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He was at the rifle range. They had all just been given a MPR-3, the standard rifle used by a Paladin and commonly referred to as a Slug Rifle due to the caliber of ammunition used by the rifle. They had only just begun to receive their implants and as such the rifles were still bulky in their hands. Their teacher began to pace back and forth.
"This is your life. Lose your rifle and your mission has failed. Lose your rifle and your brothers and sisters die. Lose your rifle and you die. This rifle can penetrate even the densest of armor. It is a MPR-3, that is to say a Magnetic Pulse Rifle type 3. It has an ammunition capacity of 35 rounds. It fires a 20x102 M55A3 caliber round. Its effective range is 700 yards. Since you do not possess the ability to fire it from a standing shoulder mounted position you will practice lying down with the bipod. Now everyone get behind your rifle."
They all quickly lied down behind their rifles. He looked at it with amazement. It was the pinnacle of small arms military ingenuity, to create a weapon that small but with so much power. Next to the rifle was a full ammunition clip. He wanted to pick it up and examine the rounds inside but resisted not wanting to get made an example of.
"Now everyone put their hand on the receiver and pull back the bolt. Be careful or you will..." The instructor was cut off by a loud scream and yell. He looked back at the noise. One of his brothers was yelling in pain and as he held up his hand he could see why. His brothers hand was covered in blood and missing several fingers. The instructor called for medics and walked over to him. He turned to the other aspirants. "Like I was saying, be careful or you will get hurt. Bolt springs are extremely powerful." He shook his head in disappointment at the aspirant as he was carried away by the medics.
"Now once your receiver is open, take your ammunition clip and insert it into the rifle. Pull the put his hands onto the rifle, trying to keep it steady despite its awkward size and bulk. "Turn your safeties off, and put your fingers on the trigger." He paused to allow his students to adjust themselves. "Now take a deep breath and let it out. Focus your thoughts and concentrate on your target. When you take your next breath you will let it out slowly and fire. Commence the exercise." He took his breath and let it out. He pulled the trigger and was not ready for the recoil and his rifle flew out his hands and hit him in the head knocking him out.

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