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In update number 21 we really need your help to finish the development for Tiberian Sun Redux 0.75.

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Hello everyone,

Nice to see you again ! No I really mean it, but lets go straight to business.

We uploaded some new model textures of the Mobile EMP, Orca Carry-all and the Orca Bomber and some screenshots of the new texture's ingame.

GDI Mobile EMP

Realising the effectiveness of the EMP cannon, GDI researchers quickly developed a mobile EMP emitter. It is a vehicle that releases a less powerful blast with far less range, creating it radially from the vehicle's present location. It is also weakly armored due to the EMP generators it carries. It is effective only to nearby electric devices and vehicles (cyborgs included). However, the Mobile EMP Cannon requires some time to charge before being able to fire.

Model: Chrizz / Texture: MrTaxikiller

GDI Orca Carry all Re Texture GDI Orca Bomber

The orca carryall is a transport that carries vehicles. It is able to attach to any vehicle and carry it in the air to anywhere in the battlefield that it can land. Except for the Mammoth MK II.

The Orca Bomber's HE bombs are extremely deadly. Any light-armored targets caught in the blast radius will not be likely to survive. The HE bombs are also used to destroying tactical bridges. Unlike Orca Fighters, Orca Bombers are designed to carpet bombardment. GDI Commanders (and any Nod counterparts that capture a GDI tech builing and Helipad) can maximize both survivability and damage output by sending them in large numbers against tightly grouped structures or ground units.
Due to its attack pattern of carpet bombardment, Orca Bombers must return to Helipad for reloading after a round trip bombing run.

While I'm remaking the texture's for all models I figured I'm getting a problem and that is the house color system. If I add house color parts to the models it will kill the new texture's. SO my idea was to not use any house colors at all but after some game play I had trouble separating my units and those from my AI Allies what makes my gameplay difficult, so what can I do to prevent this ? Two options, one Zerohour style or option two, TSR style.

With ZH I'm talking about the blue, red, green boxes on the units. And with TSR style I'm talking about the rings around the units but this is up to you guys so comment what you want or if you have any other suggestions .


I'm in for thr TSR Style then. I don't actually like the House Color system in ZH itself.

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Amazing work riiight here, i really love both texturing and modeling work.

Have you tried to make HC's as it was made on infantry? Or there is any limitations?

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HTSR style is nice

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I'd like the ZH style better if it was implemented in a way that doesn't make the units like kinda crappy. The rings from the TSR style don't feel very CnC and i dunno would kind of annoy me.

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TSR style is better than Zh's

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TSR definitely!

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