MaxPlay’s GDS is the only game development solution that combines a service-oriented architecture with a high performance runtime engine to give developers the power to collaborate, create, and operate games more effectively in today’s increasingly complex, global, multi-platform environment.

Collaborate in Real-time

Whether sitting across the room or across the globe, your team members can now collaborate in real-time to create, test and tune every aspect of your game.

Maximize Your Game’s Performance

Our proprietary MaxCore™ runtime unlocks the real computing power available in modern devices. Built for the future, MaxCore™ is capable of handling the performance demands of VR & AR.

Develop Games Your Way

We understand that game developers crave control over their development tools. That's why we've designed a command-driven tool set with a highly customizable front-end, all running on a service-oriented architecture (SOA). Whether you want to tweak the front-end, change the business logic or even replace entire systems, we give you unprecedented power to control your environment.

Rapid Iteration

Making better games is about fast iteration. Change your game content, from art to game logic, and then push the game over-the-air to a PC, tablet, console or other device to see your changes instantly. Combined with real-time collaboration, you can now rapidly tune games to find the fun faster than ever before.

And that’s just the beginning

We have many more features that we’ll be announcing soon. If you’d like to make sure you get the latest on our development efforts let us know a bit about you and we’ll put you on the list.

Plus everything else you’d expect:

VR ReadyMaxCore™, our asynchronous & data parallel processing runtime means you get the most out of modern CPUs with multiple cores. When combined with our advanced rendering solution and rapid iteration environment, the results for VR/AR are undeniably incredible.

Advanced Cross-Platform Rendering SolutionsThe MaxPlay™ GDS renderer has been built from the ground up to support cutting edge rendering techniques designed to get the most out of players’ hardware on just about any platform. Physically Based Lighting, Light Index Deferred (Forward+) and HDR are just some of the features you can look forward to using to dazzle gamers across the globe.

EmotionFX 4.0 & Studio IntegrationEMotion FX 4 is a complete character, animation and general purpose export solution. It handles everything from exporting geometry and animation data from 3D Studio Max® or Maya® to character customization to performing complex animation tasks on your models inside your game.

NVIDIA PhysX™ SDK IntegrationPhysX™ is a scalable multi-platform game physics solution supporting a wide range of devices, from smartphones to high-end multicore CPUs. PhysX™ has been used in over 450 games, and with many more currently in development across all major gaming platforms, the PhysX™ SDK is a favorite with hundreds of game studios and publishers around the world. The popularity of PhysX™ does not stop there.

Extensive scene editing toolsThe MaxPlay™ GDS provides a powerful toolset for 3D scene editing including cameras, lighting, asset library management, property editing, scripting and 3D construction.

Game ScriptingWith AngelScript, we’ve incorporated a powerful and high performance solution that provides the control of a traditional low-level language with the accessibility of scripting, complete with a fully integrated debugger.

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