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Mods that are part of this community:

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Battlefield 1944 - for Battlefield 2

21st Century Warfare – A BF2 modification for the 21CW tournament.

Battleship – for Battlefield 2.

Battlefield Korea – for Battlefield 2.

Brickfield – for Battlefield 2.

Battlegroup Frontlines – for Battlefield 2.

BF2 Assault Mod – for Battlefield 2.

Operation Peacekeeper – A BF2 modification.

Insurgent Strike – A BF2 modification.

Eve of Destruction – for Battlefield 2.

Fallen Times – A BF2 modification.

IDF: Fight For Independence – A BF2 modification.

Northern Conflict – A BF2 modification.

Project Reality – A multi-awarded BF2 modification.

US Intervention – A BF2 modification.

ffworld-Fall of Mars - A unique BF2 modification.

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Insurgent Strike

Insurgent Strike

First Person Shooter

Insurgent Strike is a realism mod for Battlefield 2,that was founded in early 2008.Our main goal is to provide the most realistic experience our team...

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Latest posts from @blacksandstudio

Upcoming project. At this point is it known to be an FPS style game. Not much information can be said at this time.

Jan 3 2015

BF2 - Project Reality: BF2 v1.0 Open BETA Released! Realitymod.com

Jul 3 2013

Black-sand-studio.com is online, setup still continues, forums coming soon

May 19 2013

Great News! A new server has been purchased, and setup should begin shortly. We will keep everyone posted :)

May 19 2013

Be sure to check out ModDb for any new specific mod updates.

May 7 2013

We are serching for a new host and should be able to revive the site (all new of coarse) and get things rolling again.

May 7 2013

Well it looks like the entire server has gone offline for awhile, we will notify all when it comes back up.

Apr 21 2013