Before joining the gaming industry I was a freelancer artist involve in illustration and graphic design since the age of 17 years old. Both position left a great impression on me to focus my artistic skills for visual communication and problem solving to help sell a client's product. Afterward, I got into video games as the next challenge not only for playing, but to compliment my artistic talent to the industry as concept artist. Working with a couple of indie gaming projects that I was responsible for UI, storyboard, logo, character and environment design. The experience pushes me to take a more lead and activate role as a game designer to create proper structure of game play and mechanics, lead art, story line, scenarios and level design.

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Sorry for the delay, but it's worth the wait as this week we bring good news. Our team just grew a little bigger in finally found a tester to help find any hidden bugs and performance of the game and the first suggestion to include a new gameplay of extra point. It is to achieve when scoring a perfect 100 percentage shooting rate per level to increase the replay value of the game. Also added is the update and addition of the game's HUD is finished like the mission level display to help notified the number of the level the player is at and the level complete menu with improve fonts that are easy on the eyes to read and follow. That is it for this week, but do keep an eye out for any news and update when available.

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It's Time!

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Greetings for this week news and update, and would like to say sorry for the lack of news recently. However, we proudly to announce the brand-new opening of Art Ink Studios website that can be viewed either on PC desktop and mobile. The site is design simple to attract attention grabber, easy to read and direct about pages of the team and the game of Star Blitz X. There are additional to the sites like the search box, rating the site on the feedback page, the share bar and newsletter. Speaking of the newsletter, whenever signing up now you'll get the latest news about the reason why we are making our first game, the process and the contest giveaway. Look for the update of the giveaway contest in the near future or sooner. Meanwhile, we have been working nonstop on our game and add in about five audio files of voice announcer to it to give it personality. Be on the lookout for the launch of the demo soon for further feedback. That is it for this week news and update, but stay tune for any news and update when available.

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Welcome to this week news and update as we hit overtime with the progress of Star Blitz X the demo. This week the team website has been re-design as a landing page for both team and game page for easy access. It will be published soon for the public to access, but do keep a look-out for it. In other news, the game has been tested nonstop and added 4 more asteroid assets that set up a different trap or an individual attack pattern to create the variety to the game challenge. There are a total of 9 asteroid assets within 20 levels of the demo as it stands as the final number of assets to the game. Lastly, more game mechanics that we are adding to the game to make the demo unique with a replay value. That is it for this week news and update, but stay tune because there will be more as soon as possible.

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Happy new year and happy anniversary to Art Ink Studios celebrate its 4th year existing. This week we already start adding the mini map radar to the game along with update background and radio station HUD font. Meanwhile, we have been busy updating the design of the home development website to be simple and direct for the visitor to be invested in our game. It's still a work in progress, but will continue to provide the best for our audience. Also in other news we are near the decision of launching Star Blitz X the demo on steam and google store sometime later this year. There are few deals and decision to work out, but be on the lookout. That is it for the first news and update of 2021, but still tune for further news and update when 2971961 1920

Soon Very Soon!

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This week we update the game announcer and quotes font while adjust the size of the deflector shield of the Earth. We manage to add in 2D asteroids within the background to create the illusion of many within the belt without slowing the performance of the game with the 3D version. Meanwhile, we have been shopping to look which app store to publish and near a suitor as soon possible. That is it for this week news and update but give more when available soon.

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This week we are further testing for hidden bugs. What we mostly found is the performance of the game upload to which is the high detail texture of the models that could be the problem. The updating of the texture is already underway with the possibility of other method to optimize the game for speed up performance. Meanwhile, we are still looking for feedback for our game and if available visit our website to access the links to download the game. That is it for this week news and update, but stay tune for more when available.

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Keeping It Up!

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This week we manage to update the asteroid belt and plasma shield, but hit a set back with shield for the earth, the environment light and disappearing asteroid assets. It will be taken care of and more testing that we miss. In other news to which we update and finished the press kit to Star Blitz X and can be find on the homepage. That is it for this week news, but will give more when 5275153 1920

For this week to which we have been busy like a bee with updating the game's FX and shading. Unfortunately, we may have to upgrade the current unity game engine to where the asteroid dust, shield and light is still a problem because they were made from an upgrade version unity and not the current one we have. Meanwhile, We have been updating the press kit for the game with new header, icons and logo design. It's almost ready as we further update the press kit and launching ads for our game. That is it for this week news and update, but will release more when available. Until then, stay tune.despaired 2261021 1920

This week is a very busy week as we update the asteroid belt performance, animation to the yellow and red asteroid and UI fonts. The game is included with a deflector shield for the earth as the new game mechanic. The way it functions as where the player shoots the earth as the force field shield will appear and disappear when stop shooting. Stay tune for future update of the shield as we continue to test it for satisfying results. In other news we update the FX to the game enhanced the scene, but still being tested and another trial and error. Mostly adjust the camera to increase the colors slightly to pop and balance the value of light and shadow scene. That is it for this week update and news, but be on the look for more in the near future.paint 1874763 1920

This week we are still testing for bugs while setting up both current and new asteroid's ability within the game and slightly update the radio station HUD. It's still a work in progress with possibility of success. Meanwhile, the updating of the asteroid belt is the main problem to which the dust cloud is included, and see to it of how many asteroids can be included without slowing down the performance of the game. It may result of a trial and error, but we are confidence it will be done without any problem. In other news we set up the timer of adding an extra 30 seconds in the sixth to tenth level to increase the challenge of the game. That is it for this week news and update and hope to give more when available soon.

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