This engine, developing started at 2001 year. For all the years of its development, the engine was change a set of names.

For a working version of the serial number engine, currently adopted for 0. Now, the name of the engine is replaced to the Genetic.

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The list below is preliminary features as possible to add new chips.

- Real-time shaders- Real-time WYSYVYG-programming

- Dynamic lighting and shadows (not deferred)

- Component system of objects

- Record \ Playback AVI-video

- User interface based on Adobe Flash

- Megatexture (for characters and environments)

- Geometry modifiers (twist, compression, stretching, arbitrary transformation)

- Construct a multi-level forest (from grass to huge trees)

- A lot of different audio file formats- AI System

- Adjustable Dynamic sky and diurnal cycle (an arbitrary number of rendered stars, satellites, sky color, etc., etc.)

- Changing the rendering library "on the fly"

- Facial animation system- Tools for creating cinematics on the engine

- The system of "Alchemy" for a simple simulation of interactions of different chemical compounds - oxidation, reduction, mixing with different reagents, and other chemical reactions.

- Two physics engine

- Bullet and Havok

- Easy to use tools for developing

And much more. The first demo on the engine soon.

Engine Upgrade

Engine Upgrade


Currently, Infinitation Studio updates the Progress Engine to a fundamentally new version. The new version will bring Progress Engine game engine to the...

Technical possibilities of engine Progress Engine.

Technical possibilities of engine Progress Engine.


The description of technical possibilities of engine Progress Engine.

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