Basically, I'm your average guy. Just with some modest differences. I am 20, going on 21, still looking for a occupation to fund computer hardware design and repair classes in college. Hell, not even in college yet.

I spend my time learning and picking up experience off the books and under the table from my father, retired military, of course. I enjoy taking any length of time working with experienced individuals of any level who dabble in computers, ecspecially hardware and design. Modding is definitely a thing though, I love to screw with games, alot. For example, I made a village of deathclaws, in BethSoft's Fallout 3, complete with trade routes and gratuitous amounts of unecessary gore. Enough said.

Something about my experience? I have plenty experience in Acting and the entertainment industry. From minor theatre arts, to independant contracting for JPM Productions, Inc. I have a love for the Arts that will never die, and that will leave footsteps in any games or Mods I make.

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Subject to Rain.

IIshadowII Blog

First blog entry,

Wonderful, yet another Blerg- I mean Blog. Aren't people thinking this is getting old? I mean this is our Parents' generation fad isn't it? If my friends decend into the basement in which I dwell asking why I have a Blog, the question in itself rattles between my ears like the ball in a Korean ping-pong tournament.

After getting over myself and shrugging, I basically continue here typing away with an aimless desire to do absoultely- Nothing. Also, by this time if you are wondering if I have a life- and haven't gotten the clue yet, no I don't have one. Im not at all afraid to admit it either. In fact, I think im so proud of myself that I'll blog about it.

Wait a minute....

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