In Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn, a young mercenary successfully infiltrated the Empire. Jedi Knight continues the story of Katarn as he embarks on a quest into his past and learns the mysterious ways of the Jedi. With this knowledge, he must stop seven Dark Jedi from unlocking the powers of a hidden Jedi burial ground. This task forces Katarn to decide his destiny. If he chooses the Dark side, he will come into enormous power. If he chooses the Light side, he faces seemingly insurmountable evil. Whatever path Katarn chooses will change the face of the galaxy forever.

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JKM Remastered 3.0 Released!

The Mod is now at a whole new level of amazement! Thanks to huge help from Fastgamerr we finally were able to get the in-game Cutscenes mod implemented and working! Here is an early test footage of what we first got once the cutscene mod actually worked in-game:

As you can see from there Fastgamerr and I looked into what was needed to get the characters to stop changing to the old models during the cutscenes. It turns out each part of the cutscenes where the models changed was because the cutscene was actually using a different model for that part. After we figured out which model 3do files were in what scene Fastgamerr worked his magic and was able to get the models updated! We now have the results below in the screenshot!


So we have effectively remastered the Cutscenes! Upgraded Mara and Kyle models and were even able to add the Lightsaber Hilts! Which reminds me! I believe this is the first time Mara Jade actually has the right Lightsaber Hilt since in the original game the lightsaber is just a generic handle there is no detail on it at all. It is truly an awesome hilt and thanks to Fastgamerr we were able to get this Lightsaber hilt from jkHub, believe or not from a mod for Jedi Academy by Plasma Lightsaber Hilt Collection 1.9


I suppose it is not too hard to believe! The Game looks so much better it does effectively look like it is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy now! Thanks to the implementation of openJKDF2 in this version we now have the awesome in-game configurations options for JKM now too!


New UI Menus

We were also able to use AI Enhancer and photoshop to Enhance the Game Menu images!


See more of the Menus in the image section or for that matter just download the mod now!

Download Now!

You can also Download from Nexus Mods here: Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Remastered

Installer Showcase!

Trailer Launch


Creators of OpenJKDF2
shinyquagsire23 - Max Thomas
bahstrike Strike
annnoo Anno
Jake Smarter

New Music:
*Clint Bakjakian & Richard Barrett Jr. - "Dark Forces Remastered Music pack" Found here:

*Mara Jade Theme - Created by General Tantor by using "Trouble Is Brewing" by Royalty free music FesliyanStudios and adding the Star Wars: Squadrons – Reveal Trailer Music (Extended) theme by Samuel Kim Music
Mara Theme replaces Track06

Ehanced Sounds & Dialogue - shimstock

FastGamerr and TreeMarmot creators of the amazing textures and upgraded effects! Without your help we would not have Jedi Knight: MOTS Remastered! check out there development group: The Secret Order of Sisyphus
- They used Varies Mods from JKA and some of the old JKE Models as well!
General credits:
* TreeMarmot/jdmclark for JkGfxMod and the Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack

Original mod credits:
* Shred18 for Jedi Knight Enhanced (
* darthbabe96 for his MotS Enhanced mod (this mod uses content from his mod's version 0.91 available on AND his Muzzle Flash mod for JK ( as well as with providing other hi-res resources used in this mod

Other model/texture credits:
* HapSlash and INFINITY BLADE for the Imperial officers and other models
* MotS mod for Jedi Academy for the Imperial Navy Troopers (replacing the Commandos)
* SMLiberator and darthbabe96 for other misc. models and model adjustments
* For the rock/stone overlays used in some of the textures used in this mod:
* See the additional credits section on the bottom of this page for darthbabe96's original list of credits from MOTSE v. 0.91

Enormous help credits:
* SMLiberator ( for a lot of COG and other work to get this patch working on MotS, in addition to making the new sabers and helping me out with getting darthbabe96's muzzle flashes to work properly with JkGfxMod

Playtesting credits for previous versions:
* Vortikai ( for MotS AND for JK)

Cutscenes Remastered!
FastGamerr was instrumental in helping me fix up the old ingame cutscenes mod from Edward Leuf. He also helped in getting new Models replaced for the Dueling scene, Boba Fett Model and the new Rebel Officer Models we used from Varies JK3 model mods from Hapslash to the Dark Forces Mods and so on. Below is full credits for each models created.
- Rebel officers and commander from the MotS for Jedi Academy project
- Rebel Commander Head - Crix Madine Model from Galatic Legacy Mod for JKA
- Some textures and variations from the Dark Forces Mod for JA (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE)
- (Boba Fett from JKE credits EMJK/EMSITH)

Plasma - Mara's Lightsaber, Luke Skywalkers and HD Yun Hilt models from Lightsaber Hilt Collection 1.9 mod were used and converted by Fastgamerr. That mod is for JKA and can be downloaded here:

UI Menus: Created by General Tantor with AI Art Ehancer and tuned up with Photoshop.

Evan Prince - Cleaned up MOTS Logo for the Main Menu Screen

Vurt's - JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack

blackhawk3d1 - HD Switches & More


Shred18 For the rediculous amount of models
taken from his Jedi Knight Enhanced
mod. Also the Mara Jade and Darth
Vader models were converted by him
for various other projects.
DT85 from Luke Skywalker model for Multi-
player. Was all made by DT, Toshi,
Hapslash, and Raven from the Converted by Darthbabe96.

TK-962 from AT-AT Driver model for Jedi Out-
cast. Converted by Darthbabe96.
sea206 from The base mesh I used for creating
the new Rebel Soldier. Not sure if
he was the one who created it or
just uploaded it, but it worked

Zen Studios The original build and textures of
the new Stormtrooper and Scout
Trooper models. They did a good job.
Converted by Darthbabe96.

JkGR: A Little Update

JkGR: A Little Update

Jk: The Gunrunners Project

A small update on what's been going on lately with Jk: Gunrunners.

Jedi Knight Remastered 3.3 Released!

Jedi Knight Remastered 3.3 Released!

News 5 comments

I am super excited to announce a new and improved version that actually has some good graphical changes as well as much needed fixes that should help...

JK: Dark Forces II: Extreme Definition Texture Pack

JK: Dark Forces II: Extreme Definition Texture Pack

Vurt's JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack 7 comments

This is a new texture mod for Dark Forces 2 (using openjkdf2) with completely new high-definition textures. Currently 700+ textures are recreated/reimagined...

Star Wars Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0 Released!

Star Wars Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0 Released!

News 14 comments

It is finally here! Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0 features a new backbone! OpenJKDF2 is now the root of the Mod! Biggest change meaning Ultra wide support...

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Jedi Knight Remastered Other

Missing File from RESOURCE folder may be needed to run the Mod on the CD Version of the Game.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Remastered 3.0

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith Remastered 3.0

Jedi Knight Remastered Full Version 24 comments

Finally! It is done! Huge Thanks to Fastgamerr who was instrumental in getting the in-game Cutscenes mod working and also helping me get all the new models...

Jedi Knight Dark Force II FOV patcher

Jedi Knight Dark Force II FOV patcher

Patch 3 comments

Tool to patch Jedi Knight Dark Forces II executable for custom FOV, remove FPS limits, disable mipmapping, LOD and update to Unofficial Patch. Recommended...

Vurt's JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack v1.0

Vurt's JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack v1.0

Vurt's JK-DF2 Extreme Definition Texture Pack Full Version 4 comments

Version 1.0 features 700+ new textures for the game with much improved quality. For use with OpenJKDF2 / Dark Forces 2 Remaster.

Virtual Skybox

Virtual Skybox

Mapping Tool

This is a custom skybox created by SM Sith Lord for Jedi Knight.

War that time forgot in-progress files

War that time forgot in-progress files

Stargate SG-1: The War That Time Forgot Demo

These are the leftover files for the cancelled War that Time Forgot mod for Dark Forces 2. These are mirrored here in-case someone wants to try to use...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 25)
Guest - - 693,348 comments

I believe that I have installed this properly, but I'm having an issue with switching weapons and using melee attacks.

the issue is that the animations for switching, fighting with my fists and my light saber are bugged and don't look right. does anyone know what the problem could be?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,348 comments

I found out that in my configuration file there was enable V-sync false,
I've changed that to true and that seems to have solved it.
I didn't see anything about that in the configuration guide.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Alfredon - - 158 comments

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Remastered v2.0 Reshade RAY TRACING GI

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
maxdamage - - 216 comments

Couldn't get inject.exe to run as it crashes with the error message "OpenGL could not be initialized" just to run the game...Maybe because my laptop had an Intel HD gpu?

Did get it to run with the dgVoodoo but still gave problems like no fmvs only audio,the gameplay in a window,etc...

Used the command line -windowgui which causes the menus and fmvs to be windowed but no longer black but the gameplay is full screen.Just the resolution to 1024 x 768.Plays fine!

Did anyone extract the textures,models and audio from the game? Would like to possibly use them as a mod for another game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Guest - - 693,348 comments

Downloaded everything and installed and got the icons including Configuration icon on my desktop … but when I try to open the Config it says <Adobe Acrobat could not open "jkgm.json" because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)>

My Adobe seems fine and the whole game is downloaded and ready to go but just can't open the Config. Pls advise?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,348 comments

Every time I run the inject.exe I get an error that OpenGL could not be initialized. The game works in 5K when starting directly. I have hardware acceleration but around the blaster I have a semi-transparent rectangle.

I do run it inside Wineskin on Mac. Like this it actually works best. Converted from CD version.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
QuirinInga - - 5 comments

A little gameplay demonstration with true Widescreen and fixed FOV!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
FoxinHood - - 210 comments

For some reason i get the feeling when playing this that Dark Forces 1 has better graphics, Like the blaster rifle looks better in that one, and the enemys look more real... but 2D...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
future4 - - 76 comments

Always wanted to play this game, but my computer disagrees.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
-=Zombine3D=- - - 279 comments

how to fix video? because when i play i have a mess on my screen :(

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