Battlefield 1944 aims to be a modern HD reimagining of the 2002 classic PC game Battlefield 1942. The mod will feature more classes than the original game had, and will also aim to do away with unrealistic historically incorrect equipment. No longer will British use American weapons and vehicles. Japanese will also no longer be stuck to using German equipment and weapons. All factions will be using historically authentic equipment, weapons and vehicles.

The mod is trying to use updated remakes of the original games maps, but we are also open to using maps not found in the original game. Naval warfare will also be making a return as well.

This mod is part of the Black Sand Studios modding group, and as such will be using detailed high quality content from our sister mods such as Battlefield: Korea, Israeli Defense Force, Eve of Destruction 2, Project Reality:WW2 and Battlegroup Frontlines as well as it's sister mod Battlegroup42 from Battlefield 1942.

More than anything else we need dedicated map creators who can help remake 1942 maps.

If you would like to help us out by donating towards the purchase of new content for the mod from 3D model sites, paying talented modders to export player models, or very difficult and time consuming tracked vehicles such as tanks, you could help us out here. Any little bit helps!

Of course this is not required and all of our mods will always be free for the community and not for profit!

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It has been about 10 months since our last update, and hopefully the next won't take as long. First up, we wanted to show off some various screenshots of the Pacific theater in action which was just recently added this past month to the mod!

This set of screenshots takes place on the iconic Iwo Jima map from Battlefield 1942 recreated for the Battlefield 2 engine.

Here the US Marine forces are assaulting the beach while the Imperial Japanese forces defend fiercely!

Next up are some shots of the Marines in combat.

Secondly we wanted to show off our Japanese forces for the first time. Thanks to the FH2 CMP minimod for allowing us to use them.

Additionally we wanted to show off all of our Japanese, American, Russian and German vehicles we have recently added to the mod!

For the Americans you can see the Landing Vehicle Tracked otherwise known as LVT's for short here.

This is our LVT-4.

Here is our LVT[A]4 Alligator.

Next up are the Planes for the US forces.

First here is our F6F Hellcat fighter plane.

And secondly here is our SBD Dauntless dive bomber.

Now here are our Japanese vehicles.

Type 94 Teke Tankette.

Type 95 Ha Go.

Type 97 Chi-Ha

And lastly our Japanese aircraft.

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" fighter.

Nakajima Ki-84 fighter.

Aichi D3A "Val" dive bomber

Next up are the amazing Russian tracked vehicles!


SU-100 tank destroyer.

ISU-152 tank destroyer.

And last but certainly not least of all are the epic German tracked vehicles!

Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkrad.

Tiger I.


Jagdtiger tank destroyer.

That is all for this time, we hope this has satiated your appetite for more updates for a little while longer. Hopefully we can start showing off more of the handheld weapons for the other factions very soon!

Until next time, sayounara! (´・ω・`)

German handheld weapons

German handheld weapons

News 37 comments

Today we wanted to take the time to show off our handheld weapons for the German forces.

This Week In Mods: April 13 2018

This Week In Mods: April 13 2018

Feature 6 comments

The biggest mod stories for the week of April 13 2018.

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Will the mod include the Road to Rome expansion content(Factions,Maps,etc)or just Italian forces in general?

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Anthony817 Creator

Actually, glad you mentioned that. Just today I actually gathered up all of the vehicles we will need to do Italians. They were our one missing faction out of the 3 major Axis powers. The map Operation Husky is actually already in the mod, it is a community made 1942 remake map, but we do still need to change up the assets on it so the statics look period correct.

However I would love to see the other maps remade. If you know a good map maker who could remake the maps from 1942 with the original height maps, please send them to us. We need map makers now more than anything else. There already exist tools to port heightmaps over from 1942 and BF Vietnam, but very few people on the team with the time or skills to do so.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Ah sorry I don't really know anyone in the battlefield modding community,I've got time but I doubt I got the skills to help out with the maps. Good luck though,even without the Italians the amount of content in this mod is already very impressive,so hats off to you!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Anthony817 Creator

I will post a little update here regarding Italians hehe.

Here are our regular soldier archetype and then also our Officer.

I based it on these from here.

I based the officer on this here.

Don't worry, the head will get changed on the top one, it was just placeholder while I was texturing the uniform.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks Italian enough to me lol

Completely random but I completely forgot Italians were even in Sniper Elite 3,anyways good job on the models i'd say

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Anthony817 Creator

Thanks! I was a noob when I started working on textures 3 weeks ago, and each new one I did I got better and better with it. In fact I already completely redid the Germans once haha. I wasn't too happy with first attempt, but they are good now.

I based the textures on these soldiers.

Again needs a new head model which is getting soon.

Also here are what our early war Soviet characters will look like. This had head changed already.

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Can I play this mod at high settings with 1366x768 resolution??
My laptop specs are:

-Intel Core i3 7020u 2.3ghz
-Nvidia Geforce MX230 with 2gb vram
-8 gb DDR4 RAM
-512 gb SSD card

Still waiting for the release, dude :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Anthony817 Creator

I think you should manage fine. I did test on my 2011 HP Pavilion G6 laptop with integrated Intel graphics, i3 2350M @2.30Ghz and 4GB RAM. While I could not play the mod in highest settings, it did work with a few performance issues here and there when a lot was happening on screen at once. I think it is down to the GPU needing most likely at least 1GB VRAM and recommended at least 2GB. So you should be fine.

Also, we hope to have the mod finished BEFORE end of year! We are making GREAT progress! Also check my profile for updated images of the mod.

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When will the mod be released? because it's so beautiful

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Anthony817 Creator

Thank you. Wait until you see recent pictures, so much better looking. Check my profile for more updated images.

For now we can not say a specific date, but we HOPE by end of year. My vehicle exporter is working overtime to finish the vehicle issues. 99.5% of handheld weapons are finished, so vehicles remain basically and some few other polishing issues. But we are in the home stretch now.

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