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Kenshi is greenlighted to be on Steam, and all existing owners will get Steam keys!

Posted by captain_deathbeard on Sep 15th, 2012

The big news is that Kenshi is one of the first 10 games to be Greenlighted on Steam. That means when the game is finished, in the next... 2 years maybe... Kenshi will be for sale on Steam.

Any one who has already bought the game will get a Steam key, so don't be shy to buy early. The final game will cost around 3x more than it does now, so you'll be saving money and helping development.

Now on top of that good news, tons of extra sales have been generated just from the run-off from the games Greenlight page, this will help to continue funding the new artwork.

Speaking of artwork, it continues. If you have played the game you will be familiar with the character customisation, and how you can adjust the body proportions of your character. Well on top of that, there will be an adjustable bump-map that shows the strength and health of characters.
So a character with a Strength stat of 100 will look more like the guy on the left, a newly created character with zero stats will look like the guy in the middle.

They can be blended of course, so with a Strength stat of 50 it would be half way in between the two.
The one on the right will be used for slaves, desperate bandits, and when your characters are imprisoned/starved for a long time.

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roxtedi Sep 16 2012 says:

Nice keep up the good work.

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ArathHunter Sep 16 2012 says:

Brilliant! On both parts!

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okoice Sep 16 2012 buried:


2 years!!? D:
At this rate it be outdated. :S

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captain_deathbeard Author
captain_deathbeard Sep 16 2012 replied:

I started 6 years ago.

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.Zeref. Sep 23 2012 replied:

Do you have a time frame at which you can determine these higher resolutions will be implimented into the game, and will there be starting a new faction option available?

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soldierss666 Sep 26 2012 replied:

Guys in case you didn't get it:This is called an INDIE game for a good reason (most of them are extremely long to develope due to a lack of finances and staff) and they are our future unless you guys want to see more original games like Call Of duty franchise or sims 3 and their millions of expansions (as well as many other games) have faith in these independent devs or else we're ******.

BTW: Minecraft is extremely outdated and was indie when it first began.

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acesim Oct 7 2012 replied:

sims 3 is not that bad, but yeah the DLC stuff is BS. they make DLC for the same DLC that came out in sims 2. it should be built on, not made into DLC for sims 3.

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okoice Nov 10 2012 replied:

Try to look on newest games like BF3 o Maybe Crysis 2, And what be for next year there be Crysis 3 lol.

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TheBird956 Sep 16 2012 replied:

Who care if the game visual is outdated? Only the gameplay count! Every visual things are a bonus.

And a game itself cannot be outdated.

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FlySpyGuy Sep 17 2012 replied:


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Nightcaper Sep 21 2012 replied:

Eh, yeah, I'd be careful. The last game that took 8-10 years to release ended up terrible. (DNF)

Course I have faith in this game, but by 2 years I'd forget the game exists. :P Well, do your best, the game so far introduces great ideas that I really like.

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Akaichi Sep 23 2012 replied:

I think the DNF failed because it got thrown from a one studio to other over the years.

Diablo 3 spent years in development and turned out just fine.

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davo001 Sep 16 2012 says:


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SinKing Sep 16 2012 says:

Wow! That's great for you, congratulations! Greenlight is starting to get on the right track. Can you describe a little bit how this will change/help your development? Will it help financing the development, too?

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captain_deathbeard Author
captain_deathbeard Sep 16 2012 replied:

A lot of extra sales are coming in from Greenlight, but for now I'm treating it as a sales spike. If it keeps up though, it should speed things up tremendously.

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Tetsuo3 Sep 16 2012 says:

I missed this one completely. Just read the description and features and it does sound very impressive. Also, great work with the body morphing depending on strength etc. It reminds me of Fable, where if you eat bad food you get fat or you eat meat and you get 'bigger'. But to me it was never really perfected properly and kind of pointless in the end. Hopefully this really makes it special. The main thing is timeframe. Muscle takes a long time to develop, and be lost. So will time and activities dictate what muscle is developed and how quickly?

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Siaskain Sep 16 2012 says:

Awsome... But when will all these awsome things be implimented??? Being the unstopable scurge of the desert is fun for a little while but where is the survival aspect I'm looking for, and that income that will come to my city? But I know I must be patient. Perfection does not come all at once after all.

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wsworin Sep 16 2012 says:


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myxale Sep 17 2012 says:

Congratulation to the team, to have made it into the top-ten.
Well deserved IMO!

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PanH Oct 12 2012 replied:

A team of one man :D

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lionair112 Sep 17 2012 says:

i love your persistence with a game that you have a great idea for, i will never stop watching this game progress. you never cease to amaze me with your ideas, which is why im proud to have bought this game

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azukee2 Sep 18 2012 says:

This Is awesome! Good this it is going on steam also, more places of marketing to get to.

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IIshadowII Sep 18 2012 says:

So many feels!

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kujahn Sep 21 2012 says:

great! Congratulations Captain :-)

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Kaeroku Sep 21 2012 says:


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TheLittleElves Oct 22 2012 says:

What if I buy the game now? Do I still get a key?

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