter as he always did when a ship made the jump. It seemed incredible to him.

His father looked over and saw the look on his son's face, something which he had not seen nearly enough since he took his commission as an officer. He saw alot of himself in Dathos' face, and it made him proud to see just how far his son had come...*

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