Ever wanted to play Halo 3 on your PC? Ever wanted to see Halo 1 with a total overhaul. Well, that is what Halo Revived is meant to do. Halo revived is an overhaul of Halo: Combat Evolved on the Unity 3D Engine. This is not a mod, this is a remake. We will add all new textures, models, Halo weapons from all of the games. If you are excited, please post in the comments or PM me. If you want to contribute in some way you can also contact me via comments or PM. You can also apply to join Trippy Turkey Studios if you wish.
1.Full multiplayer component.
2.Firefight with up to four friends (or enemies).
3.Weapon sights and and sprinting.
4.Armor abilities.
ALSO VISIT Trippy Turkey Studios.com for more insight, and a cleaner view.
You can submit ideas to jayell@mail.com or by PM to BeestkRome.
All Halo games are owned by Bungie and Microsoft inc. any harm or abuse done by this game does not apply to Bungie or Microsoft in any way whatsoever.

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If you have been to any of the pages for Halo Revived, then you surely know the dispute going on about getting C&D 'd etc.
Well to answer all of these people, thank you, I realize you are helping me. So I have decided for everyone's best interest that this game's production will be postponed for the time being.
Any people that are either maddened or sad please don't be so.
This game is NOT dead. I will continue work on it if I can ever get contact with Microsoft, Bungie, etc.

Hopefully this will stop all of the disputes and let me work on other things.

If you wanted to know, the requirement of my class is to have a game of any kind developed by 2012.

So I may post that game in the near future with a more planned and personal approach.

I apologize to all of the trackers and thanks again for the ones looking out for me.


*EDIT: Merry Christmas!.

Halo Revived: *Sketch*  +10 xp.

Halo Revived: *Sketch* +10 xp.

News 10 comments

In this news report I ask for suggestions and sketches from the community. I also explain what we are up to otherwise.

Halo Revived: Scanner Issues

Halo Revived: Scanner Issues

News 6 comments

Problems with the scanner are prohibiting me from computerizing my sketches and concept art.

Halo Revived: Back in Business

Halo Revived: Back in Business


Happy Thanksgiving! I also have some news for you guys!

First News Report

First News Report


Currently modeling in 3DS Max. Texturing in Paint Shop Pro 8+9. We have one of the fin models done and we should have the picture in the images.

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whitewolf1707 - - 3 comments

hey i was wondering when is this game going to be available?

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Guest - - 695,841 comments

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Guest - - 695,841 comments

OMG YES! pls don't let this die...

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ForgottenStudios - - 36 comments

It's dead! Sadly the owner has not logged on since 2011.

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Gamer_Of_Rock - - 157 comments


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HDremakeEVERYTHING - - 76 comments

fingers crossed for secret development... would love to play H3 on PC

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Guest - - 695,841 comments

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lka - - 38 comments

this game is dead?

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A10spartanap117 - - 19 comments

lol just go play halo anniversary xD

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TheSleepingObama - - 438 comments


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