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Deadly Ambition
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Namegen Author

(Taking place in the current star wars canon, not the RP. 5 years before the battle of Yavin)

Outer Rim, Hypori

*The Ardent Wind, a modified Interceptor IV class frigate, jumped out of hyperspace inside the Hypori system, its systems rebooting fully from the jump.

"All systems green and clear, nothing on scanners that could cause issues boss." Erik Jenson, the ships navigator, explained.

Barik Mallist simply nodded, not looking up from his terminal where he was going over reports from their last raid. "Lets make for the spaceport, and remember this place is filled with pirates, smugglers, murderers, and who knows what else. Everyone stay sharp." Barik explained.

Erik and his systems control officer, Jaxon Larten, simply nodded. The other 3 crew members nodded as well. They all knew why they were here. The door to the bridge opened and a large battle droid clambered in. Barik smiled and looked back at the droid.

"Boss, were close now. You think there is still a chance at a droid factory on the planet down there?" IG 151, a IG-100 MagnaGuard droid, asked. He walked in and looked out at the planet and the large asteroid that served as the starport, before turning to look at Barik waiting his answer.

"Thats the hope, the Hutt Cartel and the Black Sun have tried for years to find the last foundry and even then I'm not sure they could've activated it without the proper codes." Barik replied turning to look back down on his screen.

"You mean the files I have in my head?" IG asked, to which Barik nodded. At this point Jaxon could not restrain himself and spoke up, clearly agitated.

"Alright, boss, lets here the plan one more time. Im still unsure of how this is all going to go down. We are hoping based on the codes in IG's head here that there is a droid foundry down there. Correct?" Jaxon asked.

Without looking up from his terminal Barik replied yes, allowing Jaxon to continue. "And we dont know exactly where this droid factory is, but if we find it and somehow reactivate it what then?" Jaxon asked.

Barik thought to himself, going over the options in his head. "Lets just see if we can find the factory first, then we can decide what happens after." Barik exclaimed, silencing the crew for a time.*

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Namegen Author

*The Ardent Wind made good time to the spaceport nicknamed the Rock by its visitors. The Rock was home to degenerates and cut throats from all over the galaxy. A sentient known only as the "Big Boss" held control over the station.

The Black Sun and Hutt Cartel had offices and agents here, as did numerous other pirate ventures. The Rock was able to be so successful due to the fact the Empire turned a blind eye to the happenings and dealings of the Rock. The Empire obtained valuable info from the many visitors.

"Rock Spaceport, this is the Ardent Wind. Requesting permission to land. Transferring credit amount for both the hangar space and the usual fees now." Landen Rourke, comms officer, explained over the comms. "Ardent Wind, you are clear to dock at dock 214. Enjoy your stay." The commsman replied.

"Take her in easy, id rather not cause any damage here." Barik explained, Erik nodding in reply.

The space port was built into a large Asteroid, almost a moon according to some. Hundreds of ships made port here, unloading stolen goods, buying and selling other commodities.

Rows on rows of docking platforms were situated all around the asteroid itself, all connected together with sealed platforms leading back to the main station. The Ardent Wind, while not the biggest vessel in the system at 125 meters, still needed to dock at specialized moorings alongside the larger vessels.

"Erik, get me a scan on the larger ships in the system. I want to know who might be poking around." Barik asked, Erik quickly inputting a few commands into the terminal. He projected his findings onto the main screen.

"As you can see the largest ship docked at the station is an old Venator class that belongs to our hosts. However, shes nothing to worry about as most of her weapons have been pulled off and installed onto the main base itself and she now sits crewless, mostly weaponless, and idle. It doesnt look like shes moved in years." Erik explained.

"Next up are a pair of Hutt frigates, nothing to shake a stick at. But shouldnt be any issue for us. And the only other ship docked at the station that could give us any issue at all is.. well damn." Erik exclaimed. "What is it?" Barik asked.

"Kandar is here. ****, his ship didn't register when I scanned the system the first time." Erik replied, all of the crew members looking back at Barik. His face hardened and he decided that it was time to end their bloody feud once and for all.

"Lets dock anyway, it would look suspicious not too. We have cargo to unload and information to obtain. IG you and Jaxon are with me, we will make contact with a broker and we will have the cargo unloaded. Erik you stay here with the crew and watch over the ship. Report in if Kandar's ship departs." Barik explained getting up from his chair and leaving the bridge followed by IG and Jaxon..*

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Namegen Author

*Barik lived out of the captains quarters, a small yet comfortable room that offered privacy compared to the small barracks that held the bunks for the rest of the crew. He walked over to the far wall where his weapons and armor hung, running his hand over his father's armor. His anger flared up at thought of his past.

Kandar. It all came back to Kandar. He killed Barik's father, he forced Barik's mother to the outerim. It all was caused by Kandar. Barik would kill that man if it was the last thing he would do.

Barik grabbed his blaster rifle he had specifically built for himself and a few grenades along with his blaster pistol that was always on his hip. A vibroknife was sheathed across his chest for easy access, choosing to leave behind his father's beskad.

Barik topped the look off with his signature duster, a large trench coat he had received a while ago from a dying long time friend. It offered some coverage over his armor, but most could see the armor beneath the coat.

Upon leaving his office, IG met him ready to go. Since IGs rescue from a ruined ship in an asteroid belt, he had vowed to never let himself be used as a pawn again. To that effect he was quite well armed, carrying the large DC-15 blaster rifle carried by Republic clone troopers of old. A pair of dual heavy blaster pistols were holstered on either hip. He was a one man army no one wanted to mess with.

"Ready?" Barik asked, already knowing that answer. "Yes, what is your plan with Kandar if we see him? Do you think he will engage us here?" IG asked just as Jaxon exited the barracks, he was armed more discreetly with only a small blaster carbine and a vibroknife.

"No, it would be suicide. This place would turn its guns on both of our ships and gun us all down before we'd have a chance to blink if we tried anything." Barik explained. "No, if anything we act cordial if he approaches but keep ready for anything. Kandar is ruthless, conniving, and a bastard. He might try anything." Barik continued.

"Roger, are we all set? Erik has made contact with a broker who says he might have info on Hypori in exchange for our goods. Worth a shot." Jaxon explained.

"Alright lets go, have Erik send me the location. You two grab a small portion of the cargo and lets go." Barik exclaimed before heading down the hall to the airlock that led to the station.*

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Namegen Author

*Barik met IG and Jaxon at the entrance to the airlock. He showed the small container that contained the stolen goods from their last raid. A ship of processed precious gems worth a fortune. It had nearly cost them their lives getting the cargo, but they did. And now it was the perfect tool to bargain for information.

The 3 were met by a pair of guards and what looked to be an official, fat and out of breath just walking to the airlock. "I see all payments have been made, may I inquire as your visit here at the Rock?" The dock keeper asked.

Barik looked at his two companions before replying. "Business." The official merely nodded, knowing exactly what was meant by that and stepped aside letting the three past.

They continued on for a while passing by a few groups of people all of which went silent at the sight of the lumbering war droid. Jaxon leaned in and spoke quietly. "Must be their first time seeing a battle droid." IG paused and replied. "No, just a MagnaGuard like me. We were rare even during the Clone Wars. That im still in one piece and functioning is a miracle." In a quiet voice.

Jaxon had no answer to this and the three of them finally made their way into the main hub of the space port. And it did not disappoint.

There vendors and merchants all over the large courtyard that made up the central spaceport. Groups of pirates and mercenaries went back and forth offering their goods and services. A few fights broke out from time to time forcing the guards of the Rock to scramble and break them up before a full fledged battle took place.

Barik was impressed, this was his first visit to the Rock and he didn't think so many pirates and scum could fit in one place. Then again, he was a pirate himself.

"This way, I will lead and push our way through. The contact is meeting us in a dive a ways from the central thorough-fair." Jaxen spoke up breaking Barik from his thoughts. Barik grunted in reply and he took middle while IG took up the rear.

The trio wove through the crowd getting odd looks from quite a few people, most directed at the lumbering battle droid. No one offered any challenges, most driven away by the droid itself.

Before long they found themselves before a small bar in the corner of the room. A bright sign hung above the door in a language Barik did not understand. The three of them entered and took a seat at the bar before ordering a drink and scanning the room.

Not seeing anyone approach they turned to the screens hanging on the wall displaying news from around the galaxy. Nothing Barik was interested and tuned it all out. The door opened and Barik turned noticing a Mandalorian female walk in, armed much like he was, when she turned and nodded his way he knew this was their contact.*

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Namegen Author

*The female didn't say a word and merely walked past her, Barik knowing to follow her. The three of them stood and followed the female past the bar and into the back room where a private table and a pair of armed guards awaited them. The female took a seat at the table and motioned for Barik to sit as well.

Barik sat down nodding at his two companions who put their backs to the wall eying the two guards with caution. "Out." the female exclaimed, her guards jumping to protest but silenced at a raised palm. They huffed and exited the room closing the door behind them.

"Now, lets get to it." the female exclaimed, her tact not exactly what Barik expected. "You seek information on Hypori. Why?" She asked leaning in, her eyes focused and stuck on Barik. He decided their was no point in trying to lie to her about it and laid it all out on the table.

"We seek a lost droid factory that we believe was not destroyed after the Clone Wars." Barik said bluntly, the female's eyes light up. IG shuffled and Jaxen bit his tongue wanting to speak up.

The female sat back in her chair, her gears whirling and pondering over what he had just said. "and what makes you believe that factory exists?" she asked. IG shuffled again, but Barik kept going. "We have obtained information from a reliable source." He simply replied.

The female stood, changing the subject. "You brought payment?" Jaxen walked forward laying a vial of the refined crystals on the table. She picked it up and moved it back and forth in the light, nodding. "This will do. Shall we leave now?" She asked stunning the room.

"Leave?" Barik asked confused. "Yes, you just bought a guide. I have scoured Hypori most of my life, that is what I do. I search for old tech, mining spots, new wildlife, whatever im paid to look for. And let's just say ive something like what you seek. But I can only show you." She replied.

Barik looked at Jaxen and IG who simply shrugged their shoulders. "Look Miss, i'm going to need alot more information about you before I go letting you on my ship..." Barik exclaimed, crossing his arms.*

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Namegen Author

*Just as he was sizing up the female and trying to deduce her intentions blaster shots broke his train of thought. The female jumped to her feet training her weapon on Barik while him and his companions both aimed their weapons on her.

"What is this? Who are you with?!" Barik yelled at the female. "Me?! Who are you with?" She hollered back. Barik not exactly trusting her, decided to go with his gut and lowered his blaster pistol. Everyone else lowered their weapons, IG lowering his last.

"So what exactly was that? Shall we go find out?" Barik asked, the female nodding in reply. Both Mandalorians moved to either side of the door leading to the bar, their blasters at the ready. IG and Jaxen were on either side of the door as well.

"Barik Mallist. We know your in there. Come on out now." A familiar voice hollered out. "Kandar." Barik exclaimed quietly.*

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Namegen Author

*The female looked over at Barik, but with her helmet on it was hard to tell what she was thinking.

"Kandar, its been too long. Ran out of families to ruin have you?" Barik asked in a mocking tone. "If you would only listen to the truth.. But no matter. The Enclave requests your presence. You have been gone far too long." Kandar explained.

The Enclave. Memories flooded in, growing up as a teenager in the Enclave and becoming an adult. The enclave had taught him all he knew, how to be a true Mandalorian.

"They let you back in the enclave?" Barik asked. "I never left. Barik you have to understand.. your father.. He isnt dead. Having fought in the Clone Wars with the Republic, he saw first hand of the treachery that happened that horrible day. He watched as Jedi were gunned down by their own forces. He couldn't stand by as he watched the Jedi get slaughtered." Kandar explained, Barik's mind racing.

"He turned on the troopers on Mandalore during the fighting, allowing him and 3 other Jedi escape. This put a target on his head. Something he couldn't risk your life over. So he... faked his death. A duel between him and I." Kandar continued, his voice somber. "I wish I could've told you. But you dissapeared." Kandar finished.

Barik sat quiet for a long while. Not wanting to believe anything he said.. Yet part of him did. Wanted to believe his father is still alive.

"Why now? Why does the enclave want me to return?" Barik asked. "Because your father has returned, and brings an important message." Kandar replied.

Just at that moment alarms blared throughout the station. Confused, Barik looked at his companions though none seemed to have any clue.

"Boss! Imperial Star Destroyer has entered the system and is making straight for the station. You must get back to the ship!" Erik shouted over his ear piece.*

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Namegen Author

*Barik decided on a course of action and nodding to his crew members and the female they walked out of the room with their weapons lowered. Kandar and two other Mandalorians stood behind the bar, their weapons lowered as well.

"I will meet you at the enclave." Barik exclaimed walking past Kandar without looking at him.*

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