In Command Heroes, you control a Hero from one of many Factions in the game each with unique abilities, equipment, and perks to unlock. Battle it out in a mash-up between a twin-stick action platformer & RTS blend. Upgrade your crew between matches, and press onward towards victory! Team up with up to 3 friends for 4-player split-screen action, or set up a custom sandbox map with up to 10 players & AI.

1-10 Multiplayer Co-op or Versus

Play solo, or with 1-4 local players (or online players via Remote Play Together) in a hectic resource race. Set up custom matches with full flexibility on team alliances between players & AI. Up to 10 players & AI total.

Dig Deep

Head underground to discover artifacts of mystical or technological power which can help turn the tide in your team’s favor. Summon an ancient stone golem, an orbital satellite strike, or dozens of other sources of destruction, healing, wealth, and power. Defend artifacts once revealed or that power can fall into your enemy’s hands.

Find your Faction

Each faction has diverse units, buildings, weapons, and heroes. Shift and shape your strategy accordingly. Surprise your enemies with unlimited playstyle approaches. Will you attack from above, below, or both? Whether you approach with style & finesse or overwhelm by brute force, you’ll be faced with new challenges and find new strategies each match.

A GNU/Linux version is heavily desired, just slogging through the difficulties before anything is promised.

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Stream or Die event


Come hang out with the developer, play the game for free, and compete in a survival tournament for a free copy of Command Heroes (3 winners total)!
See the Steam event for all details:

Steam Event Spotlight Header

Codex now online!

Codex now online!


We've added a codex of most of the items in the game! Still a work in progress, but we'll keep it updated as new units and items come out.

Hard to define, Fun comes first.  New game modes announcement!

Hard to define, Fun comes first. New game modes announcement!


Officially, Command Heroes is a "Local split-screen multiplayer, co-op/versus, Action RTS with destructible environments." It is more than that, but to...

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