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It is finally here! Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0 features a new backbone! OpenJKDF2 is now the root of the Mod! Biggest change meaning Ultra wide support as well as in game configurations! Also the cursed stuttering issues are no longer an issue thanks to OpenJKDF2 being a separate engine we no longer have to deal with the limitations of the JK Engine!

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JKDF2 Remastered 3.0 Released!

As Promised 3.0 features the new OpenJKDF2 Engine: OpenJKDF2 by Max Thomas | shinyquagsire23. OpenJKDF2 is a function-by-function reimplementation of DF2 in C, with 64-bit ports to MacOS and Linux. Files are organized as closely to the original game as possible, based on symbols from the Grim Fandango Remaster Android/Linux/macOS port, as well as scattered assertions from various other games. It also contains the original versions of byacc and flex used for COG script parsing.

This new backbone allows for true ultrawide gaming up to 360 degrees! On the fly configurations in game by simply going to the display menu settings of the game. Most of all, it eliminates the stuttering issues that the previous versions were still plagued by since we were tied to the limits of the old JKDF2 Engine.

OpenJKDF2 Display Menu


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OpenJKDF2 has replaced the JKGFXMOD as the new backbone of the mod. No changes from the Enhancement mod or Neural upscale Texture packs. Still same amount of updated textures and enhancements as the last release. Hopefully, with the addition of this new Engine we can get some modders to push the limits even more and develop better textures! Regardless, this will probably be the last major release. Going forward the mod will be updated from the same download link above. OpenJKDF2 is actively being improved and enhanced so if you find any bugs please report them here: Issues so that way they will be fixed in the next version.

Installer Showcase!


Creators of OpenJKDF2
shinyquagsire23 - Max Thomas
bahstrike Strike
annnoo Anno

Creators of EMJK - Enhancement Mod for JkGfxMod (JK Edition) 1.0 [FINAL FGR VERSION]
Shred18 for Jedi Knight Enhanced (
darthbabe96 for the Muzzle Flash mod for JK ( as well as with providing other hi-res resources used in this mod
HapSlash and INFINITY BLADE for the Imperial officers and other models
MotS mod for Jedi Academy for the Imperial Navy Troopers (replacing the Commandos)
SMLiberator and darthbabe96 for other misc. models and model adjustments
TreeMarmot/jdmclark for the new WeeGee model and its textures
SMLiberator for the new sabers and helping me out with getting darthbabe96's muzzle flashes to work properly with JkGfxMod - among other things!
Playtesters: Vortikai (Steam) & Krokodile XVII - Son of Krokodile XVI

Creator of Jedi Knight Neural Upscale Texture Pack

As always guys have fun with Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0! And may the Force be with you!

--- GeneralTantor

Guest - - 695,081 comments

Amazing! Today I finish the game with the 2.0 version and it's amazing for me to see a new update today!

Thank you so much! Only one thing, E11 weapon with vertical FOV in 90 don't show properly. I prefer a 110 global FOV then the 90 Vertical FOV

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GeneralTantor Author
GeneralTantor - - 637 comments

yeah E11 Model was not fully created with FOV in mind. Not sure there is much I can do there since that was created by the JK enhanced team a long time ago.

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Guest - - 695,081 comments

Can't launch in Ubuntu with Wine.
version 2.0 can play normally

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GeneralTantor Author
GeneralTantor - - 637 comments

Not sure if it will run on that yet Linux has a different installation location I may have to mess around and create a Linux base install for this.... Next versions Ill have to create Mac and Linux versions so stay tuned.

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Andrew_Prime - - 6 comments

Can the Mots Remastered 2.0 be use here?

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Shteiny - - 3 comments

Hello, I am trying to record using your remaster. I have a 3440x1440 monitor so I have to lower the resolution for any game I record to 1920x1080. I see no option to do so in the in-game setup, how do I go about doing that with this mod?

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GodfatherPablo - - 16 comments

I'm pretty sure thats a feature not yet implemented in openjkdf2. The only way you could do it is change your resolution in your os to force it to run at 1080

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EvilIguana966 - - 2 comments

JK is one of my favorites from my childhood and I am glad that my occasional replays are future proofed (that era where I had an AMD card and had to downgrade the driver for JK to run is now firmly in the rearview mirror). Two issues/questions for this version so far:

1) Some changes have clearly been made to the gameplay, (two I've noticed so far are that the repeater is no longer pinpoint accurate and the e-11 now has an alt fire mode that is fast/inaccurate a'la the JO version of the gun. Is there a list/changelog of these alterations available anywhere?

2) Repeater projectiles seem almost invisible. Is this normal?

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Illyard - - 2 comments

This is awesome. One of my favorite games of my childhood. Thankyou.
Could you please tell where I can find the same MOD for Mysteries of the Sith?
I mean Jedi Knight Remastered 3.1.1 based on OpenJKDF2 but for Mysteries of the Sith.
And also in ingame menu "Expansions & Mods" I see "Install mysteries of the sith", what is it for ?

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Guest - - 695,081 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest - - 695,081 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

domjam - - 68 comments

Can you use this for the expansion MOTS, or is it currently only done for the base game?

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eightiesjapan - - 1 comments

I've only registered to leave a comment on this mod :) Thanks for this amazing mod - one of the best retro immersive experience that I’ve been to! I have set the mod on my gog installation, then added 'kyubus-shader' on reshade (installed on openjkdf2-64.exe) for crt experience on top of that... and what a blast! Thank you for keeping this project alive. Dark Forces II is my all time fav, next to Rogue One, I really love Kyle's side story in Star Wars Universe. I miss those live action cut scenes! The game was made at a very interesting time when 3d started replacing sprites. It gets more interesting as you progress because of the jedi powers. Without this mod I had constantly problems with the resolution. Awesome!

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dalehill94 - - 5 comments

Does "Star Wars Jedi Knight Remastered 3.0" actually work with "Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith"?

Edit: so adding MOTS into the expansions section of DF2 lets you launch it but it looks like the bloom effects are missing, like the blaster shots have no glow etc.

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