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William talks about community funded games and we have an interview Matthew Dryden, Andrew “Winston” Watkins and Joe Castagino from Modular Combat, in which they announce the winners of the Create a Module competition.

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Transmission Code: 15425 (#41)

Yo dawg. I heard you don’t like to listen to a stream within a stream within a stream. So I finally made it so you can skip without the trip. - Nic

Extended Show Notes


  • 00:00:40 - William and Emanuel are joined by Daniel “Ackart” Glenn, Matthew Dryden, Andrew “Winston” Watkins and Joe Castagnino from Modular Combat.

Podcast17 News

  • 00:04:00 - Winners of the Modular Combat - Create a Module will be annouced at the end of the interview.
  • 00:04:15 - Livestream account is re-verified so we have increased slots again.

Emanuel’s Apology Section

  • 00:04:45 - Emanuel apologises for his racial slurs.

From the Mouth of Valve

  • 00:04:50 - GoodGame Episode 24: Inside Valve Software.
  • 00:06:20 - Left 4 Dead Update Released.
  • 00:07:20 - CommunityFortress: Robin Walker Interview.
  • 00:09:00 - Discussion of the accusation of Valve stealing the idea for the Spitter.
  • 00:10:00 - Left 4 Dead 1 DLC Announcement Coming Shortly, Sequel’s Pre-orders Double Those of Original.
  • 00:11:00 - Kotaku: Left 4 Dead 2 “Swamp Fever” Hands-On Impressions
  • 00:12:30 - More discussion of Good Game’s interview with Gabe Newell.


  • 00:23:30 - Prison (Half-Life 2 Map)

Media Blitz

  • 00:25:20 - Wilson Chronicles Trailer 1
  • 00:27:00 - AuHeppa’s This is Human Error - Episode 2
  • 00:28:20 - City Freerun Update
  • 00:30:00 - Killing Floor DLC (Katana)
  • 00:32:00 - Portal: The Nightmare Trailer


  • 00:35:00 - Research and Development on Rock Paper Shotgu.n

Topic of the Week

  • 00:36:00 - Overgrowth


  • 00:40:20 - Interview with Matthew Dryden, Andrew “Winston” Watkins and Joe Castagnino from Modular Combat.
    • 01:34:00 - Contest Winners Announced

Question / Discussion

  • 01:47:30 - Last weeks PlanetPhillip Poll question: “Is copyrighted Music in a Mod OK?”
  • 01:51:00 - This weeks Poll Question: “Does the history of a mod affect your review?”
  • 01:59:00 - Wrap-up.


Cant wait till its out ^.^
While we wait....pickles anyone? :)

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Oh nice, wilson chronicles ! =D

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i wanted heel springs T_T

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In the 59:00+ they talk of Invasion mode, which is actually a mode I remember from UT2004. Too bad UTIII doesn't have that sort of mode.

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