Hi guys im A10 I'M A HUGE HALO PLAYER! I'm a youtube partner, I'm writing a halo book right now that should be out by the time halo 4 comes out, i work at machinima respawn, and i also work at mmo bomb i love amnesia and im searching for some good maps all the time new ones to be in fact

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1- new beginnings

8 years ago…

“Bradon? “Bradon looked at me. ”yeah?” he
responded. “A lot of kids have been disappearing lately” I said. ”well it’s not
bothering us we live in a good neighborhood Ap.” he replied “well I mean you
never know…”I walk away, I came back to see Bradon two hours later instead I
see a car leave his house I got a glimpse of the car I saw a strange symbol it
said “O.N.I” of course I thought oni was a myth a legend. It’s the Office of
Naval Intelligence. “Navy? What… why are they … at Bradon’s house? “I run to
the nearest stop light and I saw the car I know the driver saw me the car was
tinted black I threw a rock at it and the car kept moving right past the stop
light. The car left something I saw Bradon’s favorite blue car I pick it up and
walk away



Armand park unsc calendar- November 26, 2525

I’m older now what happened a few
years ago is behind me everyone in the town thought Bradon was dead. I know
what happened I didn’t bother to tell anyone what I saw no one would believe
me. now I just got done with O.D.S.T training today I’m officially an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Felicia Sanderson a odst colonel has offered
a briefing with me “ma’am” I salute Felicia “at ease private” I lower my hand I
was nervous I thought something was going to happen, I was going to kicked out
on first day. She continued “please sit” I take my seat “private your training
is unmatched by anyone else no one in the 105th can compete,

O.N.I has worked on a high value
team “The Army of Ten” you and a Spartan will leap in this first I'm opting you
as squad leader Chief Mendez told me those Spartans were making progress still
your done with training “Ma’am, A Spartan?” “yes oh here he is now” I look at
the door a Spartan wearing MJOLNIR battle armor stepped in his service tag
said: B313 he sat on a chair and watched me I turn back at Felicia “you two
will be the elite soldiers your first
mission is to intercept the covenant on chi
ceti IV” “any support ma’am?” I asked “YOU
ARE! Marines are already Defending there points now get down there and help
them” she said “YES MA’AM!” We both saluted and walked out of her office the
Spartan and I were stationed on a frigate called “Dust an Echoes” I told the
Spartan who I was he kept to himself nodded at what I said he’s very quiet that
did not matter he listened and that was good enough for me. he wears a Mljnoir
mk. V helmet, Mljnoir mk. V shoulders, And for his chest piece Hp/ Para foil
very light weight a knife centered in the middle I told him to get weapons and
meet me at the pod he nodded and went to the pod armory I chose a standard M6g
magnum and a BR55 it was an early test I
only heard about these it’s a work in progress. The Spartan armed himself with
a Ma5k an assault rifle (1)
that has a huge fire rate and the ma5b
the close cousin of the ma5k h.u.d, bullet counter, 60 round magazine, and a
compass. “Spartan get in one of the pods” we both get in “alright Spartan
prepare to drop!” I said waiting for the pod to release us in orbit this is
what I waited for… To see action, the pod began the launching sequence
BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! The pods released I saw a pink ship “is that one of ours? Never
seen such a thing.” I saw a frigate I couldn’t tell if it was fighting we land
we were already getting shot these bullets sounded strange none I’ve ever heard
before the explosive bolt’s on my pod blew out my pod door goes flying “Spartan
you have your ears on?” I pull out my BR55 and the Spartan takes off his helmet
and I said “
[Well there be nice to have some feed back] just sayin'....



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