Opening scene (Taiyō Chapter): The rain scatters heavily over a dark moon canvass, accentuated by the warning lights of thunderous roars within the clouds. There is a young boy, no older than 8 years old, who stands mystified by this strange light in the distance. Infatuated by its presence, but feared enough that his movement remains frozen. As the boy slowly tilts his head down, he closes his eyes; only to let a tear fall of his cheek and on to the bloody asphalt beneath his feet. - Project Cable. Yup. Still in production. Programming core functions of the game. End of May (when I'm in Tokyo), starting environment design and level design (working on level planning as we speak). Working towards a playable demo to test some of the features.

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Really excited now, I've just ordered a book I'm going to be using for reference called, Scandalous Metropolitan: Tokyo Street Scenes. It should be here in 3-5 working days, all pristine and clean and nice - I can't wait.

I've chosen to buy this book (aswell as taking images) because of it's obvious aim to capture some of Tokyo's extremes (the title gives it away). I'm in no way a professional photographer either so these images will really help me capture the mood I want and I can plan my level design around the images in it, I can choose elements of the story that it is placed in and I can start looking at new environmental aspects to inlude.

The great thing about Tokyo is all the nooks and crannies, all the bridges, the back streets, the railroads (Japan loves railroads), the busy roads and hidden wonders you can find when walking around into the 'underground' that is hidden from the normal scenery.

Here are some images I could find of the book on the net. They have a website too In a level design point of view I'm constantly looking at these images and seeing a player move down them in the game, what wonders do these paths lead to? Who may they encounter? What kind of mood will be present in the game while walking down these dark and empty chasms?

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

I still don't really know what to expect from the book but hopefully I can use it to its full potential. That's the importance of using reference images or books when designing, so many new ideas come to light. Even if the photographs are of the same scene; a different time of day or atmosphere can really bring out the best of an image and you may see things that were not there before. You can say, hey, that part looks really cool, I'm going to integrate that into the game.

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amazingcomedy May 31 2012 says:

The working title of the game is Project Cable. Since this is a working title, I'm sure you're planning to change it soon. From the look of the artwork, with all of it's cyberpunk and horror themes, a good title could be "Broken English". Thought it would suit the atmosphere of the game, since you seem to want to change the game from Project Cable to a better title. I got this name from a song in an anime's soundtrack. Maybe the song I got the name from can be used as the title theme of the game?
Just thought I'd throw this out there. I'd love to play this when it comes out.

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Tetsuo3 Creator
Tetsuo3 Jun 3 2012 replied:


Thanks for the suggestion but we already have a long list of ideas so far. Unfortunately, Broken English doesn't really fit the theme we're going for but it still sounds cool :D.

I see you're into anime and obviously Sci-fi; try Eifen Lied or Dennou Coil. I am influenced quite a lot from sci fi anime like that :D, (as well as big ones like Ghost in the Shell and Akira obviously).

Thanks for the support!

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amazingcomedy Jun 3 2012 replied:

No problem. Is Project Cable the official title of the game now?

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SAS_audio May 13 2012 says:

Hi, this game (project cable) seems highly interesting. I would love to get involved in the sound/audio if I can... the concept appeals to me.

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jackpot007 Apr 4 2011 says:

Yes, please let me know how to extract images from an older Starcraft mod or Galactic Battleground. We have both.

Thanks and waiting for your response.

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