basic overview of the progress thats been made.....

Posted by Spinobreaker on Aug 16th, 2011

Ive been helping an old friend, and someone u guys all know, Gilly out recently testing his new mod, Eve At War.
EvE at War mod for Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption - Mod DB

Its starting to get very interesting, so keep an eye on it if u like Eve Online, as its looking great...

As for Scifi At War. Well there has been some progress... sort of
Ive found out the reason behind the Icon Glitch. And its not on the mods end... well its sort of is, but isn't at the same time. It comes down to people using old graphics cards that cant handle the icon file properly. Ive tried rebuilding it to be smaller (thats the mod part, the smaller the icon file the easier it is for low end systems to load) but that isn't working, so all i can suggest for that is to ugrade ur graphics card, a new one should cost less than $50 and that should do the trick...
As for the other bugs... well... im getting there...

As for other progress im happy to anounce that the story has moved forward. After searching through ancient myths and rumors from all manner of different races and series we've come up with a story to guide SFAW.
And it starts with The Last Great Time War.
Basically the time lords, known within the myths and rumurs of the highest and oldest of races in the multi-verse are at war with the daleks. Myths and legends from all places in time and space, from the Alterans, to the Precursors, the last days of the time war are known as legends and myths...
It started with the Time Lords last stand, with there empire in ruins and the Daleks moving in on Gallifrey they desperatly tried to find a solution to there impending destruction. There solution was one of pure desperation. A last gasp of a dieing people. The Nightmare Child.
The Alterans (Stargate) knew of it as The Nightmare, something that tormented ther dreams. The Precursors (halo) knew it as The Darkness a place without and hope or light. The Preservers (Star Trek) knew of it as the Totallity, something that consumed all at any price. Even the people of the light (Battlestar) had a name for it, The Keres, a being that entered battles and obliterated armies. The God Bug (starship troopers) knew of it as The Great Devourer, a ravonous beast that consumed all. The Sith had visions of its arival. They called it The Void, somewhere where the force itself disapeared. Wispers in the other people of the multi-verse could not predict what happened next. The nightmare child reached out, drawing in hundreds of systems. Trying to use there resources to duplicate itself, at all cost. And thats when the war began. The Doctor, sick of the endless cycle of death and rebirth decided enough was enough. He predicted the power of the nightmare child would consume everything across the universe and he declared no matter what, he would put an end to it.
So he set out, moving from universe to universe, slowly but surely joining all the races of time and space, in one force, one massive armada. To take on his own people, and hold the nightmare child at bay. Kepp it trapped just long enough for it to be locked in a time lock. Preventing it, and the people who created it, from escaping.
When it was finally over, time re-wrote itself, and the nightmare was forgotten, except for in wispers and legends, for it is still out there, waiting...

How does that sound?
Im sitll looking for an idea for Babylon 5, Wing Commander and Farscape for the ancient rumors sort of like how i explained it. If u cna think of anytihng comment it lol

have fun

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sgtwebby Aug 16 2011 says:

use the vorlons for babylon5

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EAFSAgamemnon Aug 17 2011 replied:

vorlons or shadows. dont use the hand. that was a stupid movie.

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Veritas Aug 17 2011 replied:


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dron1885 Aug 17 2011 replied:

Or Lorien, he is very first one in B5 universe so must know something)

+2 votes     reply to comment
Veritas Aug 17 2011 replied:

that is a valid point =]

+1 vote     reply to comment
cber Aug 16 2011 says:

No, the HAND referenced in THE LEGEND OF THE RANGERS

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Admiral-Ace Aug 16 2011 says:

What about Star Trek, don't they have someone?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 17 2011 replied:

its the preservers, theyre from trek lol

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Admiral-Ace Aug 18 2011 replied:

Never heard of the preservers. I can think of the race that Picard discovered that was connected to almost all humanoid races in the galaxy. Was that them?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 19 2011 replied: +1 vote   reply to comment
ace123yeah Aug 17 2011 says:

mean i like it

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LucianoStarKiller Aug 17 2011 says:

while i think the sith are a great choice you mau want to put the Infinite Empire instead, its the first well KNOWN major power in the galaxy around 35000 years before the movies and dominated the galaxy for over 10000 years so i guess the should be the ones to predict as the were force users as well or perhaps the Celestial that are truly the SW equals to the SG ancients that gained all knowledge of the universe

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Gilly6666 Aug 17 2011 says:

loving the story line spino, sounds very cool... and cheers for the mod bump ;) lol

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WarJunkie Aug 18 2011 says:

cant u just add Protheans or reapers for mass effect plssssss

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 18 2011 replied:

not atm, no real reason, maybe later...

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SPARTAN291 Aug 18 2011 says:

May want to change the Precursors to Forerunner in Halo if you intend for said legends and myths to have survived to the 2552 era (the Halo games). The Precursors did exist and were responsible for the evolution of all sentient species in the Milky Way, but nothing of them remained short of a handful of references to them technology wise in Forerunner writings - all physical and written evidence of them was either destroyed when the Forerunners wiped them out or when the Flood consumed the few that did escape the Milky Way galaxy - they were even more dead than the Time Lords by the year 3000 BCE, nevermind 2552.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 18 2011 replied:

WEll i chose precursors because i figure that the flood could still have part of there knowledge, or at the very least the forerunners might still have details on them and then the humans find that in records on the arch (while master cheif is blowing it up, theyre accessing and backing up the data core onto say a human ship of some description)

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zck2020 Aug 18 2011 says:

Farscape has a race of Ancients, I forget what they are called though.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 19 2011 replied:

yeh the people at the end of the wormhole, the plan was to use them lol

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Rivel_Knight Aug 24 2011 says:

Pretty awsome so far when cant wait to play it. Hope there's a skirmish so that every faction in the game can have a free for all

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker Aug 25 2011 replied:

skirmish yes, but only 3 at a time (one being u) its a limitation of the engine

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Redbot6 Aug 25 2011 says:

Spino i agree with lucianostarkiller you should use the Celestials instead of the Sith because they were the Precursors of Star Wars.

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Adrien_Victus Aug 30 2011 says:

sounds good, real good not like that fake good

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pontus_08 Aug 30 2011 says:

That the Sith refers to it as ''The Void'' makes me think of a fantasy book(Sword of Truth books), in wich there was an area of prophecy called The Great Void, in wich there was supposedly no magic... Sounds VERY similar.

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