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Order and Discipline Above All Else

NAME: Kain Talus
AGE: 29

BODY TYPE: Endomorpoh
SKIN TONE: Caucasian
HAIR STYLE: Middle Length Wavy
OTHER FEATURES: A cut down vertically across his left eye going down just past his lip.

AWARDS: Medal of Valor In Combat x2
EQUIPMENT: Crossguard Lightsaber, missing its crsytal. Blaster Pistol.
Guardian I-1 Point
Defender I-1 Point
Force Insight I-1 Point
Wisdom I-II-3 Points
Commander I-II-3 Points
Paladin I-1 point
10 Points

Basic Combat
Trooper I
Charisma I
Juggernaut I
Officer I-II-III
Fencer I

Force Abilities:
Force Grip Force Blinding (from martial form)
Force Sight (Force Insight I)

Kain Talus has seen and done many terrible things throughout the short time he has been alive. Watching fellow comrades die next to him, some even in his own arms. It was alot for a man take, even someone as strong willed as Kain was. But he carried on, valuing order and discipline above all else. Always following orders, even if that meant giving up his life for the good of the Empire. However through it all he still had a sense of humor and this won the men he served with over, and they followed him into battle with great and immense loyalty.

Kain Talus was born to a wealthy family on Kuat, a world with strong ties to the empire stretching back many many years. His ancestors, including his own father, had served in the Imperial Military for many years with great distinction. As such his loyalty to the Empire was complete and without question, and he too went on to serve in the Imperial Military eventually rising to the rank of Major after completion of the Imperial Officer's Academy.

However it was during his early years of serving in the military that he learned the true weaknesses of the Empire. The Empire today was weak, even under Tarl and more so now under Magister. He felt things needed change, yet his duties came above his personal feelings for a greater Empire and as such he kept these thoughts to himself.

One of the things most troubling and worrisome things plauging Talus' mind constantly was the fact that he was force sensitive. This was bad for many reasons, for one it meant he might someday be drafted into the Sith order which terrified and mortified him. He loathed the Sith and all that they stood for, but on the flip side he felt similar feelings for the Jedi and their hypocritical views of the galaxy. The other reason was that it put his family and career in danger, and as such he took great precautions to limit the exposure and knowledge of his abilities.

He worked night and day since learning of his abilities on how to hide them, strengthening his mind until not even he could break into it at times. This would prove useful to keep out the probes of any sith trying to find a new recruit.

Kain was mostly a proud and happy man, proud of his military service and happy with his station in life. However when the Emperor reignited the conflict between the Republic and the Empire, it cost him the life of his father and uncle. Both of which were his mentors and greatest friends. This changed Kain, causing him to see life as grey and dull. He didnt smile as much and felt little happiness but did not feel hatred either. He almost felt nothing, nothing expect the will to serve and pursue the upkeep of order and discipline.

He served on Kuat for a time as commander of a company of Stormtroopers until the death of close friends brought this journey to a close..

The late count Magnus Saxe zi Starkroße, befriended Abel Talus (His Father) many years ago when the two happened on Kuat awaiting the repairs of their respective starships in the fourth year of the Imperial Civil War (307 ABY). Magnus met Abel's family, including the young (11 year old) Kain Talus. Over the next few years the families continued their friendship despite the geographical distance and class differences, although Kain hated every time he was forced to watch over or play with the little daughter of the Starkroße household.

Despite this childish dislike, when news reached him of the deaths of the parents he felt compelled to resume his role as a guardian for the girl. As such he requested a transfer to the Judicator as commander of the marines aboard the ship, and that was his current command.

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