Rise up. Fight back.

Gear up to fight your way through the ranks of an insidious cult. Their wretched minds twisted by the will of an unseen entity, you'll find just as much lead flying back as you dish out, so you'll have to run, slide, dodge, and make use of your environment to survive in this old-school-inspired shooter.

CULTIC gives you the freedom to approach combat your way. You can run in guns blazing, running, jumping, sliding, and dodging to keep out of harms way. If you prefer a slower approach, you can lay traps, let your enemies come to you, and pick them off from the safety of cover. Maybe you prefer to weave in between your foes, leading their attacks towards each other, and turning them against one another. With a full arsenal of mid-century firearms and explosives, you'll be well equipped to slaughter everything in your path - provided you don't get slaughtered first.

Combat in CULTIC is fast and deadly. Well-placed shots can take your enemies - and yourself - out of the game quickly. Keep on the move or stick to cover, and use your arsenal wisely to stay alive as you fight your way through cult territory.

CULTIC was styled to feel like a throwback to the shooters of yore, but with the advantages of a modern engine, such as physics, lighting, and a fully 3D game world. The gameplay, audio design, and art are all stylized to create a unique experience.

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3DRealms' revitalisation in recent years continues with another new throwback shooter called CULTIC. Sticking in 2.5D with a bitcrushed aesthetic and dripping with atmosphere, it's looking to be another great showing. 3DR's time in the industry has yielded many other iconic names, however, so here's a look back at games they had a hand in across the golden years of the company!

(Brief note - all of these games are listed on the 3DRealms website and from research, I understand the actual "who and what" of some of these games is a little up in the air. Regardless, it's a good excuse to cover some solid mods for older titles and if anyone had interesting insight on the weirdness surrounding ownership of games like Max Payne in particular, I'd love to hear it in the comments down below!)

When I Was Young

By Yves


This story takes places some years before the game does; Lo Wang is a bad boy and he is working for local mafia. Two sections of the local chinese mafia battle to gain control of the city. One clan is led by Mr Takagy, the other one by Mr Fu Kung. You are member of Mr Takagy's clan, and got to do the dirty jobs for him... (you might also have to deal with the police)

Duke Nukem: Alien Armageddon

By DukeBoss

AA 4.0

Alien Armageddon is a mod for Duke Nukem 3D which adds many new high quality enemies, dangerous NPCs, and a second playable character, all featured in epic new adventures. New gamemodes are present to test your skills - and that of your friends! Some of the community's best talent have come together to make this amazing free expansion to the Duke 3D universe.


By Sikkpin


Sikkmod is a general enhancement mod for Prey designed to update the game to a more modern level visually, allow some customizations gameplay wise, as well as including fixes and better organization to stock files to be used as a base for future mods. Though the not-really-a-sequel of the same name from 2017 has stolen the spotlight in recent years, there exists still a sizeable fanbase for the original owner of the title and Sikkmod is one of the best ways to go back and experience a classic.

Payne Evolution

By The_Silver

Mona The Assassin

This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level, one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. With new models, weapons, animations, graphic effects, sounds, particles, and more, this mod will improve good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine alongside its monumental older and younger cousins. Rife with quality-of-life improvements, flat-out extra content and graphical enhancements, it gives Max back his teeth like you've never seen before.

Max Payne Rechambered

By null-point

Image 3

Max Payne Rechambered is a fan made modification for Max Payne by Remedy Entertainment which aims to rebalance much of the game's arsenal and mechanics. The game has been modified to be more accessible to new players in the form of the "Fugitive" mode, while continuing to provide a difficult challenge for seasoned players in the form of "Hard-Boiled" and "Dead On Arrival". Weapons have been modified to be more accurate and deadlier; the player should make every bullet count as some weapons have one-shot kill capabilities: but slow rate of fire or a low magazine ammo count.

2.5D+0.5 Realms

3DRealms has had an eclectic history, beginning as an off-shoot of Apogee Software, then Apogee renaming itself to 3DRealms before that name later got released and used by another company down the line. Under several names, 3DR's general development history has seen some of the all-time-greats land under its wing, and its been making a comeback in the last half a decade or so with throwback shooter success like Ion Fury. Now, another original IP contender is coming soon - CULTIC, a deliciously atmospheric and retro-as-they-come shooter.

Image 5

CULTIC's style is described by its developer as "crunchy", with bitcrushed aesthetics and sound design

A Defining Achievement

CULTIC is once more 2.5D, like Ion Fury, with 3D elements - similar to many of the older shooter games in 3DR's line-up. Ion Fury was even on a modified Build Engine, the same one that powers Duke Nukem 3D, although CULTIC is not following in the footsteps that closely. Nevertheless, it's got cultists, your classic array of retro shooter weaponry, and a distinctive art style that also manages to take advantage of modern technologies for lighting, puzzle-hunting, and style. CULTIC's first chapter ships on October 13th, just in time for the Halloween season.

Check out more 3DRealms games here!

If you're looking for games not listed under the 3DRealms development group but with
which 3DR was involved, you can double check the list on their website here.

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Blood Cultist Sounds 1.2

Blood Cultist Sounds 1.2

Blood Cultist Sounds Full Version 3 comments

This simple mod replaces a bunch of cultists' voice lines and pain sounds in CULTIC with the equivalents from 1997 Monolith Productions game BLOOD.

Blood Cultist Sounds

Blood Cultist Sounds

Blood Cultist Sounds Audio Pack

This simple mod replaces a bunch of cultists' voice lines and pain sounds in CULTIC with the equivalents from 1997 Monolith Productions game BLOOD.

NaliSeed - - 201 comments

I gave up on that boss tank encounter once I realized you have to start the map from scratch if you die, despite having made it that far into the game. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem for me years ago, but sadly my drive for gaming has been diminishing for quite some time now; I no longer have enough patience and enthusiasm to go through this kind of stuff in a game anymore. It's still a pretty damn awesome game, though, but that segment really put me off.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
War_Crimes - - 408 comments

You will hate the abomination boss then, I beat it by the skin of my teeth!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
PsyWarVeteran - - 1,934 comments

Pile up explosives to the door, wait for the tank to come and blow it instantly.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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