The Battlefield 2 total conversion historical realism modification "Battlefield: Korea" deals with the Korean War (1950 - 1953), which is also known as the "Forgotten War".

The main factions are: (United Nations) United States of America (United States Marine Corps/United States Army), United Kingdom (British Commonwealth Forces Korea) & Republic of Korea (South Korean, Republic of Korea Army) against (Communist) Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korean, Korean People's Army) and People's Republic of China (People's Volunteer Army). Most weapons and vehicles which were used in the Korean War became famous during World War II (T-34/85, PPSh-41, M1 Garand, M1/M2 Carbine,...) but there were also innovations - for instance weapons and tanks which were developed during World War II but came too late to gain significance (i.e. the M26 Pershing tank or the 3.5" M20 Super Bazooka) or jets which were used by both sides in big quantities for the first time (F-86 Sabre, MiG-15) as well as the first wide-scale usage of helicopters. Our goal is an adequate mix of realism and "simple gameplay" focusing on historical accuracy and fun. Our gameplay and weapons should feel about half way between Project Reality and Forgotten Hope 2. You can zoom in with our weapons, and they have realistic recoil, and you can also zoom in with aircraft and tank sights for precision kills.

If you would like to help us out by donating towards the purchase of new content for the mod from 3D model sites, paying talented modders to export player models, or very difficult and time consuming tracked vehicles such as tanks, you could help us out here. Any little bit helps!

Of course this is not required and all of our mods will always be free for the community and not for profit!

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Here is our yearly update for Battlefield: Korea! This brings the game to version 1.1, and it has many enhancements and additions like new factions, vehicles and more weapons and maps.

You can see our recent new weapons showcase here.

The full changelog is too long to post here, but you can find the complete list of changes and updates inside the mod folder in a text file named !IMPORTANT - Changelog.txt.

Some of the things you can expect in this release...

2 new factions.

Republic of Korea.

British Commonwealth Forces Korea.

Complete overhaul to weapons and tank handling.

Ability to zoom in tanks now. Press "X" key to zoom in to fire.

Multiple ordnance rounds for tanks. Press "F" key to swap the tank rounds.

Better bullet effects such as suppression and realistic ballistics and features such as bullet drop as well as bullet whiz sounds which increase the sense of realism and immersion.

The addition of proper Light Machine Guns.

Better HD explosion, impact and lighting effects.

Loads of new maps.

Dozens of new weapons.

HD ground, water and vegetation textures.Thanks to B4RR3l for letting us use the HD textures from his Battlefield HD Remastered mod.

Addition of all new medium bombers such as the Douglas B-26b Invader and Tupolev TU-2 as well as Ilyushin IL-28 Beagle.

All new HD Willys MB Jeep and BA-64 models.

First helicopter has been added to game.

The quality of the mod has been drastically improved, as well as the stability. It is still not perfect, but we hope to keep working on it for many more years to come!

NOTE: You need both the Core files AND the map files to play the mod! Just extract the Levels folder from the archive to the BFKorea mod folder.If you already have the 1.0 release delete that version from your computer first before installing this. This is a full release, not a patch.

You can download the core mod files here. (2.95gb extracts to 3.96gb)

And the map files here. (1.86gb extracts to 2.22gb)

We tried to have direct links uploaded on site, but it was impossible to upload the links from mediafire I added. So these mirrors will have to do for the meantime.

If a moderator could help us out with this it would be much appreciated!

Thanks! And until next time guys!

New/reanimated weapons in Battlefield: Korea 1.1

New/reanimated weapons in Battlefield: Korea 1.1

News 21 comments

Here is just a snippet of what we have been working on over the course of this past year.

Battlefield: Korea 1.0

Battlefield: Korea 1.0

News 21 comments

The first ever public release of Battlefield Korea is here!

New trailer for Battlefield: Korea!

New trailer for Battlefield: Korea!

News 10 comments

Here is what you have all been waiting for, a proper trailer! Thanks to MrCibulka for putting together an awesome trailer for us!

Communist Weapons update!

Communist Weapons update!

News 17 comments

Today we wanted to finally show off our Communist weapons. We hope you enjoy!

RSS Files
Battlefield: Korea 1.0

Battlefield: Korea 1.0

Full Version 95 comments

After many years, we want to finally share with you the first ever Korean War FPS! Enjoy this first release of Battlefield: Korea!

Graphical enhancement addon

Graphical enhancement addon

Effects GFX 2 comments

Do not download the file on this page, instead click read more.

Battlefield 1942 remake fantasy map pack

Battlefield 1942 remake fantasy map pack

Singleplayer Map 7 comments

Here is a map pack of Battlefield 1942 maps that were recreated in Battlefield 2. These are just some fun maps to give a little bit of nostalgia and familiarity...

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Hey, whats the status of your mod? Its been a long long time since we got an update

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Anthony817 Creator

Lol, I thought I made it abundantly clear I was working on Battlefield 1944 in the comments and that mod would be the basis for BFK 2.0 in the future since this mod was always so unstable.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey sorry i havent been keeping up. Do you have a link to your new mod page or is that not up yet?

I wanna keep following your efforts since we dont have any good Korean War FPS games

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Anthony817 Creator

All good bud! I am seriously needing to post an update, but my weapon exporter asked me not to and to let him post the news update when he can find the time to work on it a he is busy with school. But we have good news, the BF 1942 mod Battlegroup42 let us use 100% of their content, so we have plenty of quality models to port over of tanks, land vehicles, aircraft and watercraft.

All the work we are putting into this will benefit BFKorea 2.0 as I got this mod SUPER stable, and we use the mod Battlegroup Frontlines as a base for it. So it is full of Battlegroup DNA and will have more stuff ported from their 1942 mod. We have some super HD weapons from the games Day of Infamy, and the WW2 weapons the ARVN forces use in the game Rising Storm 2. So we will get SUPER detailed M1/M2 Carbines that look great with Korean War era rear sights.

I know it sucks with no updates in such a long time, but BFKorea 2.0 will literally knock your socks off when you play it! We have been staying busy working on it and hope to show off more soon!

I also made a small mini style mod called Battlefield 1943 where we recreated the XBLA/PSN exclusive game BF1943 since we never got it. You can check it out here.

It was more or less a proof of concept on how we could work on remaking Battlefield 1942 in HD, and then carry the work we did on it over to BFKorea 2.0 once I proved to myself I could make a stable mod from scratch.

I was seriously starting to doubt myself there sine BFK is still super unstable and buggy to this day, despite me putting in over 2 years of work trying to fix the issues the previous founders of the mod created.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I need help setting up the mod. Im really confused on what to do :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Anthony817 Creator

Download the core mod files and the map files.



Once you have those, extract the BFKorea folder to the mods folder in your Battlefield 2 directory.

Then once you extracted the core files, add the levels folder inside of that map archive directly to your BFKorea folder. Once you have all that done, you can launch the mod from inside of BF2 by going to the custom games tab in the main menu of BF2.

Alternatively you can create a shortcut on your desktop of the original BF2 shortcut, and go to properties and add this line to it so it should look something like this if you have it installed to Origin. Not shure what your directory should be if dvd or Steam version.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 2 Complete Collection\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/bfkorea +ignoreAsserts 1

Really you just need to add the part after the quotation marks and make sure you include that space. Then once you do that you can hit apply and then if you would like to you can change the icon manually too. Rename the BF2 - Shortcut to BFKorea and then that is it. You should now have a shortcut to launch the mod from desktop.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I have found a bug in the mod

my pc has 3GB of ram and a decent video card

the weird thing from this bug is that every single time it crashes my game if:
-I change weapons
-I Scroll the mouse wheel to see the weapons
-sometimes if i switch seats in certain vehicles
-sometimes if i switch cameras in certain vehicles
-and of course certain maps crash too

also sometimes the "memory error" appears every now and then but i just simply closed the window and it was fine

this is really weird since it's the first mod (from my experience) to ever do that and ironically the mod in itself is pretty smooth, so uh... help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Anthony817 Creator

Hi sorry about that. The crashing issue when using mouse to change weapons can be worked around by pressing F key to switch to next weapon.

As for the other issues, well we are fully rebuilding the mod from the ground up. So please enjoy the release as buggy and incomplete as it is now, the next release will be 95% stable. At least you will be able to see the potential fun a Korean War FPS can be.

I am working on a mod right now called Battlefield 1944 which will be the Battlefield WW2 game many hoped Battlefield 5 would be. Sure the graphics won;t be as great, but it will be in HD. That mod also will be the basis for BFK 2.0 since it is super stable now and most weapons and vehicles from it can be reused for Korea. Not all but many will.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Keep doing this great job!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

wow now i can switch guns, thanks!

also good luck on BF1944 and BFKorea! =D

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
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I totaly loves Migs and F-86.. Haha

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