Art Ink. Studios is a small indie team that make video games for consoles pc, mobile, and handheld. Our motto is, "We make video games for the fans by the fans."

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Art Ink. Studios

Art Ink. Studios

1 member Developer

Art Ink Studios is a small indie development team that makes games for PC, mobile, handheld and virtual console. Our motto is that we make games for the...

SCOG games

SCOG games

25 members Developer & Publisher

SCOG games is a group that works on games. We are currently working on a new fictional game about a world wide conspiracy.

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Latest tweets from @artinkstudios

Art Ink. Studios company via @moddb

Jul 16 2019

Star Blitz X Windows, iOS, Android game via @indiedb

Jul 10 2019

Another follow up. When you on the configuration of the game make sure that the graphic quality is set to Fastest i…

Jul 9 2019

Also forgot to mention but sure your laptop or computer runs Windows 8 or later. Graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce…

Jul 9 2019

Star Blitz X - Demo

Jul 9 2019

As a follow up to launching of our game contact us at for the feedback or suggestion to our game.

Jul 8 2019

It's official. Our first launched of our demo /alpha game is ready for feedback and suggestion on the download page…

Jul 5 2019

Great news. We are steps away of launching our alpha test demo of the game real soon. Mean while, we already finish…

Jul 4 2019

Spread the word. We are lookign for feedback or suggestion, we ask for improvement like adding more enemies, positi…

Jun 16 2019

When your first game is a failure, and needs a pick me up when Mr. Doubter pops from your head.

Jun 15 2019