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So, it wasn't untill recently that I figured I'd buy Quake IV and finally give it a try, seeing as I recently made the time to finally play and finish Doom 3. So my thoughts were "Doom 3's graphics weren't actually half-bad, oh boy, Quake IV must be even better as it came out half a year later", but to my surprise, I see some improvements, however I honestly feel the graphics felt poorer than what was shown with Doom 3. And it's a shame really, because I was really looking forward to seeing what the fuzz was all about...

Just randomly, I checked with MODDB, and I stumbled across your SikkMod! PRAISE BE THE LORD!! :P your mod was my solution! I downloaded the mod with glee and put it straight into my Quake 4 folder, booted up the game and I was ready to rock and roll! Everything was going on tracks, I stumbled through the SikkMod settings, trying to tweak the graphics to the utmost delight, orrrrr uhh not exactly a wiz on the professional terms used in the settings, but I thing I got it just right. Now all that was remaining to do, was to start the game!

Alas, OFCOURSE, I had to encounter a weird bug or glitch or something, just my luck; down in the left corner of the screen, there's literally a small, cloned screen of my full gameplay screen, and within THAT little screen, there's ANOTHER , EVEN SMALLER screen of the gameplay! So PLEASE help, what can I do to fix this?? I want to get my quakin on ASAP!! :S

Thanks for any help, appreciate it!

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Hey buddy, i think you're author of Deconsolized mod for Wolrenstein 2009. Can you release here final version of this mod, and please - remove medalion from hud!!!

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hi, um, I was wondering if you know how exactly to make the burning zombie and lost soul in doom 3 give off ligh? like in resurrection of evil, please, I really need that

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Hey there, Sikkpin. I was just playing your fantastic mod and I've been tinkering a lot with it. Can you tell which file do I have to edit in order to alter the brightness and radius of the head-mounted flashlight?

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